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105-59-9 structure 3D

CAS 105-59-9 products price,suppliers

  • Name: Diazo(trimethylsilyl)methyl magnesium bromide, Fandachem
  • Molecular Weight: 119.16200
  • Formula:
  • Mainly used as emulsifier and acid gas absorbent, acid-base control agent, polyurethane foam catalyst. It is also used as an intermediate for antitumor drugs such as nitrogen mustard.
Properties Safety and Handling MSDS NMR Spectrum Synthesis Route Precursor and Product Computational chemical data
Identification Safety Data
  • [Risk Codes]
  • R36:Irritating to the eyes
  • [Safety Statements]
  • S24:Avoid contact with skin
  • Hazard Symbols:
  • HazardClass:8
  • Appearance:
  • Water-white, hygroscopic liquid with an ammonia odor
  • Molecular Weight:
  • 119.16200
  • Melting Point:
  • -21 °C
  • Refractive index:
  • n20/D 1.469(lit.)
  • Solubility:
  • Miscible in Benzene
  • Stability:
  • Stable. Combustible. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.
  • More Properties>>
Upstream Product Downtream information
There are 173 suppliers who can provide Diazo(trimethylsilyl)methyl magnesium bromide, Fandachem with CAS No. 105-59-9
MDEA High quality Snow Privacy pharmacy Drugs Safe shipping
MDEA High quality Snow Privacy pharmacy Drugs Safe shipping
  • FOB Price:1200 USD/Kilogram 
  • Min.Order:1 Kilogram 
  • Supply Ability:25 Kilogram/Day 
  • Appearance:white powder 
  • Purity:99.9% 
  • Packaging:1kg;5kg; 25kg 
  • Usage:Chemical,drugs 
  • Brand:Snow Privacy pharmacy 
  • Description:We can supply high quality products and first-class service for our clients.
  • Updatetime:Jul 15 2021 
Factory supply N-Methyldiethanolamine (MDEA) CAS 105-59-9 with high purity
Factory supply N-Methyldiethanolamine (MDEA) CAS 105-59-9 wi...
  • FOB Price:2400 USD/Metric Ton 
  • Min.Order:1 Metric Ton 
  • Supply Ability:500 Metric Ton/Month 
  • Appearance:Colorless or light yellow oily liquid 
  • Purity:99%min 
  • Packaging:200kg/drum 
  • Usage:Emulsifier and acid gas absorbent 
  • Brand:Fortunachem 
  • Description:Factory supply N-Methyldiethanolamine (MDEA) CAS 105-59-9 with high purity Specifications of our N-Methyldiethanolamine (MDEA) CAS 105-59-9: Items
  • Updatetime:Jan 07 2020 
Factory Supply N-Methyldiethanolamine
Factory Supply N-Methyldiethanolamine
  • FOB Price:0.1 USD/Kilogram 
  • Min.Order:1 Kilogram 
  • Supply Ability:2000 Metric Ton/Year 
  • Appearance:solid or liquid ( refer to COA) 
  • Purity:99.90% 
  • Packaging:25kgs/fiber drum or 200kgs/drum 
  • Usage:upon client's application 
  • Brand:Amitychem 
  • Description:Amitychem Corporation manufacture and supply N-Methyldiethanolamine with with high quality, low price and bulk supply. We have been focusing on the research and production of concrete chemicals for 14+ years. Our product quality has ISO, SGS, CQC,FAMI-QS, etc....
  • Updatetime:Mar 09 2021 
  • Appearance:Normal Standard 
  • Purity:99% 
  • Packaging:According to the clients‘ requirements 
  • Description:Superiority high quality, competitive price & excellent service Details High quality, Competitive price & Excellent service Transportation:By Sea / Air / Courier Storage:Store in dry, cool, dark and ventilate... Keywords:105-59-9 Manufacturer,High Purity N-Met...
  • Updatetime:Mar 02 2021 
MDEA bk-mmdma 4-CMC CAS NO.: 105-59-9
MDEA bk-mmdma 4-CMC CAS NO.: 105-59-9
  • FOB Price:100 USD/Gram 
  • Min.Order:10 Gram 
  • Supply Ability:30 Kilogram/Day 
  • Appearance:POWDER 
  • Purity:99.9% 
  • Packaging:one or two hard plastic bag inside,Aluminum foil bags outside,or can be as your request 
  • Usage:RESEARCH 
  • Brand:jubite 
  • Description:Company information: skyp (live:e78a800abd0299b4) Shijiazhuang Jubite Fine-chemical Material Co. Ltd. is one of the leaders in pharmaceutical grade designer drugs, legal powders, research chemicals in China. We don’ t merely sell them, we manufacture them. Si...
  • Updatetime:Dec 17 2019 
MDEA with high purity CAS NO.105-59-9
MDEA with high purity CAS NO.105-59-9
  • FOB Price:10 USD/Gram 
  • Min.Order:1 Gram 
  • Supply Ability:100 Kilogram/Month 
  • Appearance:white powder 
  • Purity:99.99% 
  • Packaging:as according of customer 
  • Usage:Pharmaceutical intermediates 
  • Brand:GZ 
  • Description:Keywords chemical Pharmaceutical intermediates MDEA Quick Details ProName: MDEA with high purity CAS NO.105-59-9 CasNo: 105-59-9 Molecular Formula: C10H14ClN Appearance: white powder Application: Pharmaceutical intermediates DeliveryTime: w
  • Updatetime:Dec 13 2018 
N-Methyl Diethanolamine (MDEA)
N-Methyl Diethanolamine (MDEA)
  • FOB Price:0 USD/Metric Ton 
  • Min.Order:1 Kilogram 
  • Supply Ability:100 Kilogram/Month 
  • Appearance:Colorless or light yellow viscous liquid 
  • Purity:98% 
  • Packaging:Net weight is 200Kg/ drum. 
  • Usage:mainly used to get rid of natural gas, synthesis gas 
  • Brand:HONOR SHINE 
  • Description:【English name】: N-Methyldiethanolamine 【Chinese alias】: MDEA 【CAS RN】: 105-59-9 【EINECS No.】: 203-312-7 【Properties】: Colorless or light yellow viscous liquid. Boiling point: 247℃. Soluble in water and alcohol. This product owns high options and low...
  • Updatetime:Jan 19 2016 
N-Methyl Diethanolamine
N-Methyl Diethanolamine
  • FOB Price:4 USD/Kilogram 
  • Min.Order:220 Kilogram 
  • Supply Ability:30 Metric Ton/Day 
  • Appearance:Colorless 
  • Purity:≥99% 
  • Packaging:220KG/Drums 
  • Usage:Intermediates, additives, Solvents, Desulfurizer, Decarbonizer 
  • Brand:YUNLONG 
  • Description:N-Methyl diethanolamine (MDEA) CAS NO.: 105-59-9 Molecular Weight:119.16 Boiling Point: 247 Centigrade Flash Point:2 60 Centigrade Freezing Point: -21 Centigrade Refractive Index:1.4678 TDG Purity:>=99% Moisture:<=0.5 Hazen(Pt-Co):<=50 Thiodiglycol is a colorl...
  • Updatetime:Aug 29 2013 
  • FOB Price:1 USD/Kilogram 
  • Min.Order:1 Kilogram 
  • Supply Ability:1 Kilogram/Year 
  • Purity:100% 
  • Packaging:25KG;5KG;1KG 
  • Usage:Mainly used as emulsifier and acidic gas absorption agent ph control agent 
  • Brand:yacoo 
  • Description:Suzhou Yacoo Chemical Reagent Corporation was founded in 2003. It is a high-tech enterprise which specializing in biomedicine, electrochemical materials, import and export business, electronic mall, Up to now,It has 10 years history on chemical sales, R & D a...
  • Updatetime:Nov 20 2015 
  • FOB Price:0 USD/Gram 
  • Min.Order:1 Gram 
  • Supply Ability:1 Kilogram/Month 
  • Purity:98 
  • Packaging:Sealed aluminum foil bag/tin/bottle 
  • Usage:Intermediates 
  • Brand:Shanghai Credit Asia Chemical Co., Ltd. 
  • Description:Shanghai Credit Asia Chemical Co., Ltd. is specialized in trading and developing active pharmaceutical ingredients, intermediates, API, and custom synthesis according to client’s requirements.We will provide you with better service, better quality, better pri...
  • Updatetime:Jun 12 2019 
N-Methyldiethanolamine  MDEA
N-Methyldiethanolamine MDEA
  • FOB Price:1 USD/Metric Ton 
  • Min.Order:5 Metric Ton 
  • Supply Ability:10000 Metric Ton/Year 
  • Appearance:Colorless or yellowish sticky liquid 
  • Purity:99% 
  • Packaging:200kg drum 
  • Description:Superiority item name quality index
  • Updatetime:Feb 22 2019 
High quality N-Methyldiethanolamine supplier in China
High quality N-Methyldiethanolamine supplier in China
  • FOB Price:1 USD/Kilogram 
  • Min.Order:1 Kilogram 
  • Supply Ability:200 Metric Ton/Year 
  • Appearance:Colorless liquid 
  • Purity:99%min 
  • Packaging:125kg/drum 
  • Usage:Intermediate 
  • Brand:Chemzhongyuan 
  • Description:Name: N-Methyldiethanolamine Synonyms: MDEA; FC MDEA; 2,2' USAF DO-52; Mdea (diol); -(methylimino)bis-; Ethanol, 2,2‘ Methyldiethanolamin; Diethanolmethylamine; Methyliminodiethanol; N-Methyldiethanolami; METHYL DIETHANLAMINE; methyl-diethanolamine; -Methylim...
  • Updatetime:Jul 13 2021 
  • Min.Order:0 Metric Ton 
  • Supply Ability:Metric Ton/Day 
  • Appearance:white powder 
  • Purity:99%+ 
  • Packaging:as request 
  • Description:Keywords high quality Ethanol,2,2'-(methylimino)bis- Ethanol,2,2'-(methylimino)bis- China Ethanol,2,2'-(methylimino)bis- seller Quick Details ProName: Ethanol,2,2'-(methylimino)bis- CasNo: 105-59-9 Appearance: white powder Application: chemical research Delive...
  • Updatetime:May 16 2018 
  • Appearance:contact us for more details about N-Methyldiethanolamine, CAS:105-59-9 
  • Purity:contact us for more details about N-Methyldiethanolamine, CAS:105-59-9 
  • Packaging:Glass bottle in aluminum foil bag, from mg scale to kg scale 
  • Usage:Chemicals, pharmaceutical research, pharmaceutical intermediates, reagents 
  • Brand:FINETECH 
  • Description:FINETECH INDUSTRY LIMITED is a LONDON based CRO company providing drug discovery & development services to worldwide clients. FINETECH INDUSTRY LIMITED supplies the N-Methyldiethanolamine, CAS:105-59-9 with the most competitive price and the best quality. We c...
  • Updatetime:Nov 21 2018 
  • Min.Order:1 Kilogram 
  • Supply Ability:100 Metric Ton/Year 
  • Purity:99 
  • Packaging:According to your demand 
  • Description:Ethanol,2,2'-(methylimino)di- (6CI,8CI); 2,2'-(Methylimino)bis[ethanol];2,2'-(Methylimino)diethanol; 2-[(2-Hydroxyethyl)(methyl)amino]ethanol; AminoAlcohol MDA; Diethanolmethylamine; Eve; Gas Spec CS 2000; Jefftreat MS 100;MDEA; MDEA (diol); Methylbis(2-hydrox...
  • Updatetime:Nov 21 2018 
  • Description:Angene supplies the compounds with the most competitive price and the best quality; specializes in custom synthesis & building blocks.Welcome the enquiries & orders around the world. Application:chemical research.We can provide a Certificate of Analysis and pr...
  • Updatetime:Nov 21 2018 
  • Description:Name: N-Methyldiethanolamine Synonyms: 2,2-(Methylimino)diethanol; MDEA; 2,2-Methyliminodiethanol; N-Methylediethanolamine; N-METHYL DIETHANOLAMINE; METHYL DIETHANLAMINE CAS Registry number: 105-59-9 EINECS:203-312-7 Molecular Formula: C5H13NO2 Boiling Point:...
  • Updatetime:Jun 12 2019 
  • Purity:passed 
  • Description:intermediate
  • Updatetime:Nov 30 2015 
N-Methyldiethanolamine CAS NO.105-59-9
N-Methyldiethanolamine CAS NO.105-59-9
  • FOB Price:10 USD/Gram 
  • Min.Order:1 Kilogram 
  • Supply Ability:10000 Kilogram/Month 
  • Appearance:comply with the national standards 
  • Purity:98% 99% 
  • Packaging:can be as buyers' requests 
  • Usage:medical intermediate 
  • Brand:ZHONGZHUO 
  • Description:Hebei Zhongzhuo Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd, we have a pharmaceutical raw materials factory production of pharmaceutical raw materials, and a reagent r&d center, and we do research and development production of reagent tens of thousands of species. our ai...
  • Updatetime:Oct 05 2017 
N-Methyldiethanolamine /
N-Methyldiethanolamine /
  • FOB Price:10 USD/Gram 
  • Min.Order:1 Metric Ton 
  • Supply Ability:100 Kilogram/Month 
  • Appearance:white 
  • Purity:99% 
  • Packaging:1kg/Aluminum foil bag 
  • Description:Superiority brief introduction of the company guizheng technology co. ltd. is located in shijiazhuang, one of the biggest pharmaceutical production bases in china. thanks to our professional experts and highly active working group, we have by far earned a repu...
  • Updatetime:Feb 23 2019 
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