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  • CAS: 1270138-40-3
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  • Minimum Order Quantity:10/Kilogram
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Pure Synmr Ingredients Limited [Audited]

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NSI-189Quick Details

  • Classification:Other Chemicals
  • Cas NO.:1270138-40-3
  • EINECS:-0
  • Molecular Formula:C22H30N4O
  • Purity:>98%
  • Appearance:white power
  • usage:40-80 daily
  • Brand Name:synmr
  • function:nootropic
  • MF:C22H30N4O
  • MW:366.4998

Packaging & Delivery

  • Packaging Detail:1kg/bag; 5kg/bag; 10kg/bag; Or as demand
  • Delivery Detail:delivery time:as soon as possible

Detailed Description


Product Introduction

What is NSI-189 ?


NSI-189 is neurogenic and nootropic research agent that was developed from nicotinamide and pyrazine. Randomized controlled trials have shown that it stimulates neurogenesis or neuronal cell production in the brain. In animal studies, it has also been shown to increase the volume of hippocampus by 20% thereby reversing behavioral symptoms of depression. Such studies have shown that it may be an effective treatment for depression. It is also thought to be a promising treatment for other condition including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Alzheimer’s disease and age-related cognitive problems.

NSI-189 has been proved that is thought to potentially promote increased neuronal production whilst treat depression is NSI-189. This article discusses NSI-189 and how this novel nootropic agent can revolutionize the treatment for depression, and possibly other neurodegenerative disorders.

Current treatments for major depressive disorder (MDD) mostly include the use of oral medications to modulate critical neurotransmitters in the brain. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are believed to be the most commonly and widely prescribed treatment for depression. Most recent research however reveals that there is a new theory regarding the cause of major depressive disorder. This theory implicates that brain physiology also influences depression rather than brain chemistry problems alone. Researchers have discovered that the disease leads to decreased hippocampal volume. Note that a healthy hippocampus is an excellent source of neural stem cells which lead to the production of neurons. Neurons on the other hand are critical for creating essential new connections in the brain. Through the production of new neurons in the hippocampal area, depression can be treated.



How NSI-189 works ?


This drug was developed to address three important aspects of depression including hippocampal volume, neurogenesis and neurotransmission. NSI-189 increases the volume within the hippocampus. In so doing, hippocampal volume and healthy brain cell density is increased thereby improving mod and cognitive performance.  Aside from increasing hippocampal volume, the drug also improves neuronal cell functionality. It works it promoting healthy neuronal cell growth whilst repair damaged areas in the brain.

Dosage and Suggestion ?


Studies conducted to evaluate effects of NSI-189 revealed that 40 to 80 mg daily is effective in treating depression and cognitive symptoms amongst healthy patients. In these trials, there are no serious adverse events recorded. Generally, NSI-189 is well tolerated and safe for human use.


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  • Min. Order: 10 Kilogram
  • FOB Price: USD 1 / Kilogram
  • Purity: >98%
  • Packaging Detail: 1kg/bag; 5kg/bag; 10kg/bag; Or as demand

    Product Introduction

    What is ADRAFINIL?


    Adrafinil is a pharmaceutical product that increases alertness without leading patients to develop tension and stress. It is part of a class of drugs known as eugeroics or “good arousers,” which are drugs that have stimulating effects with less of the harmful side effects associated with stimulants. A closely related drug is modafinil, which is actually a metabolite of adrafinil. When people take adrafinil, the drug is metabolized into modafinil in the body.


    This drug is approved for use in older patients who experience fatigue and sleepiness. It is also used by people with narcolepsy, shift workers, and other people who experience daytime sleepiness. People may also use the drug as a mood brightener or elevator. Adrafinil takes time to act in the body because it must be metabolized into an active form, and it can take several weeks for people to start to experience the full effect of the drug. It helps people stay alert and aroused, but is not associated with symptoms like tremors, stress, and increased heart rate.


    Adrafinil is used not only to help with studying sessions, but is also given to French pilots in case of emergency. Adrafinil is currently on the forbidden list in competitive sports due to its stimulant like behaviors



    How it works?


    Adrafinil is a stimulatory drug that is used by late shift workers, or early morning workers to help improve alertness and increase the feeling of wakefulness. This drug has also been shown to help increase overall motivation possibly due to its positive effects in regards to dopamine receptors.


    There are still many variables though that have to be looked at with improving cognitive abilities. As a result, it is very hard to determine just how effective this smart drug would be for a specific person. It all comes down to their own needs and current cognitive ability as well as lifestyle choices. It stimulates the release of Glutamate, thereby improving cognitive and perceptive abilities in human beings. Adrafinil is a smart drug that effects in activating behavior but is devoid of the ill-effects of other stimulants in this category.


    Adrafinil works mainly in two ways. First, Adrafinil helps boost the level of neurotransmitter hypocretin which increases wakefulness and concentration. Further increased dosage of the drug can cause more attention-stimulating chemicals in human body and reduces tiredness. Second, this concentration-improving drug facilitates learning process by stimulating brain attentiveness and memory. This is done through breakdown of Glutamate in the body. It stimulates the release of Glutamate, thereby improving cognitive and perceptive abilities in human beings. It is also worth noting that no exact method has yet been defined for the functionality of Adrafinil.



    Dosages and Suggestion


    The recommended dose of Adrafinil is 600mg taken up to twice a day taken in the morning or evening time

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  • Min. Order: 1 Kilogram
  • FOB Price: USD 1 / Kilogram
  • Purity: >98%
  • Packaging Detail: 1kg/bag; 5kg/bag; 10kg/bag; Or as demand

    Product Introduction

    What is Piracetam ?


    Piracetam is a cyclic GABA derivative also known as 2-oxo-pyrrolidine acetamide. It is a dietary supplement that supports and enhances normal brain structure and function. Piracetam is considered an intelligence booster and central nervous system (CNS) stimulator with no known toxic or addictive capacity.

    Increase in overall positive mood and energy while using Piracetam not only is a nice added benefit, but it helps you to remember what you need to know. Being grumpy or feeling lazy is not likely to make you want to actually study or learn anything to begin with, after all.



    How Piracetam works ?


    The racetam family of drugs are not well understood, however, Piracetam, along with other nootropic drugs in the racetam family, modulate the neurotransmitters glutamate and acetylcholine which are implicated in learning and memory. Piracetam is also a positive allosteric modulator of the AMPA receptor. In other words, Piracetam increases the activity of the AMPA receptor, which could increase synaptic plasticity and can therefore enhance memory and learning processes.


    Piracetam improves the function of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, through the muscarinic acetylcholine receptor. Because of this, Piracetam may deplete acetylcholine levels in the brain which could induce some of the side effects mentioned above. However, many take Piracetam without choline and do not experience side effects, in fact unnecessary choline supplementation may result in depression.


    This drug also works by improving blood flow to the brain and by enhancing cross-hemispheric communication.



    Dosage and suggestion 


    Piracetam dosages usually fall in the range of 600 mg up to 9,600 mg per day, depending on why you are using them. The typically recommended daily range seems to be between 1,200 and 4,800 mg. Most users indicate the best results are reached somewhere around the 2,400 mg per day range. Using more Piracetam will not gain you anything. In fact, using more than the recommended daily dosage can have an exactly the opposite effect and can actually cause decreases in mental performance. However, as each person is different, users may have to adapt their original dosage within the recommended higher and lower amounts as they see what this nootropics does for them.


    As this product does not stay in your blood for extended periods of time, it is recommended that it be taken in smaller dosages throughout the day to keep sufficient amounts available in your blood stream. It is best to use Piracetam on an empty stomach as taking it directly after eating can slow the time it takes to be absorbed, although drinking a full glass of liquid is beneficial as this is a water-soluble product.

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