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Hydrocarbon waxes (Molecular Formula: Unspecified)

Product Name: Hydrocarbon waxes
CAS Registry Number: 8002-74-2
EINECS: 232-315-6 
Paraffinwax and other hydrocarbon waxes;Hytec B 5936;Indramic 30;Irgawax 366;J 1440;Johnsons Wax 111;K 51;K 51 (wax);K 61 (wax);KW622;Kerawax 422;Kogasin III;LLN;LM-FRW 126;Lenolene AC;Luvax 1266;Luvax2191;ME 47950;ML 445;MM-RHC 135;Masterkure 122;Meghwax CPB 500;Mobil 150;Mobil 150-155F;Mobilcer 161;Mobilcer 216;Mobilcer 739;Mobilcer ED 80/229;Mobilwax 140;Mobilwax 145;Mobilwax 220;Mulrex 114;Mystolene MK 7;MystoleneSP 30;N 481-0705-3;N 481-1022-2;N 623;N 624;N 627;N 900;NC 511;NNP 9;NXK 501S;Neowax LA 05;Nimi Pink Base Plate Paraffin and Wax;Nisseki 145;Noda Wax NC 511;Nopalets MP 80;Nopalets MP 85;Nopalets MP 90;Nopcosize DS101;Norane FH;OT 78;Okerin 11131;Okerin 1865Q;Ozoace;Ozoace 0355;Ozoace2701;Paraffin waxes and Hydrocarbon waxes;140F;45A;45A (wax);Advawax 165;Akrowax 5030;Akrowax 5031;Akrowax 5032;Altafin 125;AmpliWax;Ampliwax Gem 50;Anti-Chek;Apiezon M;Apiezon N;Apiezon W;Apiezon Wax W 100;AquaBead 325E;Aquamol 1200;Arcowax 1150G;Arcowax 2143G;Arcowax 4154G;Arcowax 4158G;Aristowax;Aristowax 125;Aristowax 143;Aristowax 165;Bareco 170/175;Bareco PX 100;Boler 1328;Boler1397;Boler 1421;Boler 1977;Boler 941;Bondwax WE 70;CRW 141;Ceratak;Ceretal 165;Chevron 143;Chevron 159;Chevron 4042;Cosmoloid 80H;Crolene LC;DMW 6064;DMW 7074;DP 652;DW 5456;DW 5658;Diaproof;Durowax FT 300;DyeditC 30;Dyedit EK;Dyedit S 8;EM 046H;EM 048H;EM 061H;Ecco Wax 244;Eskar R25;Eskar R 45;Esso 3150;Esso 778;Esso 778E;Evoral PL;Evoral SP;ExcerexHW 26502PE;Excerex HW 41420P;Excerex HW 48070B;FT 180;FT 300;FTP 1005;Flexowax C;Freeman 155/160;G-C Base Plate Paraffin and Wax;G-C Base PlateParaffin and Wax-Normal;GRF;Gatch;Gulfwax;H 1N3;H 1N6;HI;HM-FRW 156;HNP1;HNP 1 (wax);HNP 11;HNP 12;HNP 14;HNP 14G;HNP 16;HNP 3;HNP 3 (wax);HS28W;HUB 3-1;Harowax L 1;Harowax L 2;Hidorin D 338;Hidorin E 139;Hidorin L703-35;Histowax HX 0482-5;Hydrocarbons, waxes;
Molecular Formula: Unspecified
Density:  0.82?g/mL?at 20?°C
Boiling Point:  322 °C
Melting Point:  47-64 ℃.
Flash Point:  113?°C
Storage Temperature:  Refrigerator (+4°C)
Refractive index:  n20/D 1.45
Appearance:  wax-like solid
Safety Statements:  

A skin and eye irritant. Questionable carcinogen with experimental tumorigenic data by implant route. Many paraffin waxes contain carcinogens. Fumes cause lung damage.

MSDS Infomation:  Hydrocarbon waxes (8002-74-2).msds
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