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1-Octene, polymer with ethene(CAS No. 26221-73-8)

1-Octene, polymer with ethene (C8H16.C2H4)x (cas 26221-73-8) Molecular Structure

26221-73-8 Structure

Identification and Related Records

1-Octene, polymer with ethene
【CAS Registry number】
Dowlex NG 5056E
Affinity PF 1200
XD 61501.02
Tafmer H 120
Dowlex 61500-49
Dowlex 3010
Affinity PL 1280
Alathon 7810
XU 59220.03
XU 61512-08L
Dowlex 2027A
Affinity PL 1840
Dowlex 2047
Stamylex 08076F
Affinity PL 1845
XU 59220.02
Dowlex 2049
Attane 4003
Dowlex 3374
Moretec 0138N
Dowlex 2049A
Dowlex 2045.03
D 122-23
Dowlex 2245A
Affinity SM 1300
Moretec 1018C
Dowlex 4001
Sclair E 431-06
FQ 110
Affinity PF 1840
Stamylex 1026
Teamex 1000F
Dowlex 2056
XU 59243.00
Stamylex 1016
Moretec 0278CN
Affinity SM 8400
Moretec 0248CN
Dowlex 2247E
NG 2431E
Dowlex 2038
Dowlex 2045
Attane 4203
Engage SM 8200
Affinity PT 1450See
Dowlex 2037
XUR 1567
Moretec 0138
XU 61520.01
Affinity HM 1100
Affinity PF 1140
Attane 4201
Affinity FW 1650
Dowlex SC 2100
Engage MG 8300
Engage 8480
Attane 4001
Engage 8190
Affinity PL 1850
Stamylex 1046
Dowlex 2045E
Neozex 2015M
DPF 1340
Moretec 0218CN
Dowlex 3347A
Affinity SM 1350
Stamylex 09-016F
Stamylex 08-026
Dowlex NG 3347A
Moretec 0168N
Evolue PSC 9540
Sclair 14K
Dowlex XU 61502.43
Moretec V 0298CN
1-Octene,polymer with ethene
Dowlex 2244A
Dowlex 2035E
Sclair 13J4
XU 59220.01
Attane 4202
Alathon F 7810
Dowlex 61500-0.4
Moretec 0258CN
Attane 4004
Attane 4602
Dowlex 2035
XU 59220.04
Affinity DSH 1500.00
Affinity VP 8770
Moretec 0238CN
Dowlex 2045.04
Affinity CL 8003
Dowlex XSS 84652.38
Dowlex 2047A
Dowlex 2027
Dowlex 4002
Elite 5200
Sclair 13J7
Ethylene-1-octene copolymer
Dowlex 2045A
NG 5056E01
XU 61509.32
DEG 8180
Stamylex 09-046
Aspun 6811A
Affinity PL 1140
Affinity HF 1030
Dowlex NG 5055E
Stamylex 3026
Engage SM 8130
Affinity FM 1570
Engage 8401
Dowlex 2740E
Dowlex 61500-0.38
Dowlex 2291
Dowlex 2045AC
Affinity PL 1880
Moretec 0238C
Aspun 6809
Stamylex 08-076
Sclair D 332-05
Moretec 0238N
Affinity PL 1270
Aspun 6813
Novacor 2910
Dowlex 2042E
Sumikathene Alpha-FZ 102-0
Affinity DSH 8501.00
Elite 5100
Clearflex FG 308
Stamylex 4016
Dowlex 2247
XPR 0545-36568-11A
Ethene,polymers,homopolymer [9002-88-4] 1-Octene,polymer with ethene
Dowlex 2256A
Sclair 11L4B
Attane 4403
PF 1880
【Molecular Formula】
(C8 H16 . C2 H4)x (Products with the same molecular formula)
【Molecular Weight】
【Canonical SMILES】

Chemical and Physical Properties

【Melting Point】
124 °C
【Boiling Point】
【Flash Point】
【Computed Properties】
Molecular Weight:140.2658 [g/mol]
Molecular Formula:C10H20
H-Bond Donor:0
H-Bond Acceptor:0
Rotatable Bond Count:5
Exact Mass:140.156501
MonoIsotopic Mass:140.156501
Topological Polar Surface Area:0
Heavy Atom Count:10
Formal Charge:0
Isotope Atom Count:0
Defined Atom Stereocenter Count:0
Undefined Atom Stereocenter Count:0
Defined Bond Stereocenter Count:0
Undefined Bond Stereocenter Count:0
Covalently-Bonded Unit Count:2

Safety and Handling

【Safety Statements 】
WGK Germany 3

Supplier Location

Top Suppliers

Business Type:Manufacturer
Shijiazhuang Paiwei Chemical co. Ltd.
Business Type:Manufacturer

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