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7782-77-6 structure 3D

CAS 7782-77-6 products price,suppliers

  • Name: Benzenesulfonamide,N-[(butylamino)carbonyl]-4-methoxy-
  • Molecular Weight: 47.01344
  • Formula: C12H13CLO
  • Synonyms: HNO2; HONO; Kyselina dusite; kyselinadusite; Nitrosyl hydroxide; Nitrous acid, trans;
  • Nitrous acid,HN02, is the aqueous solution of nitrogen trioxide. It is a moderately strong and rapid oxidizing agent used for diazotization. A weak acid occurring only in the formof a light-blue solution.
Properties Safety and Handling MSDS Synthesis Route Precursor and Product Computational chemical data
Identification Safety Data
  • [Safety Statements]
  • Molecular Weight:
  • 47.01344
  • Density:
  • 1.248
  • Melting Point:
  • [271]
  • Flash Point:
  • 260°C
  • Solubility:
  • 820g/L
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Question & Answer
  • Reaction of primary nitroalkane with nitrous acid I was reading the reaction of primary nitroalkane with nitrous acid. I read this reaction Another mechanism which I saw: I am now confused whether the first mechanism occur or the second one.I tried to search it on google but didn't get anything which could clear this doubt .Please help me regardin...more+ Jul 05 2021
  • Why is nitrous acid prepared in situ? Why is nitrous acid prepared in situ ? I am not sure about the above question. First of all, I don't exactly understand what is meant by " in situ ". Secondly, how would preparing nitrous acid in situ , in the diazotisation of amines with nitrous acid, make it less toxic or unstable? more+ Jun 20 2021
Upstream Product Downtream information
There are 2 suppliers who can provide Benzenesulfonamide,N-[(butylamino)carbonyl]-4-methoxy- with CAS No. 7782-77-6
Nitrous acid
Nitrous acid
  • FOB Price:500 USD/Metric Ton 
  • Min.Order:120 Metric Ton 
  • Supply Ability:500 Metric Ton/Month 
  • Appearance:white, Crystal 
  • Purity:98% 
  • Packaging:25kg woven bags 
  • Usage:agriculture and industry 
  • Brand:Chem 
  • Description:Greenish yellow orthorhombic crystal;specific gravity:2.168, melting point:271°C. Slightly saline taste, easy to deliquescence, easy to dissolve in water and liquid ammonia, slightly dissolve in ethanol and methyl alcohol. Can burn and explode when mix togethe...
  • Updatetime:Aug 21 2020 
nitrosyl hydroxide
nitrosyl hydroxide
  • Description:nitrosyl hydroxide
  • Updatetime:Apr 25 2014 
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