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Home> CAS DataBase Listed 4 > CAS 487-71-8
487-71-8 structure 3D

CAS No. 487-71-8

  • Molecular Weight: 156.137
  • Formula: C6H12N2O2
  • Name: 2-[2-chloro-4-(hydroxymethyl)phenoxy]-N-(4-methylphenyl)acetamide
  • Synonyms: iretol; AN-6516; AC1N7J10; AC-12884; AK140547; AJ-41318; CCG-38408; fch841647; CTK4J0988; chm0009010; BG00301518; ZINC2566737; KBIO3_001217; KBIO1_001103; KBIO2_006231; KBIO2_003663; SPBIO_000183; KBIO2_001095; KBIOSS_001095; BSPBIO_001717; KBIOGR_002175; DIVK1C_006159; AKOS006271395; CHEMBL1606248; sr-05000002390; DTXSID90401729; SCHEMBL3190103; SPECTRUM200759; NCGC00095488-02; NCGC00095488-01; SPECTRUM_000615; SPECPLUS_00006...
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