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1344-28-1 structure

Aluminum oxide

Iupac Name:dialuminum;oxygen(2-)
CAS No.:1344-28-1
EINECS(EC#): 215-691-6
Molecular Weight:101.961276
Molecular Formula:Al2O3 (isomer)
1. Names and Identifiers
1.1 Synonyms

1067-2M 11092-32-3 1344-28-1 202P1 24A 272LA-A5 39377-45-2 A 1 (Sorbent) A 12 (metal oxide) A 1203C A 12-4 A 13 A 13M A 14 (alumina) A 152GR A 152SG A 16SG A 16UG A1-0104 T 3/16'' A1-0109 P A1-1401 P(MS) A1-1404 T 3/16'' A1-3438 T 1/8'' A1-3916 P A1-3945 E 1/16'' A1-3970 P A1-3980 T 5/32'' A1-4028 T 3/16'' A1-4126 E 1/16'' A16 AA 03 AA 10 AA 2 AA 3 AA 400G Abramant Abramax Abrarex Abrasit AC 11 AC 11K AC 11R activated alumina Activated aluminum oxide AD 998 AES 11C AES 22S AES-T AF 115 AFL 204AB3 AG 507C AGX (oxide) AHP 200(oxide) AI3-02904 AKOS030228258 AKP 008 AKP 100 AKP 20 AKP 28 AKP 48 (oxide) AKP 53 AKP 700 AKP-G AKP-G 020 AKP-G 030 AKP-G005 AKP-HP AL 15-1 AL 15-2 AL 160SG3 AL 160SG4 AL 160SG-III AL 200 AL 203-05 AL 203C AL 20SD AL 23 (oxide) AL 33 AL 3945E AL 41 AL23 Al2O3 AL31-03 Alcoa F 1 Almite Alon C Aloxite alpha Alumina alpha- Alumina oxide Nanopowder alpha-Alumina Alumina Alumina (Alpha) Nanopowder Alumina (Gamma) Nanopowder Alumina Ceramic ALUMINA,ACTIVATED,CHROMATOGRAPHICGRADE ALUMINA,ADSORBENTFORGC Aluminamesh Aluminite 37 Aluminium Hydroxide Aluminium oxide Aluminium oxide neutral Aluminium oxide, 99.7+%, extra pure Aluminium oxide, 99.99%, (trace metal basis), extra pure Aluminium oxide, for chromatography, acidic, Brockmann I, 50-200 microm, 60A Aluminium oxide, for chromatography, basic, Brockmann I, 50-200 microm, 60A Aluminium oxide, for chromatography, neutral, Brockmann I, 50-200 microm, 60A Aluminium oxide, for chromatography, weakly acidic, Brockmann I, 50-200 microm, 60A Aluminium oxide,high purity aluminiumoxid Aluminum (II) oxide Aluminum lake ALUMINUM OXIDE Aluminum oxide (2:3) Aluminum oxide (Brockmann) Aluminum oxide (brockmann) (form) Aluminum oxide (fibrous forms) Aluminum oxide (ignited) Aluminum oxide [NF] Aluminum oxide G Aluminum oxide substrate, 10x10x0.5mm, polished two sides, C plane aluminum oxide without fluorescence Aluminum oxide, 99.99% metals basis, 56mum, powder Aluminum oxide, activated, neutral, Brockmann I 58 A pore size Aluminum oxide, AR Aluminum oxide, basic Aluminum oxide, mesoporous aluminum oxide, polishing compound, 2oz Aluminum oxide, SP,99.999% Aluminum sesquioxide Aluminum trioxide Aluminumoxide ALUMINUMOXIDE,ACTIVATED,BASIC,BROCKMANNI ALUMINUMOXIDE,ACTIVATED,WEAKLYACIDIC,BROCKMANNI ALUMINUMOXIDE,POWDER,PRACTICAL ALUMINUMOXIDE,POWDER,REAGENT Aluminumoxidegammamodmicron Alumite (oxide) Alundum Alundum 600 Brockmann, aluminum oxide Cab-O-grip Catapal S Catapal SB alumina CCRIS 6605 CHEMBL3707210 Compalox Conopal DB11342 delta alumina Diadur Dialuminum trioxide Dispal alumina Dispal M Dotment 324 Dotment 358 Double-pass AAO Template 2.5 cm(D: 100nm,hole depth: 60 mum) DTXSID1052791 Dural EC 215-691-6 EINECS 215-691-6 EINECS 254-434-2 Eta-alumina Exolon XW 60 F 360 (Alumina) Faserton Fasertonerde Fiber FP G 0 (Oxide) G 2 (Oxide) gamma alumina gamma-Alumina GK (Oxide) HSDB 506 Hypalox II Jubenon R KA 101 Ketjen B KHP 2 KS-00000UUY LA 6 LMI26O6933 LS-16494 Lucalox Ludox CL Martoxin MFCD00003424 Microgrit WCA Neobead C NOCAS_52791 PNEYBMLMFCGWSK-UHFFFAOYSA-N Poraminar PS 1 (Alumina) Q177342 Q-Loid A 30 RC 172DBM RL01560 S320 Saffie SC-43905 Theta alumina UNII-2RF6EJ0M85 component PNEYBMLMFCGWSK-UHFFFAOYSA-N UNII-LMI26O6933

1.2 Inchi
1.3 InChkey
1.4 Canonical Smiles
1.5 Isomers Smiles
2. Properties
2.1 Appearance
white odorless crystalline powder
2.2 Density
2.3 Melting Point
2.4 Boiling Point
2.5 Vapour
0 mm Hg (approx) (NIOSH, 2016)
2.6 Refractive Index
Index of refraction: 1.768, 1.760
2.7 Flash Point
2.8 Solubility
insoluble in water
2.9 HS Code
3. Safety and Handling
3.1 Hazard Codes
3.2 Risk Statements
3.3 Safety Statements
3.4 Transport
UN 1950

2.Hazard identification

2.1 Classification of the substance or mixture

Not classified.

2.2 GHS label elements, including precautionary statements

Pictogram(s) No symbol.
Signal word

No signal word.

Hazard statement(s)


Precautionary statement(s)








2.3 Other hazards which do not result in classification


5. Computational chemical data
  • Molecular Weight:101.961276g/mol
  • Molecular Formula:Al2O3
  • Exact Mass:101.947821
  • Monoisotopic Mass:101.947821
  • Complexity:34.2
  • Rotatable Bond Count:0
  • Hydrogen Bond Donor Count:0
  • Hydrogen Bond Acceptor Count:3
  • Topological Polar Surface Area:43.4
  • Heavy Atom Count:5
  • Defined Atom Stereocenter Count:0
  • Undefined Atom Stereocenter Count:0
  • Defined Bond Stereocenter Count:0
  • Undefined Bond Stereocenter Count:0
  • Isotope Atom Count:0
  • Covalently-Bonded Unit Count:1
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