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Nitromethane 别名:NM; MeNO2; Ex172; N0019; N0209; N0239; BR1297; C19275; CH2NO2; NO2CH3; NSC428; UN1261; CH3NO2; 75-52-5; NSC 428; NSC-428; A838443; Q407733; UN 1261; LS-1668; SC-62442; WLN: WN1; HSDB 106; AI3-00111; KSC378C4T; CTK2H8149; STL185630; NS00001985; F1908-0092; FT-0659976; ACMC-1BL9U; RU5WG8C3F4; Nitrometan; CCRIS 1205; Nitrocarbol; CHEBI:77701; nitrometane; ZINC8830544; CAS-75-52-5; KS-00000X08; Tox21_200822; MFCD00007400; CHEMBL276924; EC 200-876-6; NITROMETHANE; nitro methane; nitro-methane; DTXSID2020977; AKOS009031372; nitro- methane; DSSTox_CID_977; [C][N+]([O-])=O; NCGC00091494-01; NCGC00091494-02; NCGC00258376-01; UNII-RU5WG8C3F4; Methane, nitro-; NITROMETHAN 96%; EINECS 200-876-6; MCULE-8704524604; DSSTox_RID_75900; DSSTox_GSID_20977; Nitromethane, ACS; aci-Nitromethanium; Nitromethane, 99.0%; Nitrometan [Polish]; Nitro fuel (Salt/Mix); Nitromethane, 99%, pure; Nitromethane, HPLC grade; Nitromethane, 96%, for HPLC; N-Hydroxy-N-oxomethanaminium; Nitromethane, for HPLC, >=96%; Nitromethane, 96%, ACS reagent; Nitromethane, 99+%, for analysis; Nitromethane, ACS reagent, >=95%; Nitromethane, reagent grade, 96%; Nitromethane, analytical standard; Nitromethane, 96%, for spectroscopy; Nitromethane, ReagentPlus(R), >=99.0%; NITROMETHANE; nitromethane; Nitromethane; Nitromethane, SAJ first grade, >=90.0%; Nitromethane [UN1261] [Flammable liquid]; Nitromethane [UN1261] [Flammable liquid]; NITROMETHANE (SEE ALSO FISH PROJECT (NITROMETHANE)); FISH PROJECT 1 (NITROMETHANE)(SEE ALSO NITROMETHANE); Nitromethane, puriss., absolute, over molecular sieve (H2O <=0.01%), >=98.5% (GC)
According to the relevant laws, regulations and policies, the sale of this product is prohibited! Tips This product is a psychotropic substance or precursor chemical or controlled product and may not be illegally sold or purchased. The company or unit shall obtain the license issued by the relevant department and register for the record in accordance with the provisions of the law. Logistics, warehousing need to have the corresponding qualifications of logistics companies and warehousing companies, the use of express transportation is strictly prohibited.