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Aluminum sulfate (Molecular Formula: Al2(SO4)3)

Product Name: Aluminum sulfate
CAS Registry Number: 10043-01-3
EINECS: 233-135-0 
Molecular Structure:
Molecular Formula: Al2(SO4)3
Molecular Weight: 342.14
Density:  2.71
Boiling Point:  330 °C at 760 mmHg
Melting Point:  770℃
Flash Point:  无意义
Storage Temperature:  Store in a tightly closed container. Keep from contact with oxidizing materials. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances. Keep away from water. Store protected from moisture.
Appearance:  White powder
Risk Codes:  R36/37/38;R51/53
Safety Statements:  

Moderately toxic by ingestion and intraperitoneal routes. Experimental reproductive effects. Human mutation data reported. Hydrolyzes to form sulfuric acid, which irritates tissue, especially lungs. When heated to decomposition it emits toxic fumes of SOx.
Hazard Codes: Xi, N
The Risk Statements information of  Aluminum sulfate:
37/38:  Irritating to respiratory system and skin 
41:  Risk of serious damage to eyes 
51/53:  Toxic to aquatic organisms, may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment 
36/37/38:  Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin
The Safety Statements information of  Aluminum sulfate:
26:  In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice 
39:  Wear eye/face protection 
61:  Avoid release to the environment. Refer to special instructions safety data sheet 
37/39:  Wear suitable gloves and eye/face protection 
29:  Do not empty into drains
RIDADR: UN 1760/3077
WGK Germany: 1

Hazard Symbols:  Xi:Irritant
MSDS Infomation:  Aluminum sulfate (10043-01-3).msds
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