Defoamer XP-303GH

Defoamer XP-303GH

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Usewell Chemical Co., Ltd.

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  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Country: China
  • Tel: 86-25-52801662
  • Address: Deying International Plaza, No.222 Changhong Road, Yuhua District , Nanjing, CHINA.
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Detailed Description


Typical Product Data


Appearance:                                             Colorless or light yellow transparent oil-phase liquid


Type:                                                       XP-303GH


Active content:                                         98%


Density (20°C, g/cm3):                              0.95 ~ 1.00


Viscosity(25°C):                                     400~600mPa.s 


Flashpoint (cup-opening):                          130°C




1.       Applied in circuit cleaning, image-developing and some other processes like this; and in beer-bottle cleaning, cutting fluid and some other temperature-resistance or alkali-resistance environment


2.       As defoamer in such auxiliaries, such as cleaning agent, refining agent, metal-processing agent.


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Defoamer XP-A

Defoamer XP-A




Ⅰ. Composition


 XP-A silicone defoamer is mainly comprised of modified polysiloxane mixed with food-grade emulsifier, dispersing agent and self-developed auxiliary, using the state-of-the-art compounding technique.


Ⅱ. Typical Product Data


Appearance:                        white emulsion


Emulsion ion type:                   non-ion type


pH value:                           5~9


Emulsion stability:                    8 month


Viscosity:                           150~800mPa.s (subject to specific content)


Model:                                                XP-10A                 15.0+3 %


                                                           XP-17A                23.5 ± 3 %


                                                           XP--30A               40.0 ± 3 %


Ⅲ. Applications


This product may be widely applied in a good many of waterborne environment for eliminating and inhibiting foam. For example:


1. Applied in textile printing & dyeing procedures for antifoaming and in textile sizing auxiliary for foam inhibition.


2. Applied in waste water treatment, industrial circulating water, papermaking washing, chemical cleaning, fertilizer anticaking agent and petrochemical industry.


3. Applied in oil exploitation and elimination of detrimental foam in drilling mud and cementing.


Ⅳ.Characteristics and Advantages


Quick defoaming, long foam inhibition, high efficiency, low dosage, non-toxicity, non-corrosion, and biological inertia has no adverse side effect. Moreover, this agent easily disperses in water with good dissolution in liquid products, almost not resulting in demulsification and oil spill, and may be applied to eliminate foam generated during dyeing & printing. Under proper usage conditions and suitable temperature, it won’t make dyed fabrics stained with silicone oil, etc.; and its service temperature reaches 100.


Ⅴ. Usage


This product may be used directly or after dilution. It’s improper to store the diluted product for a long time after dilution otherwise the problems having an effect on usage, such as demixing or oil spill will occur. Concerning dilution methods for extended storage, consult with our company.


Ⅵ. Package  




Ⅶ. Storage

This product can be stored at room temperature. Keep away from heat and don’t expose it to the sun. Don’t add acid, alkaline, salt or other materials in antifoaming agent. It’s improper to store the diluted product for a long time. This product will not be delaminated within half-year’s storage period. Delamination may occur beyond the storage period and you only need to stir evenly before use, which will not affect the performance of product.


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Defoamer XP-930

Defoamer XP-930


Typical Product Data


Appearance:                           white emulsion liquid


Emulsion ion type:                      non-ion type


pH value:                             6~8


Emulsion stability:                      half a year


Viscosity:                             180~220mPa.s (subject to specific content)


Model:                               XP-930      30±1%


XP-920      20±1%     


XP-910      10±1%




1.  Applied in the process of high-temperature printing & dyeing for foam elimination and inhibition.


2.       Applied in refining agent, softening agent, sizing and other auxiliary of textile.


3.       Applied in the chemical or physical course of other water-based environment with high temperature and strong alkali, such as metal cutting fluid, washing agent and so on.


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