Dithionic acid, sodiumsalt (1:2) (cas 7631-94-9) Molecular Structure

CAS No. 7631-94-9 (Dithionic acid, sodiumsalt (1:2) )

Molecular Formula: H2NaO6S2Molecular Formula: 206.1059

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  • Dithionic acid, sodiumsalt (1:2)

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    DetailDesc:Name:Dithionic acid, sodiumsalt (1:2) CAS NO:7631-94-9 Molecular Formula:H2O6 S2 . 2 Na Molecular Weight:206.1059Melting Point:193℃ Stability:Stable. Combustible. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, ammonia.

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  • Dithionic acid, sodiumsalt (1:2)

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  • Sodium Hyposulfate

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    Introduction: Profile: Aceto Corporation distributes and markets pharmaceutical and specialty chemicals, which are used in agricultural, color, pharmaceutical, surface coating/ink and general chemical industries. We specialize in agrochemicals, dyes, pigments, food colors, photographic chemicals and aerospace chemicals. We supply chemical raw materials and industrial additives to plastic components surface coa...

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  • Sodium Dithionate

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    DetailDesc: EC NO:231-550-1 INCHI:InChI=1/2Na.H2O6S2/c;;1-7(2,3)8(4,5)6/h;;(H,1,2,3)(H,4,5,6)/q2*+1;/p-2 MF:H 2 O 6 S 2 路2Na MW:206.106 Synonyms: Disodium dithionate;NSC 50070;Sodium sulfate (Na2S2O6);Dithionic acid, disodium salt (8CI)(9CI);

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