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Potassium nitrate 别名:NO3; kno3; e252; nitre; C13557; D02051; un1486; LS-3214; DB11090; NITRATE; BP-31027; vicknite; collo-bo; AC1L2NFO; AC1LANK1; AC1Q1TUW; AC1Q1TUV; I14-19707; nsc 57632; ai3-51245; saltpetre; saltpeter; hsdb 1227; CTK2H7135; TR-024775; ru45x2jn0z; RTR-024775; TRA0004459; FT-0698960; ccris 3667; chebi:63043; KS-00000V8E; NITRATE ION; tox21_303394; tox21_201581; ec 231-818-8; kaliumnitrat; mfcd00011409; kalii nitras; chembl1644029; AKOS024418772; cas-7757-79-1; DTXSID4029692; sensodyne (tn); caswell no. 697; dsstox_cid_9692; NCGC00249235-01; NCGC00257274-01; unii-ru45x2jn0z; NCGC00259130-01; nitratodepotasio; dsstox_rid_78811; Nitrate solution; NITRATE STANDARD; salt peter (van); potassiumnitrate; einecs 231-818-8; nitrate of potash; dsstox_gsid_29692; NITROGEN STANDARD; potassium-nitrate; NITRATE IC STANDARD; MOLPORT-003-926-170; kaliumnitrat [german]; potassium nitrate(dot); potassium nitrate, 99%; potassium nitrate [jan]; nitric acid potassium salt; potassium nitrate (jan/usp); FGIUAXJPYTZDNR-UHFFFAOYSA-N; nitric acid, potassium salt; potassium nitrate [usp:jan]; potassium nitrate, with aca; PotassiumnitrateACSwhitextl; potassium nitrate, p.a., 99%; potassium nitrate, 99% 500g; potassium nitrate, puratronic; potassium nitrate, ar, >=99.5%; potassium nitrate, lr, >=99.5%; nitric acid potassium salt (1:1); NITRATE SINGLE COMPONENT STANDARD; NITRATE, CERTIFIED ANION STANDARD; epa pesticide chemical code 076103; potassium nitrate, bioxtra, >=99.0%; potassium nitrate-15n,99 atom % 15n; Nitrate Ion standard solution Fluka; potassium nitrate [un1486] [oxidizer]; potassium nitrate, nist(r) srm(r) 193; potassium nitrate, cell culture tested; Potassium nitrate (99.999%-K) PURATREM; potassium nitrate [un1486] [oxidizer]; potassium nitrate, bioultra, >=99.5% (t); potassium nitrate, reagentplus(r), >=99.0%; potassium nitrate, 99.99% trace metals basis; potassium nitrate, >= 99.995 % metals basis; potassium nitrate, 99.999% trace metals basis; nitrate nitrogen standard solution, 100 ppm no3-; Potassium ion chromatography standard solution Fluka; potassium nitrate, anhydrous, 99.99% trace metals basis; potassium standard for aas, ready-to-use, in nitric acid; nitrogen and oxygen isotopes in nitrate, nist(r) rm 8568; usgs32 (nitrogen and oxygen isotopes in nitrate), nist rm 8558; Filling solution for salt bridges and double-junction electrodes; potassium standard for icp, for icp, ready-to-use, in nitric acid; potassium nitrate, united states pharmacopeia (usp) reference standard; nitrate ion standard solution, 0.01 m no3-, for ion-selective electrodes; Filling solution for fluoride electrode (17% KNO3, 5% KCl, trace NaCl, AgCl); Filling solution for cyanide or sulfide electrode (10% KNO3, trace AgCl, KCl); Filling solution for chloride combination electrode (10% KNO3, trace AgCl, KCl); potassium nitrate, bioreagent, suitable for cell culture, suitable for plant cell culture; mettler-toledo calibration substance me 51143095, potassium nitrate, traceable to primary standards (lgc)
According to the relevant laws, regulations and policies, the sale of this product is prohibited! Tips This product is a psychotropic substance or precursor chemical or controlled product and may not be illegally sold or purchased. The company or unit shall obtain the license issued by the relevant department and register for the record in accordance with the provisions of the law. Logistics, warehousing need to have the corresponding qualifications of logistics companies and warehousing companies, the use of express transportation is strictly prohibited.