Insecticide Abamectin (95%TC, 18g/L EC) 71751-41-2 Purity95%TC, 18g/L EC

Insecticide Abamectin (95%TC, 18g/L EC)

  • CAS: 71751-41-2
  • FOB Price:1.5 USD/Kilogram Get Latest Price
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  • Minimum Order Quantity:1000/Kilogram
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  • Payment Terms:L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,
  • Updatetime:Aug 27 2017
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Uniscent (Shanghai) International Co.,Ltd

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  • Business Type: Trading Company
  • Country: China
  • Tel: 86-21-50892559
  • Address: Room 1804, Dongchen Mansion, No.60 Mudan Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China Shanghai, Shanghai
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AbamectinQuick Details

  • Classification:Insecticide
  • Cas NO.:71751-41-2
  • EINECS:265-610-3
  • Molecular Formula:C48H72O14;C47H70O14
  • Melting Point:150-155℃
  • Boiling Point:940.912 °C at 760 mmHg
  • Stability:Stable at normal temperatures and pressures.
  • Water Solubility:insoluble
  • Flash Point:940.912 °C at 760 mmHg
  • Purity:95%TC, 18g/L EC
  • Appearance:powder
  • HazardClass:6.1(a)
  • usage:Insecticide for agriculture

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Detailed Description


Product Name Abamectin
Function Insecticide
Specification 95%TC, 18g/l EC
Chemical Name 5-O-demethylavermectin A1a (i) mixture with 5-O-demethyl-25-de(1-methylpropyl)-25-(1-methylethyl)avermectin A1a (ii)
CAS No 71751-41-2
Empirical Formula C48H72O14; C47H70O14 
Toxicity Acute Oral LD50 (rat): 416 mg/kg
Acute Dermal LD50 (rat): 2,000-5,000 mg/kg (females); >5,000(males)
Acute Inhalation LC50 (rat): >2.13 mg/L
Eye Irritation (rabbit): Moderately irritating
Dermal Irritation (rabbit): Slight irritating
Dermal Sensitization (guinea pig): Not a skin sensitizer
Application Mode of action Insecticide and acaricide with contact and stomach action. Has limited plant systemic activity, but exhibits translaminar movement.  Uses Control of motile stages of mites, leaf miners, suckers, Colorado beetles, etc. On ornamentals, cotton, citrus fruit, pome fruit, nut crops, vegetables, potatoes, and other crops. Application rates are 5.6 to 28 g/ha for mite control, 11 to 22 g/ha for control of leaf miners. Also used for control of fire ants. Phytotoxicity May be phytotoxic to pome fruit when mixed with captan.


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Insecticide Emamectin Benzoate (70%TC, 1% EC, 5%WDG, 5.7%WSG)

Insecticide Emamectin Benzoate (70%TC, 1% EC, 5%WDG, 5.7%WSG)

  • Min. Order: 1000 Kilogram
  • FOB Price: USD 1.5 / Kilogram
  • Purity: 70%TC, 1% EC, 5%WDG, 5.7%WSG

    Product Name Emamectin benzoate
    Function Insecticide
    Specification 70%TC, 1% EC, 5%WDG, 5.7%WSG
    CAS No 137512-74-4
    Empirical Formula C49H75NO13.C7H6O2
    Mode of Action Biochemistry Acts by stimulating the release of g-aminobutyric acid, an inhibitory neurotransmitter, thus causing paralysis. Mode of action Non-systemic insecticide which penetrates leaf tissues by translaminar movement. Paralyses the lepidoptera, which stop feeding within hours of ingestion, and die 2-4 days.
    Toxicity Ingestion: Oral (LD50 Rat): 472 mg/kg body weight 
    Dermal: Dermal (LD50 Rabbit): > 2,000 mg/kg body weight 
    Inhalation: Inhalation (LC50 Rat): 5.90 mg/l air - 4 hours 
    Eye Contact: Non Irritating (Rabbit) 
    Skin Contact: Non Irritating (Rabbit) 
    Skin Sensitization: Not Available
    Application 1. Emamectin benzoate is used for the treatment of sea lice in salmon.
    2. Control of diamondback moth on horticultural crops.
    3. Control pests on head lettuce, celery, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and other crops.
    Mainly used to prevent and control harmful insects in Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, Homoptera, Mite. 
    Widely used to prevent and control bollworm, cutworm of sugar beet, cole moth, cabbage caterpillar, armyworm, Mite, Prodenia litura(Fabricius) and so on harmful insects in many kinds of vegetables, fruit trees, tea, tobacco and cotton. 
    4. for control of Lepidoptera on vegetables, brassicas and cotton, at up to 16 g/ha, and in pine trees, at 5-25 g/ha.

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    Insecticide Chlorpyrifos (97% TC, 400g/L EC, 480g/L EC)

    Insecticide Chlorpyrifos (97% TC, 400g/L EC, 480g/L EC)

  • Min. Order: 1000 Kilogram
  • FOB Price: USD 1.5 / Kilogram
  • Purity: 97% TC, 400g/L EC, 480g/L EC

    Product Name Chlorpyrifos
    Function Insecticide
    Specification 97% TC, 400g/l EC, 480g/l EC
    CAS No 2921-88-2
    Empirical Formula C9H11Cl3NO3PS
    Mode of Action  Non-systemic with contact and stomach action. Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) inhibitor.
    Toxicity Oral Acute oral LD50 for rats 135-163, guinea pigs 504, rabbits 1000-2000 mg/kg.  
    Skin and eye Acute percutaneous LD50 for rabbits >5000 mg/kg; (tech.) for rats >2000 mg/kg.  
    Inhalation LC50 (4-6 h) for rats >0.2 mg/l (14 ppb).
    Application Control of Coleoptera, Diptera, Homoptera and Lepidoptera in soil or on foliage in over 100 crops, including pome fruit, stone fruit, citrus fruit, nut crops, strawberries, figs, bananas, vines, vegetables, potatoes, beet, tobacco, soya beans, sunflowers, sweet potatoes, peanuts, rice, cotton, alfalfa, cereals, maize, sorghum, asparagus, glasshouse and outdoor ornamentals, turf, and in forestry. Also used for control of household pests (Blattellidae, Muscidae, Isoptera), mosquitoes (larvae and adults) and in animal houses.

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