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  • SolidChems

    Contact person: Mr. Jose Jimenez
    Tel: 34-916-351482
    Street address: Apdo Correos 3001, Spain Madrid Spain
  • SolidChems is a young and dynamic company based in Spain (Europe). The primary target of SolidChems is to provide high quality products with competitive pricing. We have established business-contract..more..
  • GVMD Chemicals

    Contact person: Mr. miquel miquel
    Tel: 34-611-212389
    Street address: Carrer dels Botella 31 Spain
  • GVMD Chemicals was incorporated in 2005 to provide China-made chemicals to businesses worldwide. As a chemical sourcing and trading agent, GVMD opens up the vast and expansive market in China to inte..more..

    Contact person: Mr. Eva Caixàs
    Tel: 34-972-453777
    Street address: c/Pla de l'Estany, 29 Pol. Ind. El Pla Spain

    Contact person: Mr. Marc Lascorz
    Tel: 34-93-7541747
    Street address: Pasatge de la Masia 13, LD6 08349 Cabrera de Mar, Barcelona Spain
  • Angem Specialities is a Spanish company that m color:black;mso-ansi-language:EN-GB">anufactures and distributes chemical specialities. Our expertise in focused on being reliable suppliers for..more..
  • Molina S.A.

    Contact person: Mr. Julio Lozano
    Tel: 34-93-699977855
    Street address: Spain
  • Ricardo Molina S.A. Unipersonal is a family business founded in 1927 and engaged in the distribution of specialty products, including chemicals and those with natural ingredients. Ricardo Molina&rsqu..more..

    Contact person: Mr. Monica Adria
    Tel: 34-93-3793849
    Street address: Spain

    Contact person: Mr. Amparo LLinares
    Tel: 34-96-2822150
    Street address: Ctra Tavernes-Liria Km 4'3 Spain
  • Spanish leading manufacturer of extruded polystyrene foam boards for thermic insulation

    Contact person: Mr. Ramos Pedro
    Tel: 34-65-0733395
    Street address: Avda Victoria 2B, Atico C, Murcia 3007 Spain Murcia Spain
  • SHB CHEM S.L; is a chemical manaufacturing company that exports assorted research chemicals, inorganic & organic chemicals, metals & metal products e.t.c..... We oblige you to contact us for ..more..
  • Biogem Bioagricultura Industrial SL.

    Contact person: Mr. Francisco J. Rossano
    Tel: 34-629-198424
    Street address: Scientific Park of Córdoba "Rabanales21" - Edif. Centauro Spain
  • Dear Sir(s). Our company, Biogem Bioagricultura Industrial Sl ., is a company specialized in the production of vegetable oil from seeds of Crambé, in Spain – U.E. Our oil is 100% Pure Cr..more..
  • Gacia Alavedra Espana

    Contact person: Mr. Alonso Sergio
    Tel: 34-634-138423
    Street address: Estacio 54 Baixos 3a 08202 Sabedell Spain
  • Dear Sir/Madam, We are Wholesalers/Suppliers of metals in Barcelona, Spain. We have available for export and in a position to supply pure virgin mercury with details as below: Commodity : Prime Virgi..more..
  • Becker Chemicals

    Contact person: Mr. Becker Will
    Tel: 34-952-9568749
    Street address: Avda. Carlos Haya, s/n, MALAGA, Andalucia, 29010. Spain Spain
  • We can offer good? (BDPC, Bromadol) Bromadol Hcl Our quality is the best you can find around and we sell in small/large quantities with guaranteed discreet delivery in good time. All in quiries are w..more..

    Contact person: Mr. Gema Dias
    Tel: 34-910-320554
    Street address: Ctra. De Andalucia, KM. 12, Getafe Spain
  • We are manufacturer of Refrigerant gases r22, r134a, r404a, r407c and Titanium dioxide we serve the industrial and technical experts, leading technology and high quality standards to ensure a quality..more..
  • BCP Fabrica

    Contact person: Mr. Raymond Mu?oz
    Tel: 34-96-9100100
    Street address: CL Isla Cabrera 36 - Valencia Spain
  • BCP Fabrica is being on the cement and high decoration market since 1962 manufacturing for remarkable brands any products related with cement, resins and lacquers, as well as microcements (polished c..more..
  • Laboratorio Dr. Barba

    Contact person: Mr. Juan-Carlos Barba
    Tel: 34-91-3645835
    Street address: Calle Puerto Linera, 14 28935 Móstoles Spain
  • Pmo-phyto consulting, S.L.

    Contact person: Mr. Pedro Martínez
    Tel: 34-629-110278
    Street address: C/ Rosales 38, 30150 Murcia Spain Spain
  • PmoPhyto Consulting, S.L. is a new company dealing with fine chemicals products and intermediates, looking for and supplying raw materials for some EU companies.

    Contact person: Mr. Patxi Azpiroz
    Tel: 34-943-003700
    Street address: Parque Tecnológico E-20009 San Sebastian Spain

    Contact person: Mr. JUAN DIAZ
    Tel: 00-34-966696279
    Street address: AVENIDA FERNANDO PEREZ OJEDA,9 Spain
  • cannary-bis

    Contact person: Mr. ivo Bekaert
    Tel: 34-625-426377
    Street address: Las Palmas, Spain Spain
  • Rich & Rowers Sdn. Bhd

    Contact person: Mr. Ali Hassan
    Tel: 34-911-284577
    Street address: Calle del Barco, 10, 28004 Madrid, Spain Spain
  • Welcome to the leading and number one manufacturer/Producer and exporter of inorganic chemicals of fine qualities. Created in 1990 with the aim of meeting domestic needs for Chemical-products ,but wi..more..
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