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Nickel sulfamate (Molecular Formula: 2(H2NO3S).Ni)

Product Name: Nickel sulfamate
CAS Registry Number: 13770-89-3
EINECS: 237-396-1 
Nickelsulfamate (6CI,7CI);Aeronikl 250;Aeronikl 400;Aeronikl 575;Melbright EF2201;Nickel sulfamate (Ni(H2NSO3)2);Sulfamic acid,nickel(2+) salt (2:1);
Molecular Structure:
Molecular Formula: 2(H2NO3S).Ni
Molecular Weight: 97.09372
Density:  1.913g/cm3
Melting Point:  205 DEG C
Appearance:  Green to bluish crystal
Safety Statements:  

Confirmed human carcinogen. Poison by intraperitoneal route. When heated to decomposition it emits very toxic fumes of SOx and NOx. See also NICKEL COMPOUNDS.

MSDS Infomation:  Nickel sulfamate (13770-89-3).msds
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