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  • Purinova Sp z o o

    Contact person: Mr. Agnieszka Swietek
    Tel: 48-14646-165
    Street address: Poland
  • Purinova Sp zoo is dealing with the production of polyester polyols and polyurethane foam systems. Company is located on the chemical complex of Zachem S.A in Bydgoszcz - former Department T 7300, wh..more..
  • Cortex Chemicals

    Contact person: Mr. Piotr Wojciechowski
    Tel: 48-14-6319100
    Street address: ul. Kruczkowskiego 14 33-101 Tarnow Poland
  • Cortex Chemicals is w ell recognized Polish with more than 35 years experi Cortex Chemicals is w ell recognized Cortex Chemicals is w ell recognized Polish d istributor with more than 35 years experi..more..
  • MichalWeclewski

    Contact person: Mr. Michal Weclewski
    Tel: 48-78111-786273461
    Street address: Poland

    Contact person: Mr. Bjork Alek
    Tel: 48-26-253147
    Street address: Warsaw olsztyn Poland
  • BJORK PHARMACEUTICALS Co., Ltd. is located in POLAND We have our own import and export rights and our main,. Our products are exported to the United States, European Union,Africa and Southeast Asia a..more..

    Contact person: Mr. Nina Gucwa
    Tel: 48-501-192149
    Street address: Poland
  • Vet-Agro

    Contact person: Mr. Szymon Capala
    Tel: 48-81-4410595
    Street address: Poland
  • Infinite fine chemicals Ltd.

    Contact person: Mr. Patrycja Chowaniec
    Tel: 20-3286-0604
    Street address: Poland
  • Infinite Fine Chemicals is a producer of specialized reagents for many industries and markets. The company targets companies manufacturing pharmaceutics, dietary supplements, cosmetics, and crop prot..more..
  • Butanepol.

    Contact person: Mr. Rysiek Mastalerz
    Tel: 44-07704-83687
    Street address: Poland

    Contact person: Mr. Alicia Aylett
    Tel: 48-22-8479220
    Street address: 02-790 Warszawa,Wawozowa 12 Poland
  • resecr

    Contact person: Mr. Claude Rock
    Tel: 48-8998-7889675
    Street address: Belwederska 26/30, 00-999 Warszawa, Puola Poland
  • Our company produces all chemical attantively and straight forward
  • US Medical

    Contact person: Mr. Mike Mierzejewski
    Tel: 48-692-417602
    Street address: Warsaw , Poland Poland
  • Foresight Plastics & Engineering Sp. z o.o.

    Contact person: Mr. Daniel Leszczak
    Tel: 48-91-31111042
    Street address: ul. Peter and Paul 43a Zachodniopomorskie Poland
  • Our company specializes in and ships worldwide a very large range of fluoroplastic materials from powders, stock shapes and tubing to high value added parts, components and assemblies. Besides the ab..more..
  • Ryan Lab

    Contact person: Mr. Jack Ryan
    Tel: 48-12-3456789
    Street address: Lotnicza Poland
  • more..
  • NCNR

    Contact person: Mr. Dariusz Pawlak
    Tel: 48-22-7180795
    Street address: soltan 7 Poland
  • AdvaChemLab

    Contact person: Mr. Gary King
    Tel: 48-61-6101355
    Street address: Poznań Science and Technology Park ul. Rubie? 46/C1 61-612 Poznań Poland
  • Biosynt Investments

    Contact person: Mr. Kamil Malik
    Tel: 48-514-780269
    Street address: Cracow Poland
  • We are a dynamically growing company specialising in providing complex portfolio of raw chemical materials, B2B as well as individual customers. Our offer comprises of large range of materials which ..more..

    Contact person: Mr. ANETA STANEK
    Tel: 48-515-722259
    Street address: KOLBEGO 15 Poland
  • balticproject

    Contact person: Mr. maciej biskup
    Tel: 48-507-292292
    Street address: jana pawla II Poland
  • Uńiversity of Medicine

    Contact person: Mr. justyna Justyna Piwowarczyk
    Tel: 48-695-222233
    Street address: ul. mikulicza radeckiego Wroclaw Poland
  • SET Bartlomiej Pankowski

    Contact person: Mr. Bartlomiej Pankowski
    Tel: 0048-603771-074
    Street address: ul. Polna 9-G 05-509 Piaseczno Mysiadlo Poland
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