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24902-45-2 structure 3D


  • Molecular Weight: 497.53719
  • Formula: C6H5CLO4
  • Name: N-[(1,5,6,9,11,14-hexahydroxy-7-methoxy-3-methyl-8,13-dioxo-5,6,8,13-tetrahydrobenzo[a]tetracen-2-yl)carbonyl]alanine
  • Synonyms: SC-87838; CTK4F4595; 24902-45-2; SCHEMBL9630551; DTXSID30441942; Stearoylcholine iodide; Choline,iodide, stearate (6CI,8CI); N,N,N-Trimethyl-2-(octadecanoyloxy)ethan-1-aminium iodide; Ethanaminium,N,N,N-trimethyl-2-[(1-oxooctadecyl)oxy]-, iodide (1:1); Ethanaminium, N,N,N-trimethyl-2-[(1-oxooctadecyl)oxy]-,iodide (9CI)
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There are 1 suppliers who can provide N-[(1,5,6,9,11,14-hexahydroxy-7-methoxy-3-methyl-8,13-dioxo-5,6,8,13-tetrahydrobenzo[a]tetracen-2-yl)carbonyl]alanine with CAS No. 24902-45-2
  • Description:intermediate
  • Updatetime:Jan 24 2013 
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