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Hot Products in Yugoslavia

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  • HVI_VZS Split Croatia

    Contact person: Mr. Sandra Petri?evi?
    Tel: 381-21-370752
    Street address: Polji ka cesta 33 21000 Split Croatia Yugoslavia
  • Coning-ppi

    Contact person: Mr. Knezevic Branislav
    Tel: 381-11-2698888
    Street address: Palmira Toljatija 4/55, Belgrade Yugoslavia
  • IHTM

    Contact person: Mr. Zoran Popovic
    Tel: 381-11-3640246
    Street address: Yugoslavia
  • Hemija patenting

    Contact person: Mr. Dubravko
    Tel: 387-35-555315
    Street address: Magistralni put b.b. Yugoslavia

    Contact person: Mr. MILENA
    Tel: 381-12-7555101
    Street address: ILIJE GOJKOVICA 5 Yugoslavia
    Website: WWW.LESKO.RS
  • Duga Industrija Boja I Lakova D.D.

    Contact person: Mr.
    Tel: 011/753-255.
    Street address: Duga Paints & Varnishes Industry, Belgrad, Viline Vode 6 11000, Yugoslavia
  • Profile: Duga Industrija Boja I Lakova D.D. manufactures Paints and varnishes, water treatment chemicals including Corrosion and scale inhibitors for continuous treatment of cooling circulation syste..more..