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5344-23-0 structure 3D

CAS No. 5344-23-0

  • Molecular Weight: 132.159
  • Formula: C13H19NO5S2
  • Name: T6732466
  • Synonyms: AC1L5743; AC1LEOFS; AC1Q6PNV; AC1Q5OZS; AC1Q1WV7; AJ-27631; AK-65151; CCG-6755; STK416296; AR-1J7934; ST4007677; FT-0735424; ZINC1587832; BAS 00540862; ZINC00059119; AKOS000579435; SCHEMBL418044; Oprea1_676056; Oprea1_836622; A0479/0022191; CBMicro_018507; BIM-0018448.P001; MolPort-001-031-781; Diethoxyacetaldehyde; glyoxal diethyl acetal; glyoxal, diethyl acetal; acetaldehyde, diethoxy-; 2,2-diethoxyacetaldehyde; 2,2-diethoxy...
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There are 1 suppliers who can provide T6732466 with CAS No. 5344-23-0
  • Cas No:5344-23-0 
  • Purity:95 
  • Formula:C6H12O3 
  • Description:Superiority debyesci is here who supplied several kinds of chemical products to global pharmaceutical, drug discovery, agrochemical and biotechnology industries for four years our key scientific leadership team has gained experience in top research and develop...
  • Updatetime:Feb 23 2019 
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  • Tel:00852-21376140
  • Fax:00852-31758679
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