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162762-93-8 structure

CAS 162762-93-8 Yunnancoronarin A products price,suppliers

  • Name: Yunnancoronarin A
  • Molecular Weight: 300.43512
  • Formula: C20H28O2
  • Synonyms: (1R,4S,4aR,8aS)-4-[2-(3-Furyl)vinyl]-4a,8,8-trimethyl-3-methylenedecahydro-1-naphthalenol; 1-Naphthalenol, 4-[(1E)-2-(3-furanyl)ethenyl]decahydro-4a,8,8-trimethyl-3-methylene-, (1R,4S,4aR,8aS)-; 1-Naphthalenol, 4-[2-(3-furanyl)ethenyl]decahydro-4a,8,8-trimethyl-3-methylene-, (1R,4S,4aR,8aS)-;
Properties Safety and Handling MSDS NMR Spectrum Computational chemical data
  • Cas NO.:162762-93-8
  • CID:12187319
  • Name:
  • Yunnancoronarin A (Related Reference)
  • InChI:
  • InChI=1S/C20H28O2/c1-14-12-17(21)18-19(2,3)9-5-10-20(18,4)16(14)7-6-15-8-11-22-13-15/h6-8,11,13,16-18,21H,1,5,9-10,12H2,2-4H3/b7-6+/t16-,17+,18-,20+/m0/s1
Safety Data
  • Molecular Weight:
  • 300.43512
  • Density:
  • 1.05±0.1 g/cm3(Predicted)
  • Boiling Point:
  • 399.6±42.0 °C(Predicted)
  • Flash Point:
  • 195.4±27.9 °C
  • Refractive index:
  • 1.545
  • More Properties>>
There are 6 suppliers who can provide Yunnancoronarin A with CAS No. 162762-93-8
Yunnancoronarin A
Yunnancoronarin A
  • FOB Price:1 USD/gram 
  • Min.Order:1 Gram 
  • Supply Ability:1kg Kilogram/Month 
  • Appearance:White solid 
  • Purity:98% 
  • Packaging:Aluminum foil bag,or according to your requirements. 
  • Usage:Diterpenoids 
  • Brand:HuiChem 
  • Description:HuiChem is a high-tech company specializing in advanced materials and functional chemicals, We could receive custom synthesis according to your requirements from lab scale to commercial scale, with high and new technology, high quality products, as well as att...
  • Updatetime:Jun 28 2017 
  • Appearance:powder or crystal 
  • Purity:97.00 
  • Packaging:10mg,20mg,1g or on request 
  • Description:Superiority Details Molecular Formula:C20H28 O2 Transportation:room temperature Storage:-20degree
  • Updatetime:Nov 25 2019 
Yunnancoronarin A
Yunnancoronarin A
  • Purity:98% 
  • Description:Superiority in stock, offering nmr, hplc/tlc and coa reports Details Molecular Formula:C20H28O2 Keywords:162762-93-8,Yunnancoronarin A,Manufacturer
  • Updatetime:Feb 23 2019 
Yunnancoronarin A
Yunnancoronarin A
  • Purity:98% 
  • Description:Superiority high purity Details Keywords:Yunnancoronarin A
  • Updatetime:Feb 23 2019 
Yunnancoronarin A
Yunnancoronarin A
  • Description:Boc Sciences is the world's leading provider for special chemicals. We offer qualified products for 162762-93-8(Yunnancoronarin A),Molecular Formula:C20H28O2,Molecular Weight:N/A, please inquire us.
  • Updatetime:Mar 29 2016 
Yunnancoronarin A
Yunnancoronarin A
  • Description:Molecular Formula: C20H28O2
  • Updatetime:Jan 01 2022 
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