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Aluminum oxide (Molecular Formula: Al2O3)

Product Name: Aluminum oxide
CAS Registry Number: 1344-28-1
EINECS: 215-691-6 
AD 998;AES 11C;AES 22S;AES-T;AF 115;AFL 204AB3;AG 507C;AGX (oxide);AHP 200(oxide);AKP 008;AKP 100;AKP 20;AKP 28;AKP 48 (oxide);AKP 53;AKP 700;AKP-G;AKP-G005;AKP-G 020;AKP-G 030;AKP-HP;AL 15-1;AL 15-2;AL 160SG-III;AL 160SG3;AL 160SG4;AL 200;AL 203-05;AL 203C;AL 20SD;AL23;AL 23 (oxide);AL31-03;AL 33;AL 3945E;AL 41;activated alumina;1067-2M;202P1;24A;272LA-A5;A 12 (metal oxide);A 12-4;A 1203C;A 13;A 13M;A 14 (alumina);A 152GR;A 152SG;A16;A 16SG;A 16UG;AA 03;AA 10;AA 2;AA 3;AA 400G;AC 11;AC 11K;AC 11R;
Molecular Structure:
Molecular Formula: Al2O3
Molecular Weight: 101.96
Density:  3.97
Boiling Point:  2980 oC
Melting Point:  2050 oC
Flash Point:  °C
Storage Temperature:  Store in a tightly closed container. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances.
Refractive index:  1.765
Appearance:  white powder
Risk Codes:  R36/37/38
Safety Statements:  

Safety Information of Aluminum oxide (CAS NO.1344-28-1):
Hazard Codes: XiIrritant,FFlammable
Risk Statements: 36/37/38-67-36/38-11
11:? Highly Flammable?
36:? Irritating to the eyes?
37:? Irritating to the respiratory system?
38:? Irritating to the skin?
67:? Vapors may cause drowsiness and dizziness?
Safety Statements: 26-24/25-16-7-36
7:? Keep container tightly closed
24:? Avoid contact with skin?
25:? Avoid contact with eyes?
26:? In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice?
36:? Wear suitable protective clothing?

Hazard Symbols:  Xi: Irritant;F: Flammable;
MSDS Infomation:  Aluminum oxide (1344-28-1).msds
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