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  • institut teknologi bandung

    Contact person: Mr. mufadli khafit
    Tel: 62-85736-934406
    Street address: jl. cisitu lama 8 no.12 dago bandung Indonesia
  • PT TIMAH (Persero) Tbk

    Contact person: Mr. Henzo Bernando
    Tel: 62-717-4258000
    Street address: Sudirman 51 Pangkal Pinang 33121 Indonesia
  • atsiri jamalindo

    Contact person: Mr. jamal salim
    Tel: 62-878-38702425
    Street address: ambarketawang indah Indonesia
  • Bandung

    Contact person: Mr. Frida Frida
    Tel: 62-819-90536653
    Street address: geger arum no 20 Indonesia

    Contact person: Mr. Robby Adam
    Tel: 62-61-77401325
    Street address: Jl.letda sujono no.40 Indonesia

    Contact person: Mr. Jantono Widjaja
    Tel: 62-61-4535180
    Street address: Jln, Taruma no. 23 Medan-20112. Indonesia
  • Nanang Setiawan Ltd

    Contact person: Mr. Steven Tan
    Tel: 62-31-59472321
    Street address: Jl. Tanjung Perak Timur No. 620 Indonesia
  • CV. Prima Pamadiken

    Contact person: Mr. Minggus Jonatan
    Tel: 65-21-5399201
    Street address: Ruko Sutera Niaga 3 Blok B 2. Indonesia

    Contact person: Mr. Rochimin Ramadhani
    Tel: 62-81-390824804
    Street address: BTP BLOK AB NO 126 TAMALANREA Indonesia
  • We are the products of several manufacturers agent carrageenan, agar-agar and konjac largest in Indonesia. Our products have earned certification from the relevant institutions so that our products ar..more..
  • russ warwick

    Contact person: Mr. russ warwick
    Tel: 62-0-85643665988
    Street address: yogyakarta Indonesia
  • intidental

    Contact person: Mr. karnadi suwarni
    Tel: 62-21-45846556
    Street address: janur elok 9 Indonesia
  • PT. Inti Everspring Indonesia

    Contact person: Mr. Gavin Gunawan
    Tel: 62-21-57905245
    Street address: Wisma UIC 4F, Jl. Gatot Subroto Kav. 6-7 DKI Jakarta Indonesia
  • PT. Inti Everspring Indonesia was established in 1989 as a Carmabate Pesticide manufacturing based in Indonesia. We are a leading producer of technical active ingredients of Propoxur, Methomyl, Fenobu..more..
  • Formulatrix Indonesia

    Contact person: Mr. Effendi Hartono
    Tel: 62-298-312762
    Street address: Soekarno-Hatta 121 Indonesia
  • PT. Innaro Indonesia

    Contact person: Mr. Bosdar Daryono
    Tel: 0062-21-94018490
    Street address: Jl. Cipendawa No. 23, Bojong Menteng, Bekasi Indonesia

    Contact person: Mr. Dominique Yanty
    Tel: 62-21-56946138
    Street address: Rukan Eksk. Blok E/7, PIK, BGM, Jakarta Indonesia

    Contact person: Mr. sjodianto tommy
    Tel: 62-21-8308436
    Street address: Jakarta 12810 - Indonesia Indonesia
  • PT Imedco Djaya

    Contact person: Mr. Moh Dr.Nasser
    Tel: 62-21-5950101
    Street address: Jln Raya Serang Km 25 Indonesia
  • Amoeba Biosintesa. CV

    Contact person: Mr. Mul Yana
    Tel: 62-821-29388861
    Street address: Jl. Arcamanik-Sindanglaya Komp.Bumi pasundan no. 27 Bandung Indonesia
  • wide range of equipment used in testing in Food industries, Chemical, Microbiology, Biotechnology and Environmental field.
  • uns

    Contact person: Mr. ichsan majid
    Tel: 62-858-85002506
    Street address: Komp. jati Unggul Blok A11 no Indonesia
  • ARB Co

    Contact person: Mr. Slamet Widodo
    Tel: 62-888-2545992
    Street address: kauman VII, no 70 Indonesia
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