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Hot Products in Chile

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  • oms chile

    Contact person: Mr. paddy oms
    Tel: 56-57-95762491
    Street address: av chipana 2212, iqq Chile
  • PUCV

    Contact person: Mr. christia mandiola
    Tel: 56-32-2274952
    Street address: avda. Universidad #330 Chile

    Contact person: Mr. marcelo gray
    Tel: 56-2-4401320
    Street address: PANAMERICANA NORTE 8900 Chile
  • GOMA Biotec

    Contact person: Mr. Nicole Harvey
    Tel: 56-09-82336932
    Street address: Santiago, Chile Chile
  • Recalcine

    Contact person: Mr. Marcela Tapia
    Tel: 56-2-3505288
    Street address: Pedro de Valdivia 295, Santiago, Chile Chile

    Contact person: Mr. lilian munoz
    Tel: 56-2-3505269
    Street address: Pedro de valdivia 295 Chile
  • Zhongshangda Chemical Co.,Ltd

    Contact person: Mr. Carol Wang
    Tel: 86-022-60503058
    Street address: No.98 Changjiang Road ,Nankai District Chile
  • Aerosol S.A.

    Contact person: Mr.
    Tel: +56-(2)-3403800
    Street address: Antonio Escobar Williams 389, Cerrillos, Casilla 2754, Chile
  • Profile: Aerosol S.A. is a manufacturer aerosol products. We offer various forms of aerosol products such as liquids, dust, sachets and creams.
  • Carmin del Elqui S.A

    Contact person: Mr. Victor Gajardo
    Tel: 9 9759 6076
    Street address: Casilla 872, La Serena, Chile
  • Profile: Carmin del Elqui S.A offers jojoba oil and aloe vera products. Jojoba oil is used for treating sores, cuts, bruises, burns, as a hair & scalp treatment and hair restorative. The chemical str..more..