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91-56-5 structure

CAS 91-56-5 Isatin | Products & Prices & Suppliers

  • Isatin (Indoline-2,3-dione) is a potent inhibitor of monoamine oxidase (MAO) with an IC50 of 3 μM. Also binds to central benzodiazepine receptors (IC50 against clonazepam, 123 μM)[1]. Also acts as an antagonist of both atrial natriuretic peptide stimulated and nitric oxide-stimulated guanylate cyclase activity[2]. Shows effect on the serotonergic system[3].

    Isatin or 1H-indole-2,3-dione is an indole derivative. The compound was first obtained by Erdmann and Laurent in 1841 as a product from the oxidation of indigo dye by nitric acid and chromic acids. The compound is found in many plants, such as Isatis tinctoria, Calanthe discolor and in Couroupita guianensis.

    Isatin is an indoledione that is the 2,3-diketo derivative of indole. It has a role as an EC (monoamine oxidase) inhibitor and a plant metabolite.|Isatin is an indole derivative first obtained by Erdman and Laurent in 1841 as an oxidation product of Indigo dye with nitric acid and chromic acids. The compound is found in many plants and Schiff bases of Isatin are have been investigated for pharmaceutical applications.|An indole-dione that is obtained by oxidation of indigo blue. It is a MONOAMINE OXIDASE INHIBITOR and high levels have been found in urine of PARKINSONISM patients.

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  • Name: Isatin
  • Molecular Weight: 147.1308
  • Formula: C8H5NO2
  • Synonyms: 2,3-dihydro-1H-indol-2,3-dione; 2,3-Diketoindoline; 2,3-Diketoindoline Indole-2,3-dione 2,3-Indolinedione; 2,3-Dioxo-2,3-dihydroindole; 2,3-Dioxoindoline; 2,3-INDOLEDIONE;
Properties Safety and Handling MSDS NMR Spectrum Computational chemical data
Safety Data
  • [Risk Codes]
  • R36/37/38:Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin
  • [Safety Statements]
  • S24/25:Avoid contact with skin and eyes
  • Hazard Symbols:
  • HazardClass:6.1(b)
  • Molecular Weight:
  • 147.1308
  • Density:
  • 1.367
  • Boiling Point:
  • 360.3 °C at 760 mmHg
  • Melting Point:
  • 193-195℃
  • Flash Point:
  • 220℃
  • Storage Temperature:
  • Store below +30°C.
  • Refractive index:
  • 1.661
  • Solubility:
  • soluble in water (1.9 g/L at 20°C).
  • Stability:
  • Stable. Incompatible with strong acids.
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Question & Answer
Upstream Product Downtream information
There are 203 suppliers who can provide Isatin with CAS No. 91-56-5
Business Type:
isatin CAS 91-56-5 with discount
isatin CAS 91-56-5 with discount
  • FOB Price:2000 USD/mt 
  • Min.Order:1 MT 
  • Supply Ability:200 MT/Month 
  • Appearance:crystal 
  • Purity:99% 
  • Packaging:bag/drum 
  • Usage:Used as a medical intermediate. 
  • Brand:Xinlijie 
  • Description:Quick Details: Density 1.4± 0.1g /cm3 Boiling point 360.3±52.0 °C at 760 mmHg Melting point 193-195 °C (dec.)(lit.) Molecular formula C8H5NO2 Molecular weight 147.131
  • Updatetime:Oct 03 2023 
CAS91-56-5	isatin
CAS91-56-5 isatin
  • FOB Price:12 USD/kg 
  • Min.Order:1 KG 
  • Supply Ability:30000 KG/Month 
  • Appearance:solidity 
  • Purity:99.9% 
  • Packaging:1kg/ aluminum foil bag; 25 kg/barrel; customized 
  • Usage:Pharmaceutical intermediate 
  • Brand:ceteng 
  • Description:Packaging :1kg/ aluminum foil bag; 25 kg/barrel; customized Payment method: Bitcoin, telegraphic transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram Mode of transportation: express, air or
  • Updatetime:Sep 29 2023 
Factory Supply 1H-Indole-2,3-dione
Factory Supply 1H-Indole-2,3-dione
  • FOB Price:0.1 USD/kilogram 
  • Min.Order:1 Kilogram 
  • Supply Ability:2000 Metric Ton/Year 
  • Appearance:solid or liquid ( refer to COA) 
  • Purity:99.90% 
  • Packaging:25kgs/drum or 200kgs/drum 
  • Usage:upon client's application 
  • Brand:Amitychem 
  • Description:Amitychem Corporation manufacture and supply 1H-Indole-2,3-dione with high quality, low price and bulk supply. We have been focusing on the research and production of concrete chemicals for 14+ years. Our product quality has ISO, SGS, CQC,FAMI-QS, etc. Cetific...
  • Updatetime:Jun 28 2023 
  • FOB Price:1 USD/kilogram 
  • Min.Order:63kg 63kg 
  • Supply Ability:100ton/year Metric Ton/Day 
  • Appearance:white 
  • Purity:99% 
  • Packaging:56kg 
  • Usage:chemical 
  • Brand:yanxi 
  • Description:Hebei Yanxi Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional research, development and production of lead acetate benzene acetamide enterprise backbone members by local well-known entrepreneurs and professional senior engineers in the party′s "low carbon environmental pr...
  • Updatetime:Jun 27 2023 
  • Min.Order:10 Kilogram 
  • Supply Ability:10000 Kilogram/Month 
  • Appearance:orange-red powder or crystals 
  • Purity:99% 
  • Packaging:25kg/drum 
  • Usage:stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place to provent sun and rain 
  • Brand:Fortuna 
  • Description:CAS RN.: 91-56-5
  • Updatetime:Sep 28 2023 
  • Min.Order:1 Kilogram 
  • Supply Ability:1 Metric Ton/Month 
  • Purity:99% 
  • Updatetime:Jul 07 2023 
isatin CAS NO.91-56-5 high purity best price spot goods
isatin CAS NO.91-56-5 high purity best price spot goods
  • FOB Price:4.9 USD/kg 
  • Min.Order:1 KG 
  • Supply Ability:20 MT/Month 
  • Appearance:Yellow to reddish crystalline solid 
  • Purity:99% 
  • Packaging:carton/customization 
  • Usage:Used as a reagent for the determination of ketones and thiophenes 
  • Brand:YOUZE 
  • Description:Quick Details Classification: Pharmaceutical Intermediate Common Name isatin CAS Number 91-56-5 Molecular Weight
  • Updatetime:Nov 25 2022 
High purity 91-56-5 Isatin
High purity 91-56-5 Isatin
  • FOB Price:1 USD/gram 
  • Min.Order:1kg Kilogram 
  • Supply Ability:1001kg Metric Ton/Day 
  • Appearance:powder 
  • Purity:99% 
  • Packaging:1KG/Bag 
  • Usage:For medical research 
  • Brand:IPURE 
  • Description:HuBei Ipure Chem is a leading manufacturer and supplier of chemicals in China.We develop,produce and distribute high quality pharmaceuticals, intermediates, special chemicals and other fine chemicals.
  • Updatetime:Mar 10 2022 
  • FOB Price:15.8 USD/kilogram 
  • Min.Order:1 Kilogram 
  • Supply Ability:1000 Kilogram/Month 
  • Appearance:Powder Orange 
  • Purity:98% 
  • Packaging:According to the nature of the product 
  • Usage:Intermediates;Heterocyclic Compounds;Indoles;Simple Indoles 
  • Brand:Coreychem 
  • Description:JD 085 Product Name: Isatin
  • Updatetime:May 21 2019 
  • Min.Order:1 Kilogram 
  • Supply Ability:100 Kilogram/Quarter 
  • Appearance:White to off-white powde 
  • Purity:0.98 
  • Packaging:500g 
  • Usage:pharmaceutical Intermedaites 
  • Brand:Dochemical 
  • Description:Name: 1H-Indole-2,3-dione (Related Reference) EINECS: 202-077-8 Molecular Formula: C8H5NO2 CAS Registry Number: 91-56-5 Synonyms: Indole-2,3-dione(8CI); 2,3-Dihydro-1H-indole-2,3-dione; 2,3-Dihydroindole-2,3-dione; 2,3-Diketoindoline; 2,3-Dioxo-2,3-dihydroindo...
  • Updatetime:Nov 29 2022 
High quality 8-Fluoro-Quinoline supplier in China
High quality 8-Fluoro-Quinoline supplier in China
  • FOB Price:1 USD/kilogram 
  • Min.Order:1 Kilogram 
  • Supply Ability:30 Metric Ton/Year 
  • Appearance:White or light yellow powder 
  • Purity:99%min 
  • Packaging:25kg/drum 
  • Usage:Intermediate 
  • Brand:Chemzhongyuan 
  • Description:Name: 1H-Indole-2,3-dione Synonyms: Isatin; Isatine; NSC 9262; Pseudoisatin; 2,3-Indolindione; 2,3-Dioxoindoline; 2,3-Indolinedione; Isatic acid lactam; 2,3-Diketoindoline; Indole-2,3-dione(8CI); Isatinic acid anhydride; 2,3-Dioxo-2,3-dihydroindole; 2,3-Dihydr...
  • Updatetime:Jul 13 2021 
  • Min.Order:1 Kilogram 
  • Supply Ability:10 Metric Ton/Month 
  • Appearance:yellow to reddish crystalline solid 
  • Purity:98% 
  • Packaging:according to customer's demands 
  • Usage:a reagent for the determination of Ketone and thiophene 
  • Brand:Tongzhiyan 
  • Description:Our company can offer fine chemicals with high quality and the best price according to customer’s demands.
  • Updatetime:Mar 03 2022 
  • Min.Order:1 Gram 
  • Purity:98.00% 
  • Packaging:Clients requirement 
  • Usage:Pharmaceutical intermediates 
  • Brand:Isen 
  • Description:【Appearance】 yellow to reddish crystalline solid【Density】 1.367 g/cm3【Melting Point】 193-195℃【Boiling Point】 360.3 °C at 760 mmHg【Refractive Index】 1.661【Flash Point】 220℃【Water】 Slightly soluble SOLVENT AUTOIGNITION【Solubilities】 Slightly so...
  • Updatetime:May 26 2022 
  • FOB Price:10 USD/kilogram 
  • Purity:21% 
  • Packaging:25KG/drum, 200KG/Iron drums 
  • Usage:chemical synthesis 
  • Brand:skyrun 
  • Description:Name: 1H-Indole-2,3-dione Synonyms: Isatin; Isatine; NSC 9262; Pseudoisatin; 2,3-Indolindione; 2,3-Dioxoindoline; 2,3-Indolinedione; Isatic acid lactam; 2,3-Diketoindoline; Indole-2,3-dione(8CI); Isatinic acid anhydride; 2,3-Dioxo-2,3-dihydroindole; 2,3-Dihydr...
  • Updatetime:Jul 22 2019 
  • Appearance:contact us for more details about Isatin, CAS:91-56-5 
  • Purity:contact us for more details about Isatin, CAS:91-56-5 
  • Packaging:Glass bottle in aluminum foil bag, from mg scale to kg scale 
  • Usage:Chemicals, pharmaceutical research, pharmaceutical intermediates, reagents 
  • Brand:FINETECH 
  • Description:FINETECH INDUSTRY LIMITED is a LONDON based CRO company providing drug discovery & development services to worldwide clients. FINETECH INDUSTRY LIMITED supplies the Isatin, CAS:91-56-5 with the most competitive price and the best quality. We can offer efficien...
  • Updatetime:Nov 21 2018 
  • Appearance:powder 
  • Purity:99.00 
  • Packaging:Aluminum foil bag/as requirements 
  • Description:Superiority isatin Details isatin Molecular Formula:C8H5NO2 Transportation:by air or by sea Storage:store in a cool dry place and keep awa... Keywords:isatin competitive price,isatin top quality,isatin real supplie
  • Updatetime:Feb 05 2021 
Product Name: Isatin
Product Name: Isatin
  • Updatetime:Feb 04 2017 
  • Purity:99%min 
  • Description: English Name:[Chemistry] isatin;2,3-indolinedione;1H-indole-2,3-dione   CAS NO: 91-56-5   EINECS NO:202-077-8
  • Updatetime:Nov 30 2015 
  • Purity:99% 
  • Packaging:as requested 
  • Description:orange-red powder or crystals
  • Updatetime:May 05 2019 
  • Description:Name: 1H-Indole-2,3-dione Synonyms: Indole-2,3-dione(8CI);2,3-Dihydro-1H-indole-2,3-dione;2,3-Dihydroindole-2,3-dione;2,3-Diketoindoline;2,3-Dioxo-2,3-dihydroindole;2,3-Dioxoindoline;2,3-Indolindione;2,3-Indolinedione;Isatic acid lactam;Isatin;Isatine;Isatinic...
  • Updatetime:Jun 12 2019 
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