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1692-25-7 structure 3D

CAS 1692-25-7 F1298-0911 products price,suppliers

  • Name: F1298-0911
  • Molecular Weight: 122.918
  • Formula: C16H10CL2N2O3S2
  • Synonyms: 3-Pyridinylboronic acid , May contain varying amounts of anhydride, 97%; Puridin-3-yl-boronicacid; PYRIDIN-3-BORONIC ACID; PYRIDIN-3-YL-3-BORONIC ACID; PYRIDIN-3-YLBORONIC ACID; Pyridine-3-boronic acid,95%;
  • Pyridine-3-boronic acid is a boric acid substance that can be used in the Suzuki reaction. It is mainly used in laboratory organic synthesis and in the development of chemical medicine.
Properties Safety and Handling MSDS Synthesis Route Precursor and Product Computational chemical data
Safety Data
  • [Risk Codes]
  • R22:Harmful if swallowed
  • R36/37/38:Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin
  • [Safety Statements]
  • S26:In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice
  • S3:Keep in a cool place
  • S36/37/39:Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection
  • Appearance:
  • Light yellow powder
  • Molecular Weight:
  • 122.918
  • Melting Point:
  • >300℃
  • Storage Temperature:
  • 0-6°C
  • Refractive index:
  • 1.534
  • Solubility:
  • Slightly soluble in methanol.
  • More Properties>>
Upstream Product Downtream information
There are 305 suppliers who can provide F1298-0911 with CAS No. 1692-25-7
Business Type:
3-Pyridylboronic acid CAS 1692-25-7
3-Pyridylboronic acid CAS 1692-25-7
  • FOB Price:10 USD/Metric Ton 
  • Min.Order:1 Kilogram 
  • Supply Ability:100 Metric Ton/Month 
  • Appearance:yellow powder 
  • Purity:99% 
  • Packaging:foil bag, carton, drum, barrel 
  • Usage:Boronic acid derivatives and their binding affinities with diols. 
  • Brand:zhanyao 
  • Description:Inquiry guide 1. Please send the quantity(Weight) to us, we will arrange our sales to provide the one-for-one service for you. 2.Then we will provide the professional quotation list for you, it will be including all the factors in whole business process(Qualit...
  • Updatetime:Sep 01 2021 
Technology mature, high-grade products, low price 3-Pyridylboronic acid CAS 1692-25-7
Technology mature, high-grade products, low price 3-Pyridylb...
  • FOB Price:10 USD/Kilogram 
  • Min.Order:1 Kilogram 
  • Supply Ability:50 Metric Ton/Month 
  • Appearance:yellow powder 
  • Purity:99% 
  • Packaging:1 kg/drum/bag,or according to your requirement 
  • Usage:Pharmaceutical intermediate 
  • Brand:miao bian 
  • Description:Hebei miaobian Biotechnology Co., Ltd with a registered capital of 3 million yuan, is one of the most dynamic foreign trade companies in the Chinese market. The company has pharmaceutical raw material production plant and reagent R&D center. We have the most c...
  • Updatetime:Apr 14 2021 
Boronicacid, B-3-pyridinyl-
Boronicacid, B-3-pyridinyl-
  • FOB Price:1 USD/Kilogram 
  • Min.Order:1 Kilogram 
  • Supply Ability:5000 Kilogram/Month 
  • Appearance:Earthy yellow crystalline powder 
  • Purity:99(%) 
  • Packaging:ribbon of gold foil 
  • Usage:Used as intermediate for medicine, dye, fungicide and photoinitiator 
  • Brand:yanxi 
  • Description:ProName: 3-Pyridylboronic acid CasNo: 1692-25-7
  • Updatetime:Jan 29 2021 
Factory Supply Pyridine-3-Boronic Acid
Factory Supply Pyridine-3-Boronic Acid
  • FOB Price:0.1 USD/Kilogram 
  • Min.Order:1 Kilogram 
  • Supply Ability:2000 Metric Ton/Year 
  • Appearance:solid or liquid ( refer to COA) 
  • Purity:99.90% 
  • Packaging:25kgs/fiber drum or 200kgs/drum 
  • Usage:upon client's application 
  • Brand:Amitychem 
  • Description:Amitychem Corporation manufacture and supply Pyridine-3-Boronic Acid with with high quality, low price and bulk supply. We have been focusing on the research and production of concrete chemicals for 14+ years. Our product quality has ISO, SGS, CQC,FAMI-QS, etc...
  • Updatetime:Mar 09 2021 
Pyridine-3-boronic acid
Pyridine-3-boronic acid
  • FOB Price:3 USD/Kilogram 
  • Min.Order:1 Kilogram 
  • Supply Ability:10 Metric Ton/Year 
  • Appearance:liquid or solid 
  • Purity:95%, 99% 
  • Packaging:clients requirement 
  • Usage:raw material used in Synthesis 
  • Brand:Dayang 
  • Description:Name: Boronicacid, B-3-pyridinyl- Synonyms: 3-Pyridineboronicacid (7CI,8CI);Boronic acid, 3-pyridinyl- (9CI);(3-Pyridinyl)boronic acid;Dihydroxy(3-pyridyl)borane;Pyridin-3-ylboronic acid;Pyridine-3-boronic acid; CAS Registry number: 1692-25-7 Molecular Formula...
  • Updatetime:Dec 20 2019 
Pyridine-3-boronic acid CAS1692-25-7
Pyridine-3-boronic acid CAS1692-25-7
  • FOB Price:1 USD/Gram 
  • Min.Order:1kg Kilogram 
  • Supply Ability:1000 Metric Ton/Day 
  • Appearance:COA 
  • Purity:99% 
  • Packaging:1KG/BAG 
  • Usage:For Medical research 
  • Brand:BELIEVE 
  • Description:Name: Boronicacid, B-3-pyridinyl- Synonyms: P1673; BM101; A15293; AN-446; CP0046; CP-141; AMTB568; AS-2593; RL02176; RP00702; AC-6170; AC1Q7170; HC150069; SY004445; SC-01631; HE000399; Q-102225; BC000194; BC210695; AB0012054; EBD435812; DB-024921; STK347187; T...
  • Updatetime:Mar 04 2021 
Boronicacid, B-3-pyridinyl-
Boronicacid, B-3-pyridinyl-
  • FOB Price:100 USD/Kilogram 
  • Min.Order:1 Kilogram 
  • Supply Ability:100 Kilogram/Month 
  • Appearance:WHITE 
  • Purity:99% 
  • Packaging:25KG/DRUM 
  • Usage:APIs Pharmaceutical Adjuvant Biochemicals & Biotech products 
  • Brand:ROYAL 
  • Description:APIs Pharmaceutical Adjuvant Biochemicals & Biotech products
  • Updatetime:Dec 06 2019 
Pyridin-3-bronic Acid
Pyridin-3-bronic Acid
  • Min.Order:25 Kilogram 
  • Supply Ability:1-500 Metric Ton/Year 
  • Purity:98% 
  • Packaging:25KG/50KG/200KG drum 
  • Usage:Used as pharmaceutical intermediates 
  • Brand:fortuna 
  • Description:Pyridin-3-bronic Acid CAS:1692-25-7 M.F.:C5H6BNO2 M.W.:122.9176
  • Updatetime:Jan 07 2020 
3-Pyridylboronic acid
3-Pyridylboronic acid
  • Purity:95% 
  • Packaging:25kg/drum 
  • Usage:chemical reagent;pharmaceutical intermediate;phytochemical; 
  • Description:Hangzhou Utanpharma Biology Co., Ltd. is a R&D and manufacturing based, market oriented enterprise,specialized in the R&D and marketing? of active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates. Supported by our highly qualified professor and technicians team,in...
  • Updatetime:Dec 18 2019 
4-methoxypyridin-3-ylboronic acid
4-methoxypyridin-3-ylboronic acid
  • Purity:97.00% 
  • Packaging:50g;1kg;5kg 
  • Description:intermediates, drug discovery
  • Updatetime:Apr 10 2018 
Pyridin-3-bronic Acid
Pyridin-3-bronic Acid
  • FOB Price:50 USD/Kilogram 
  • Min.Order:1 Kilogram 
  • Supply Ability:500 Kilogram/Day 
  • Appearance:White powder 
  • Purity:99%MIN 
  • Packaging:25KG/drum or as client requirement 
  • Usage:Good intermediate 
  • Brand:senwayer 
  • Description:1.Full experience of large numbers containers loading in Chinese sea port. 2.Fast shipment by reputed shipping line. 3.Packing with pallet as buyer's special request. 4.Best service after shipment with e mail. 5.Cargoes together with container sales seervice a...
  • Updatetime:Sep 11 2018 
3-Pyridylboronic acid
3-Pyridylboronic acid
  • FOB Price:1 USD/Kilogram 
  • Min.Order:1 Kilogram 
  • Supply Ability:500 Kilogram/Month 
  • Appearance:White to tan crystalline powder 
  • Purity:98% 
  • Packaging:Net weight 25KG per drum or according to the customer's requirements 
  • Usage:Intermediates 
  • Brand:Sinsteck 
  • Description:Name 3-Pyridylboronic acid Synonyms Pyridine-3-boronic acid Molecular Structure
  • Updatetime:Aug 31 2015 
3-Pyridylboronic acid
3-Pyridylboronic acid
  • FOB Price: USD/Kilogram 
  • Min.Order:1 Kilogram 
  • Supply Ability:100 Kilogram/Quarter 
  • Appearance:White to off-white powde 
  • Purity:0.98 
  • Packaging:500g 
  • Usage:pharmaceutical Intermedaites 
  • Brand:Dochem 
  • Updatetime:Jul 25 2019 
3-Pyridineboronic acid
3-Pyridineboronic acid
  • FOB Price:0 USD/Gram 
  • Min.Order:1 Gram 
  • Supply Ability:1 Kilogram/Month 
  • Purity:98 
  • Packaging:Sealed aluminum foil bag/tin/bottle 
  • Usage:Intermediates 
  • Brand:Shanghai Credit Asia Chemical Co., Ltd. 
  • Description:Shanghai Credit Asia Chemical Co., Ltd. is specialized in trading and developing active pharmaceutical ingredients, intermediates, API, and custom synthesis according to client’s requirements.We will provide you with better service, better quality, better pri...
  • Updatetime:Jun 12 2019 
Pyridine -3- boric acid
Pyridine -3- boric acid
  • FOB Price:1 USD/Kilogram 
  • Min.Order:25kg Kilogram 
  • Supply Ability:1000kg Kilogram/Day 
  • Appearance:Conventional appearance 
  • Purity:98% 
  • Packaging:as required 
  • Usage:Conventional use 
  • Brand:coreychem 
  • Description:AD68 Coreychem focus on high complex new type intermediates and fine chemical custom synthesis,scale-up production and rare chemicals trade.Product category including Intermediates&API,Catalyst and Electronic Chemicals.Covering 811 square meters R&D center,wit...
  • Updatetime:May 21 2019 
3-Pyridylboronic acid
3-Pyridylboronic acid
  • Min.Order:0 Metric Ton 
  • Supply Ability:Metric Ton/Day 
  • Appearance:white powder 
  • Purity:99% 
  • Packaging:25kg/drum 
  • Usage:For Research 
  • Brand:shengbao 
  • Description:Keywords 3-Pyridylboronic acid 3-Pyridylboronic acid seller 1692-25-7 Quick Details ProName: 3-Pyridylboronic acid CasNo: 1692-25-7 Appearance: white powder Application: Pharmaceutical Intermediates, DeliveryTime: as soon as possible PackAge: 25kg/drum
  • Updatetime:May 16 2018 
High quality Pyridine-3-Boronic Acid supplier in China
High quality Pyridine-3-Boronic Acid supplier in China
  • FOB Price:1 USD/Kilogram 
  • Min.Order:1 Kilogram 
  • Supply Ability:200 Metric Ton/Year 
  • Appearance:Colorless liquid 
  • Purity:99%min 
  • Packaging:125kg/drum 
  • Usage:Intermediate 
  • Brand:Chemzhongyuan 
  • Description:Name: Boronicacid, B-3-pyridinyl- Synonyms: BM101; P1673; CP0046; CP-141; A15293; AN-446; AMTB568; AS-2593; AC-6170; RP00702; RL02176; HC150069; SY004445; SC-01631; HE000399; Q-102225; AC1Q7170; BC000194; BC210695; AB0012054; AB1000118; DB-024921; EBD435812; J...
  • Updatetime:Jul 13 2021 
3-Pyridylboronic acid 1692-25-7 supplier
3-Pyridylboronic acid 1692-25-7 supplier
  • Min.Order:1 Milligram 
  • Supply Ability:100 Metric Ton/Year 
  • Appearance:powder 
  • Purity:98% 
  • Packaging:as your required 
  • Description:Superiority nanjing sunsure chemical technology co., ltd., established in 2009, has expanded a compositive entity from initially only as a small manufacturer. the company dedicated to the development, production and marketing of chemicals. sunsure covers whole...
  • Updatetime:Feb 25 2019 
3-Pyridylboronic acid
3-Pyridylboronic acid
  • Appearance:contact us for more details about 3-Pyridylboronic acid, CAS:1692-25-7 
  • Purity:contact us for more details about 3-Pyridylboronic acid, CAS:1692-25-7 
  • Packaging:Glass bottle in aluminum foil bag, from mg scale to kg scale 
  • Usage:Chemicals, pharmaceutical research, pharmaceutical intermediates, reagents 
  • Brand:FINETECH 
  • Description:FINETECH INDUSTRY LIMITED is a LONDON based CRO company providing drug discovery & development services to worldwide clients. FINETECH INDUSTRY LIMITED supplies the 3-Pyridylboronic acid, CAS:1692-25-7 with the most competitive price and the best quality. We c...
  • Updatetime:Nov 21 2018 
  • Min.Order:1 Kilogram 
  • Supply Ability:100 Metric Ton/Year 
  • Purity:99 
  • Packaging:According to your demand 
  • Description:Haohua Industry has set up four big production bases and one R&D Center in China. Over the past years, we are engaged in the exporting business, our products have reached far to the USA, Europe, South Asia, Middle East and so on, also our company has establish...
  • Updatetime:Nov 21 2018 
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