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Home> CAS DataBase Listed 5 > CAS 5446-77-5
5446-77-5 structure 3D

CAS No. 5446-77-5

  • Molecular Weight: 229.25
  • Formula:
  • Synonyms: nsc17131; AC1Q6VBA; AC1L5EUO; OR282223; CTK5A1159; STK910782; nsc-17131; ST45244348; ZINC1748012; CHEMBL344514; DTXSID60280487; SCHEMBL6502299; MCULE-7873414196; MOLPORT-000-521-216; ethyl 4-sulfamoyl-benzoate; DFTXGSKTFDBVQM-UHFFFAOYSA-N; ethyl 4-(aminosulfonyl)benzoate #; 4-sulfamoylbenzoic acid ethyl ester; 4-sulfamoyl-benzoic acid ethyl ester; 4-(aminosulfonyl)benzoic acid ethyl ester; benzoic acid, 4-(aminosulfonyl)-, eth...
Properties Safety and Handling MSDS NMR Spectrum Precursor and Product Computational chemical data
Identification of 5446-77-5 Safety Data Properties Upstream Product
Downtream information
There are 0 suppliers who can provide 1-BUTYLPYRIDINIUM TRIFLUOROMETHANESULFONATE with CAS No. 5446-77-5