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477870-14-7 structure 3D

CAS No. 477870-14-7

  • Molecular Weight: 157.125
  • Formula: C9H18CAO6
  • Name: Cobalt,(2-ethylhexanoato-O)(isononanoato-O)- (9CI)
  • Synonyms: 1P-956; AC1LSNRY; AK314225; DA-05592; HE221633; CTK1C7160; FT-0755084; KS-000032YC; ZINC1406334; AKOS005083519; DTXSID70363432; SCHEMBL4480497; VGWHLCLCKMXXIQ-UHFFFAOYSA-N; methyl 5-methoxyoxazole-2-carboxylate; methyl 5-methoxy-1,3-oxazole-2-carboxylate; 5-methoxyoxazole-2-carboxylic acid methyl ester; 2-oxazolecarboxylic acid 5-methoxy-,methyl ester; 2-oxazolecarboxylic acid, 5-methoxy-, methyl ester; 2-oxazolecarboxylic aci...
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There are 1 suppliers who can provide Cobalt,(2-ethylhexanoato-O)(isononanoato-O)- (9CI) with CAS No. 477870-14-7
methyl 5-methoxyoxazole-2-carboxylate
  • Cas No:477870-14-7 
  • Purity:95+% 
  • Formula:C6H7NO4 
  • Payment:2598%T/T in advance 
  • Description:Atomax Chemicals Co.,Ltd a leading global supplier and manufacturer of chiral chemicals, amino acids, aromatic and Pyridine halogens, natural extracts and pharmaceutical raw materials. we are a registered chemicals provider for most giant pharmaceutical compan...
  • Updatetime:Jul 20 2016 
Atomax Chemicals Co.,Ltd
  • Registered Time:2006
  • Employees:51 - 100 People
  • Tel:86-755-33239182
  • Fax:86-755-33233381
  • Address:Huiji302 Hutingju Sanwei Xixiang SHENZHEN 518126, China
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