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Pigment Blue 29(CAS No. 57455-37-5)

Identification and Related Records

Pigment Blue 29
【CAS Registry number】
CB 80
CR 50 (pigment)
Cosmetic UltramarineBlue CB 80
DV 20
DV 3 (pigment)
FP 40
G 90 (pigment)
Gunjo 2000
Gunjo 2400
Gunjo 4000
H 2000
Kremer 45010
Levanox Ultramarine 3113LF
NO 1500
NO 8000
PB 80
Sanylene Blue 39-93
Sicomet Blue P 77007
Ultramarine Blue
Ultramarine Blue 05
Ultramarine Blue 17
UltramarineBlue 2000
Ultramarine Blue 6394
Ultramarine Blue EP 62
Ultramarine Blue RS 6
Ultramarine Blue UMB 293
【Molecular Formula】
Na6Al4Si6S4O20 (Products with the same molecular formula)
【Molecular Weight】

Chemical and Physical Properties

Stable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.

Safety and Handling


The C.I. Pigment Blue 29 , with the CAS register number 57455-37-5 is also known to us as bluepigmentvn-3293 ; c.i.pigmentblue29(ultramarineblue) ; levanox ultramarine 3113lf ; laundry blue ; french blue;gunjo 2000 ; gunjo 4000 ; gunjo 8000 .

It is a kind of blue powder and insoluble in water. And it is stable and incompatible with strong oxidizing agents. Its prepatation products is mineral paint which is anti water resistance to alkali,anti low temperature coating while the raw materials is sulphur, carbon black, silicon dioxide, china clay fine for tyres. Besides, its product categories are inorganic & organic chemicals and uvcbs-inorganic.?

As for its usage, it is widely used in many fields, such as used in paints, rubber, plastic, printing ink, oily rags, painting and architecture's blue paint. Except these, it is also used as papermaking, soap, starch, sizing and white wall and the civil brush etc. If used in Paint & Coatings Industry, it could produce color painting to make the whiteness much more bright; If used in rubber industry, it could be used in the coloring, whiting, blended to other color in the rubber products; If used in paper industry, it could produce white or blue paper pulp; If used in pigment industry, it could be as the coloring for oil color and whiting agent for the white pigment, and so on.

Its production method is as below(the high-temperature calcination method): firstly, mix the clay, soda ash, charcoal, sodium sulfate,quartz and have them split charging in the crucible and then have the high temperature calcination. Secondly, have the ejection and cool it , then choosing, dripping, grinding, pressure filtering and finally drying, crushing. Through this way, you could get the product, with the reaction 2(Al2O3 2SiO2 H2O)+2SiO2+4Na2S2+5O2→Na6Al4Si6S4O20+Na2SO4+3SO2↑.

As for its market information, you could find many suppliers in China, such as Haining Light Industry Trade Co., Ltd, Hangzhou Xcolor Imp / Exp Co., Ltd, and Kingstone Industrial Group Ltd.

Supplier Location

Top Suppliers

Diamond member Hangzhou J&H Chemical Co., Ltd
Business Type:Manufacturer
Wuhan Golden Wing Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd.
Business Type:Trading Company
Struchem Co Ltd
Business Type:Manufacturer
Jinan Haohua Industry Co., Ltd.
Business Type:Manufacturer
Zhejiang Haiqiang Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Business Type:Manufacturer
Business Type:Manufacturer
Hainan Huarong Chemical Co.,Ltd
Business Type:Trading Company
Longkou Renhe Ultramarine Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Business Type:Manufacturer
Lapis Lazuli Pigments Co., Ltd.
Business Type:Manufacturer
Kolortek Co.,Ltd.
Business Type:Manufacturer

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blue pigment, vision

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