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67-68-5 structure

Methyl sulfoxide

Iupac Name:methylsulfinylmethane
CAS No.:67-68-5
EINECS(EC#): 200-664-3
Molecular Weight:78.13344
Molecular Formula:C2H6OS (isomer)
1. Names and Identifiers
1.1 Synonyms

(CH3)2SO (DMSO) (methanesulfinyl)methane (methanesulfinyl)methanedimethyl sulfoxide (methylsulfinyl)methane 1926-EP1441224A2 1926-EP2269977A2 1926-EP2269978A2 1926-EP2269979A1 1926-EP2269985A2 1926-EP2269989A1 1926-EP2269990A1 1926-EP2269991A2 1926-EP2269992A1 1926-EP2269993A1 1926-EP2269994A1 1926-EP2269996A1 1926-EP2270003A1 1926-EP2270004A1 1926-EP2270006A1 1926-EP2270008A1 1926-EP2270010A1 1926-EP2270011A1 1926-EP2270012A1 1926-EP2270013A1 1926-EP2270014A1 1926-EP2270015A1 1926-EP2270018A1 1926-EP2272509A1 1926-EP2272510A1 1926-EP2272517A1 1926-EP2272813A2 1926-EP2272817A1 1926-EP2272822A1 1926-EP2272825A2 1926-EP2272827A1 1926-EP2272834A1 1926-EP2272835A1 1926-EP2272839A1 1926-EP2272840A1 1926-EP2272841A1 1926-EP2272842A1 1926-EP2272844A1 1926-EP2272848A1 1926-EP2272972A1 1926-EP2272973A1 1926-EP2274983A1 1926-EP2275102A1 1926-EP2275403A1 1926-EP2275409A1 1926-EP2275412A1 1926-EP2275413A1 1926-EP2275414A1 1926-EP2275416A1 1926-EP2275420A1 1926-EP2275421A1 1926-EP2275422A1 1926-EP2275425A1 1926-EP2277848A1 1926-EP2277858A1 1926-EP2277866A1 1926-EP2277872A1 1926-EP2277875A2 1926-EP2277876A1 1926-EP2277878A1 1926-EP2277881A1 1926-EP2277898A2 1926-EP2277945A1 1926-EP2279741A2 1926-EP2279750A1 1926-EP2280001A1 1926-EP2280006A1 1926-EP2280008A2 1926-EP2280009A1 1926-EP2280011A1 1926-EP2280012A2 1926-EP2280013A1 1926-EP2280014A2 1926-EP2281559A1 1926-EP2281563A1 1926-EP2281810A1 1926-EP2281813A1 1926-EP2281815A1 1926-EP2281817A1 1926-EP2281819A1 1926-EP2281823A2 1926-EP2281899A2 1926-EP2284150A2 1926-EP2284151A2 1926-EP2284152A2 1926-EP2284153A2 1926-EP2284154A1 1926-EP2284155A2 1926-EP2284156A2 1926-EP2284157A1 1926-EP2284159A1 1926-EP2284160A1 1926-EP2284164A2 1926-EP2284166A1 1926-EP2284167A2 1926-EP2284168A2 1926-EP2284172A1 1926-EP2284174A1 1926-EP2284178A2 1926-EP2284179A2 1926-EP2286811A1 1926-EP2286915A2 1926-EP2287140A2 1926-EP2287148A2 1926-EP2287150A2 1926-EP2287153A1 1926-EP2287156A1 1926-EP2287163A1 1926-EP2287164A1 1926-EP2287165A2 1926-EP2287166A2 1926-EP2287168A2 1926-EP2289871A1 1926-EP2289876A1 1926-EP2289882A1 1926-EP2289883A1 1926-EP2289885A1 1926-EP2289886A1 1926-EP2289890A1 1926-EP2289891A2 1926-EP2289892A1 1926-EP2289893A1 1926-EP2289894A2 1926-EP2292088A1 1926-EP2292227A2 1926-EP2292228A1 1926-EP2292233A2 1926-EP2292234A1 1926-EP2292576A2 1926-EP2292589A1 1926-EP2292590A2 1926-EP2292592A1 1926-EP2292593A2 1926-EP2292595A1 1926-EP2292597A1 1926-EP2292606A1 1926-EP2292609A1 1926-EP2292611A1 1926-EP2292613A1 1926-EP2292614A1 1926-EP2292615A1 1926-EP2292617A1 1926-EP2292619A1 1926-EP2292620A2 1926-EP2292630A1 1926-EP2295053A1 1926-EP2295055A2 1926-EP2295401A2 1926-EP2295402A2 1926-EP2295406A1 1926-EP2295407A1 1926-EP2295408A1 1926-EP2295410A1 1926-EP2295411A1 1926-EP2295412A1 1926-EP2295413A1 1926-EP2295414A1 1926-EP2295415A1 1926-EP2295416A2 1926-EP2295417A1 1926-EP2295418A1 1926-EP2295419A2 1926-EP2295422A2 1926-EP2295423A1 1926-EP2295424A1 1926-EP2295425A1 1926-EP2295426A1 1926-EP2295427A1 1926-EP2295429A1 1926-EP2295432A1 1926-EP2295433A2 1926-EP2295434A2 1926-EP2295439A1 1926-EP2295503A1 1926-EP2295550A2 1926-EP2298305A1 1926-EP2298312A1 1926-EP2298731A1 1926-EP2298732A1 1926-EP2298734A2 1926-EP2298735A1 1926-EP2298736A1 1926-EP2298742A1 1926-EP2298743A1 1926-EP2298744A2 1926-EP2298745A1 1926-EP2298746A1 1926-EP2298747A1 1926-EP2298748A2 1926-EP2298750A1 1926-EP2298761A1 1926-EP2298764A1 1926-EP2298765A1 1926-EP2298767A1 1926-EP2298768A1 1926-EP2298769A1 1926-EP2298770A1 1926-EP2298773A1 1926-EP2298774A1 1926-EP2298776A1 1926-EP2298778A1 1926-EP2298779A1 1926-EP2298780A1 1926-EP2298783A1 1926-EP2301534A1 1926-EP2301536A1 1926-EP2301538A1 1926-EP2301627A1 1926-EP2301909A1 1926-EP2301912A2 1926-EP2301913A1 1926-EP2301914A1 1926-EP2301916A2 1926-EP2301922A1 1926-EP2301923A1 1926-EP2301925A1 1926-EP2301926A1 1926-EP2301928A1 1926-EP2301929A1 1926-EP2301930A1 1926-EP2301932A1 1926-EP2301933A1 1926-EP2301935A1 1926-EP2301936A1 1926-EP2301937A1 1926-EP2301939A1 1926-EP2301940A1 1926-EP2302382A2 1926-EP2302383A2 1926-EP2305250A1 1926-EP2305254A1 1926-EP2305629A1 1926-EP2305637A2 1926-EP2305640A2 1926-EP2305641A1 1926-EP2305642A2 1926-EP2305643A1 1926-EP2305647A1 1926-EP2305648A1 1926-EP2305651A1 1926-EP2305652A2 1926-EP2305655A2 1926-EP2305658A1 1926-EP2305659A1 1926-EP2305660A1 1926-EP2305663A1 1926-EP2305666A1 1926-EP2305667A2 1926-EP2305668A1 1926-EP2305671A1 1926-EP2305672A1 1926-EP2305674A1 1926-EP2305677A1 1926-EP2305679A1 1926-EP2305681A1 1926-EP2305682A1 1926-EP2305684A1 1926-EP2305687A1 1926-EP2305688A1 1926-EP2305689A1 1926-EP2305695A2 1926-EP2305696A2 1926-EP2305697A2 1926-EP2305698A2 1926-EP2305769A2 1926-EP2305808A1 1926-EP2308510A1 1926-EP2308562A2 1926-EP2308812A2 1926-EP2308832A1 1926-EP2308833A2 1926-EP2308838A1 1926-EP2308840A1 1926-EP2308841A2 1926-EP2308844A2 1926-EP2308845A2 1926-EP2308846A2 1926-EP2308847A1 1926-EP2308848A1 1926-EP2308852A1 1926-EP2308854A1 1926-EP2308855A1 1926-EP2308857A1 1926-EP2308861A1 1926-EP2308863A1 1926-EP2308866A1 1926-EP2308867A2 1926-EP2308868A1 1926-EP2308869A1 1926-EP2308870A2 1926-EP2308871A1 1926-EP2308872A1 1926-EP2308873A1 1926-EP2308874A1 1926-EP2308875A1 1926-EP2308877A1 1926-EP2308878A2 1926-EP2308879A1 1926-EP2308880A1 1926-EP2308960A1 1926-EP2311451A1 1926-EP2311453A1 1926-EP2311455A1 1926-EP2311494A1 1926-EP2311796A1 1926-EP2311797A1 1926-EP2311798A1 1926-EP2311799A1 1926-EP2311801A1 1926-EP2311806A2 1926-EP2311807A1 1926-EP2311809A1 1926-EP2311811A1 1926-EP2311815A1 1926-EP2311818A1 1926-EP2311823A1 1926-EP2311824A1 1926-EP2311825A1 1926-EP2311827A1 1926-EP2311829A1 1926-EP2311830A1 1926-EP2311831A1 1926-EP2311837A1 1926-EP2311838A1 1926-EP2311840A1 1926-EP2311842A2 1926-EP2311850A1 1926-EP2314295A1 1926-EP2314574A1 1926-EP2314576A1 1926-EP2314580A1 1926-EP2314583A1 1926-EP2314584A1 1926-EP2314585A1 1926-EP2314586A1 1926-EP2314587A1 1926-EP2314588A1 1926-EP2314590A1 1926-EP2314593A1 1926-EP2315303A1 1926-EP2316450A1 1926-EP2316452A1 1926-EP2316459A1 1926-EP2316824A1 1926-EP2316827A1 1926-EP2316828A1 1926-EP2316829A1 1926-EP2316831A1 1926-EP2316832A1 1926-EP2316833A1 1926-EP2316834A1 1926-EP2316835A1 1926-EP2316836A1 1926-EP2316905A1 1926-EP2316906A2 1926-EP2371797A1 1926-EP2371798A1 1926-EP2371800A1 1926-EP2371804A1 1926-EP2371805A1 1926-EP2371809A1 1926-EP2371810A1 1926-EP2371811A2 1926-EP2374454A1 1926-EP2374790A1 1926-EP2374791A1 1926-EP2374895A1 1926-EP2377849A2 1926-EP2380873A1 1926-EP2380874A2 25534-EP2272846A1 25534-EP2275422A1 25534-EP2277868A1 25534-EP2277869A1 25534-EP2277870A1 25534-EP2284166A1 25534-EP2287164A1 25534-EP2292608A1 25534-EP2298076A1 25534-EP2298077A1 25534-EP2298769A1 25534-EP2298773A1 25534-EP2301353A1 25534-EP2305031A1 25534-EP2305034A1 25534-EP2305035A1 25534-EP2308866A1 25534-EP2308878A2 25534-EP2314580A1 25534-EP2374784A1 25534-EP2374785A1 25534-EP2374791A1 2-Thiapropane2-oxide 44657-EP2272517A1 44657-EP2281819A1 44657-EP2287153A1 44657-EP2292615A1 44657-EP2298746A1 44657-EP2298761A1 44657-EP2301928A1 44657-EP2305250A1 44657-EP2305659A1 44657-EP2311818A1 4606-EP2269975A2 4606-EP2269977A2 4606-EP2269993A1 4606-EP2269996A1 4606-EP2269997A2 4606-EP2270000A1 4606-EP2270006A1 4606-EP2270009A1 4606-EP2270011A1 4606-EP2270012A1 4606-EP2270013A1 4606-EP2270014A1 4606-EP2270113A1 4606-EP2270114A1 4606-EP2272509A1 4606-EP2272813A2 4606-EP2272827A1 4606-EP2272835A1 4606-EP2272843A1 4606-EP2272844A1 4606-EP2272848A1 4606-EP2272935A1 4606-EP2275395A2 4606-EP2275409A1 4606-EP2275412A1 4606-EP2275415A2 4606-EP2275425A1 4606-EP2275427A1 4606-EP2277858A1 4606-EP2277866A1 4606-EP2277876A1 4606-EP2277880A1 4606-EP2277881A1 4606-EP2280001A1 4606-EP2280008A2 4606-EP2280009A1 4606-EP2280013A1 4606-EP2280014A2 4606-EP2281563A1 4606-EP2281812A1 4606-EP2281813A1 4606-EP2281817A1 4606-EP2281818A1 4606-EP2284154A1 4606-EP2284160A1 4606-EP2284169A1 4606-EP2286811A1 4606-EP2287141A1 4606-EP2287147A2 4606-EP2287153A1 4606-EP2287161A1 4606-EP2287162A1 4606-EP2287168A2 4606-EP2289509A2 4606-EP2289879A1 4606-EP2289883A1 4606-EP2289885A1 4606-EP2289887A2 4606-EP2289888A2 4606-EP2289890A1 4606-EP2289891A2 4606-EP2289893A1 4606-EP2289897A1 4606-EP2292088A1 4606-EP2292228A1 4606-EP2292233A2 4606-EP2292589A1 4606-EP2292592A1 4606-EP2292593A2 4606-EP2292596A2 4606-EP2292606A1 4606-EP2292610A1 4606-EP2292612A2 4606-EP2292614A1 4606-EP2292619A1 4606-EP2292630A1 4606-EP2295053A1 4606-EP2295401A2 4606-EP2295409A1 4606-EP2295415A1 4606-EP2295417A1 4606-EP2295418A1 4606-EP2295434A2 4606-EP2295439A1 4606-EP2298312A1 4606-EP2298734A2 4606-EP2298738A1 4606-EP2298747A1 4606-EP2298750A1 4606-EP2298761A1 4606-EP2298767A1 4606-EP2298768A1 4606-EP2298772A1 4606-EP2301922A1 4606-EP2301933A1 4606-EP2301934A1 4606-EP2305629A1 4606-EP2305633A1 4606-EP2305641A1 4606-EP2305647A1 4606-EP2305648A1 4606-EP2305651A1 4606-EP2305658A1 4606-EP2305667A2 4606-EP2305668A1 4606-EP2305679A1 4606-EP2305681A1 4606-EP2305684A1 4606-EP2305687A1 4606-EP2305808A1 4606-EP2308471A1 4606-EP2308562A2 4606-EP2308812A2 4606-EP2308833A2 4606-EP2308839A1 4606-EP2308848A1 4606-EP2308854A1 4606-EP2308855A1 4606-EP2308857A1 4606-EP2308861A1 4606-EP2308869A1 4606-EP2308873A1 4606-EP2308875A1 4606-EP2309564A1 4606-EP2309584A1 4606-EP2311804A2 4606-EP2311806A2 4606-EP2311808A1 4606-EP2311811A1 4606-EP2311820A1 4606-EP2311821A1 4606-EP2311824A1 4606-EP2311825A1 4606-EP2311827A1 4606-EP2311829A1 4606-EP2311830A1 4606-EP2311831A1 4606-EP2311838A1 4606-EP2311842A2 4606-EP2314295A1 4606-EP2314574A1 4606-EP2314575A1 4606-EP2314576A1 4606-EP2314583A1 4606-EP2314584A1 4606-EP2314585A1 4606-EP2314586A1 4606-EP2315303A1 4606-EP2315502A1 4606-EP2316452A1 4606-EP2316459A1 4606-EP2316824A1 4606-EP2316832A1 4606-EP2316833A1 4606-EP2316836A1 4606-EP2371797A1 4606-EP2371798A1 4606-EP2371800A1 4606-EP2371804A1 4606-EP2371810A1 4606-EP2371811A2 4606-EP2374454A1 4606-EP2374790A1 4606-EP2374792A1 4606-EP2374895A1 4606-EP2377845A1 4H-1,3-oxazine,2-cyclopentyl-5,6-dihydro-4,4,7-trimethyl- 52178-EP2284172A1 52178-EP2287153A1 52178-EP2292228A1 52178-EP2292615A1 52178-EP2292621A1 52178-EP2292622A1 52178-EP2295426A1 52178-EP2295427A1 52178-EP2301928A1 52178-EP2301929A1 52178-EP2301935A1 52178-EP2305674A1 52178-EP2305684A1 52178-EP2305685A1 52178-EP2305686A1 52178-EP2308844A2 52178-EP2308845A2 52178-EP2308846A2 6129-EP0930075A1 6129-EP2269986A1 6129-EP2269987A1 6129-EP2269988A2 6129-EP2269989A1 6129-EP2269990A1 6129-EP2269994A1 6129-EP2270003A1 6129-EP2270014A1 6129-EP2270113A1 6129-EP2272510A1 6129-EP2272516A2 6129-EP2272822A1 6129-EP2272832A1 6129-EP2272835A1 6129-EP2272841A1 6129-EP2272844A1 6129-EP2272849A1 6129-EP2272935A1 6129-EP2272972A1 6129-EP2272973A1 6129-EP2274983A1 6129-EP2275401A1 6129-EP2275404A1 6129-EP2275407A1 6129-EP2275411A2 6129-EP2275413A1 6129-EP2275414A1 6129-EP2275420A1 6129-EP2275469A1 6129-EP2277867A2 6129-EP2277872A1 6129-EP2277875A2 6129-EP2277878A1 6129-EP2277945A1 6129-EP2279750A1 6129-EP2280001A1 6129-EP2280003A2 6129-EP2280007A1 6129-EP2280008A2 6129-EP2280010A2 6129-EP2280014A2 6129-EP2281810A1 6129-EP2281821A1 6129-EP2281899A2 6129-EP2284159A1 6129-EP2284165A1 6129-EP2284174A1 6129-EP2287155A1 6129-EP2287156A1 6129-EP2287160A1 6129-EP2287165A2 6129-EP2287166A2 6129-EP2287168A2 6129-EP2287940A1 6129-EP2289876A1 6129-EP2289887A2 6129-EP2289888A2 6129-EP2289890A1 6129-EP2289894A2 6129-EP2289965A1 6129-EP2292228A1 6129-EP2292589A1 6129-EP2292595A1 6129-EP2292596A2 6129-EP2292597A1 6129-EP2292611A1 6129-EP2292619A1 6129-EP2292620A2 6129-EP2292624A1 6129-EP2292630A1 6129-EP2295055A2 6129-EP2295402A2 6129-EP2295406A1 6129-EP2295410A1 6129-EP2295414A1 6129-EP2295416A2 6129-EP2295425A1 6129-EP2298731A1 6129-EP2298735A1 6129-EP2298743A1 6129-EP2298747A1 6129-EP2298748A2 6129-EP2298755A1 6129-EP2298760A1 6129-EP2298763A1 6129-EP2298764A1 6129-EP2298765A1 6129-EP2298766A1 6129-EP2298768A1 6129-EP2298770A1 6129-EP2298772A1 6129-EP2298774A1 6129-EP2298778A1 6129-EP2298828A1 6129-EP2299509A1 6129-EP2299510A1 6129-EP2301911A1 6129-EP2301922A1 6129-EP2301924A1 6129-EP2301925A1 6129-EP2301926A1 6129-EP2301933A1 6129-EP2301936A1 6129-EP2301939A1 6129-EP2301983A1 6129-EP2305243A1 6129-EP2305625A1 6129-EP2305629A1 6129-EP2305633A1 6129-EP2305640A2 6129-EP2305642A2 6129-EP2305651A1 6129-EP2305652A2 6129-EP2305658A1 6129-EP2305667A2 6129-EP2305672A1 6129-EP2305673A1 6129-EP2305676A1 6129-EP2305679A1 6129-EP2305682A1 6129-EP2305685A1 6129-EP2305686A1 6129-EP2308479A2 6129-EP2308510A1 6129-EP2308562A2 6129-EP2308828A2 6129-EP2308838A1 6129-EP2308839A1 6129-EP2308844A2 6129-EP2308845A2 6129-EP2308846A2 6129-EP2308848A1 6129-EP2308854A1 6129-EP2308857A1 6129-EP2308858A1 6129-EP2308861A1 6129-EP2308874A1 6129-EP2308877A1 6129-EP2308879A1 6129-EP2308880A1 6129-EP2308926A1 6129-EP2311453A1 6129-EP2311801A1 6129-EP2311802A1 6129-EP2311803A1 6129-EP2311807A1 6129-EP2311815A1 6129-EP2311816A1 6129-EP2311817A1 6129-EP2311822A1 6129-EP2311823A1 6129-EP2311827A1 6129-EP2311834A1 6129-EP2311837A1 6129-EP2311840A1 6129-EP2314576A1 6129-EP2314582A1 6129-EP2314585A1 6129-EP2314587A1 6129-EP2314590A1 6129-EP2316831A1 6129-EP2316937A1 6129-EP2371809A1 6129-EP2371811A2 6129-EP2371814A1 6129-EP2380568A1 6129-EP2380873A1 61519-EP2270006A1 61519-EP2308848A1 67-68-5 68881-EP2270006A1 68881-EP2277867A2 68881-EP2280003A2 68881-EP2292595A1 68881-EP2308861A1 A 10846 AB01563146_01 ACMC-1BH88 AI3-26477 AKOS000121107 ANW-42740 BDBM50026472 BIDD:PXR0182 C11143 C2H6OS CAS-67-68-5 Caswell No. 381 CCG-213615 CCRIS 943 CHEBI:28262 CHEMBL504 CTK2F3095 D01043 D0798 D1159 D5293 DB01093 Deltan Demasorb Demavet Demeso Demsodrox Dermasorb Di[(2H3)methyl] sulphoxide Diemthyl Sulfoxide Diluent dimethlysulfoxide dimethvlsulfoxide dimethy sulfoxide dimethyisulfoxide dimethyisulphoxide dimethyl suiphoxide dimethyl sulf oxide Dimethyl sulfoxide Dimethyl sulfoxide (JAN/USP/INN) Dimethyl Sulfoxide [for Spectrophotometry] Dimethyl sulfoxide [USAN:INN] Dimethyl sulfoxide [USAN:USP:INN:BAN] Dimethyl Sulfoxide BP dimethyl sulfoxide hybri-max sterile*filtered dimethyl sulfoxide plant cell culture*tested Dimethyl sulfoxide solution Dimethyl sulfoxide solution, 50 wt. % in H2O Dimethyl sulfoxide(DMSO) Dimethyl sulfoxide, ACS reagent Dimethyl sulfoxide, >=99% Dimethyl sulfoxide, >=99.0%, suitable for absorption spectrum analysis Dimethyl sulfoxide, >=99.5% Dimethyl sulfoxide, >=99.5% (GC), plant cell culture tested Dimethyl sulfoxide, >=99.6%, ReagentPlus(R) Dimethyl sulfoxide, 99% Dimethyl sulfoxide, ACS reagent, >=99.9% Dimethyl sulfoxide, ACS spectrophotometric grade, >=99.9% Dimethyl sulfoxide, AldraSORB(TM), 99.8% Dimethyl sulfoxide, analytical standard Dimethyl sulfoxide, anhydrous, >=99.9% Dimethyl sulfoxide, anhydrous, ZerO2(TM), >=99.9% Dimethyl sulfoxide, AR, >=99.5% Dimethyl sulfoxide, BioUltra, for molecular biology, >=99.5% (GC) Dimethyl sulfoxide, European Pharmacopoeia (EP) Reference Standard Dimethyl sulfoxide, for HPLC Dimethyl sulfoxide, for HPLC, >=99.5% Dimethyl sulfoxide, for HPLC, >=99.7% Dimethyl sulfoxide, for inorganic trace analysis, >=99.99995% (metals basis) Dimethyl sulfoxide, for molecular biology Dimethyl sulfoxide, HPLC Grade Dimethyl sulfoxide, HPLC grade, 99.9% Dimethyl sulfoxide, Hybri-Max(TM), sterile-filtered, BioReagent, suitable for hybridoma, >=99.7% Dimethyl sulfoxide, JIS special grade, >=99.0% Dimethyl sulfoxide, LR, >=99% Dimethyl sulfoxide, meets EP testing specifications, meets USP testing specifications Dimethyl sulfoxide, meets EP, USP testing specifications Dimethyl sulfoxide, p.a., 99% Dimethyl sulfoxide, p.a., ACS reagent, 99.9% Dimethyl sulfoxide, PCR Reagent Dimethyl sulfoxide, puriss. p.a., ACS reagent, >=99.9% (GC) Dimethyl sulfoxide, puriss. p.a., dried, <=0.02% water Dimethyl sulfoxide, puriss., absolute, over molecular sieve (H2O <=0.005%), >=99.5% (GC) Dimethyl sulfoxide, ReagentPlus(R), >=99.5% Dimethyl sulfoxide, SAJ first grade, >=99.0% Dimethyl sulfoxide, sterile filtered DMSO, sterile filtered Dimethyl sulfoxide, sterile-filtered, BioPerformance Certified, meets EP, USP testing specifications, suitable for hybridoma Dimethyl sulfoxide, United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Reference Standard Dimethyl sulfoxide, USP Grade DMSO, USP Grade Dimethyl sulfoxide, UV HPLC spectroscopic, 99.9% Dimethyl sulfoxide, Vetec(TM) reagent grade, 99% Dimethyl sulfoxide, Vetec(TM) reagent grade, anhydrous, >=99.7% Dimethyl sulfoxixde dimethyl sulfoxyde Dimethyl sulfur oxide Dimethyl sulphoxide Dimethyl sulpoxide Dimethyli sulfoxidum Dimethyli sulfoxidum [INN-Latin] Dimethylsulfoxid Dimethylsulfoxide dimethyl-sulfoxide Dimethylsulfoxide Sulfinylbis dimethylsulfoxide solution Dimethylsulfoxyde dimethyl-sulfoxyde Dimethylsulfoxyde [INN-French] Dimethylsulphinyl dimethylsulphoxid Dimethylsulphoxide dimethyl-sulphoxide dimethysulfoxide Dimetil sulfoxido Dimetil sulfoxido [INN-Spanish] Dimetilsolfossido Dimetilsolfossido [DCIT] dimetyl sulfoxide Dimexide Dimexidum Dipirartril-tropico dirnethyl sulfoxide DMS 70 DMS 90 DMS-70 DMS-90 DMSO DMSO (Sterile-filtered) DMSO, Dimethyl Sulfoxide DMSO, sterile filtered DMSO/NMP (Dimethylsulfoxide/1-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone) DMSO~Methyl sulphoxide Dolicur Doligur Domoso Domoso (Veterinary) Dromisol DS-015031 DSSTox_CID_1735 DSSTox_GSID_21735 DSSTox_RID_76298 DTXSID2021735 Durasorb EC 200-664-3 EINECS 200-664-3 EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 000177 FT-0625099 FT-0625100 Gamasol 90 H3C-SO-CH3 HSDB 80 Hyadur Infiltrina Kemsol KS-00000VT9 KSC353A9L LS-1568 M 176 MCULE-2005841258 Methane, 1,1'-sulfinylbis- Methane, sulfinylbis- Methane, sulfinylbis- (9CI) methanesulfinylmethane Methyl sulfoxide Methyl sulfoxide (8CI) methyl sulfoxide absolute over molecular sieve (H2O <0.01%) methyl sulfoxide B&J brand 1 L Methyl sulfoxide, >=99%, FG Methyl sulfoxide, 99.5+%, for analysis Methyl sulfoxide, 99.7%, pure Methyl sulfoxide, 99.7+%, Extra Dry over Molecular Sieve, AcroSeal(R) Methyl sulfoxide, 99.7+%, Extra Dry, AcroSeal(R) Methyl sulfoxide, 99.8+%, extra pure Methyl sulfoxide, 99.8+%, for HPLC Methyl sulfoxide, 99.8+%, for molecular biology, DNAse, RNAse and Protease free Methyl sulfoxide, 99.8+%, for peptide synthesis Methyl sulfoxide, 99.9+%, ACS reagent Methyl sulphoxide Methylsulfinylmethane Methylsulfinylmethanedimethyl sulfoxide methylsulfmylmethane methylsulfoxide MFCD00002089 MRF-0000764 NCGC00163958-01 NCGC00163958-02 NCGC00163958-03 NCGC00254859-01 NS00001957 NSC 763 NSC760436 NSC-760436 NSC763 NSC-763 Pharmakon1600-01506122 Q407927 Rimso Rimso 100 Rimso 50 Rimso-5 Rimso-50 Rimso-50 (TN) S(O)Me2 SC-16101 Sclerosol Somipront SQ 9453 SQ-9453 STL264194 Sulfinyl bis(methane) Sulfinylbis(methane) sulfinylbismethane Sulfinylbis-methane Sulfinylbis-methane (9CI) sulfinyldimethane Sulfoxide, dimethyl Syntexan Topsym Topsym (rescinded) Tox21_300957 UNII-YOW8V9698H WLN: OS1&1 YOW8V9698H ZINC5224188

1.2 Inchi
1.3 InChkey
1.4 Canonical Smiles
1.5 Isomers Smiles
2. 3D Conformer
3. Properties
3.1 Appearance
colorless liquid
3.2 Density
3.3 Melting Point
3.4 Boiling Point
3.5 Vapour
0.42 mm Hg at 68 °F (NTP, 1992)
3.6 Refractive Index
3.7 Flash Point
3.8 Solubility
3.9 Color/Form
clear colorless
3.10 Stability
Stable. Incompatible with a very wide range of materials, including acid chlorides, strong acids, strong oxidizing agents, strong reducing agents, phosphorus halides, moisture, copper wool + trichloroacetic acid. Reacts violently with a number of materials - consult a full data sheet before use. Hygroscopic.
3.10 Stability
3.11 HS Code
3.12 Storage temp
Store at RT.
3.13 Spectral properties
Index of refraction: 1.4795 at 20 deg C/D; 1.4787 at 21 deg C/D
Index refraction: 1.4770 at 20 deg C/D
IR: 4358 (Coblentz Society Spectral Collection)
UV: 6-5 (Organic Electronic Spectral Data, Phillips et al, John Wiley & Sons, New York)
NMR: 535 (Sadtler Research Laboratories Spectral Collection)
13C NMR: 158 (Stothers Carbon13 NMR Spectroscopy Academic Press, NY)
MASS: 19238 (NIST/EPA/MSDC Mass Spectral database, 1990 version)
Raman 28: (Dollish Characteristic Raman Frequencies of Organic Compounds John Wiley and Sons, New York)
Intense mass spectral peaks: 45 m/z, 63 m/z, 78 m/z
4. Safety and Handling
4.1 Hazard Codes
4.2 Risk Statements
4.3 Safety Statements
4.4 Safety

Hazard Codes of Dimethyl sulfoxide (CAS NO.67-68-5):?Xi
Risk Statements: 36/37/38
R36/37/38:Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin.
Safety Statements: 24/25-37/39-26-36-23
S24/25:Avoid contact with skin and eyes.?
S37/39:Wear suitable gloves and eye/face protection.?
S26: In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.?
S36:Wear suitable protective clothing.?
S23:Do not breathe vapour.
WGK Germany: 1
RTECS: PV6210000
F: 3
HS Code: 29309070

4.5 Toxicity

Organism Test Type Route Reported Dose (Normalized Dose) Effect Source
bird - wild LD50 oral 100mg/kg (100mg/kg) ? Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology. Vol. 21, Pg. 315, 1972.
cat LDLo intravenous 200mg/kg (200mg/kg) BEHAVIORAL: ALTERED SLEEP TIME (INCLUDING CHANGE IN RIGHTING REFLEX) Arzneimittel-Forschung. Drug Research. Vol. 28, Pg. 1571, 1978.
chicken LD50 oral 12gm/kg (12000mg/kg) ? Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology. Vol. 15, Pg. 688, 1963.
dog LD50 intravenous 2500mg/kg (2500mg/kg) CARDIAC: OTHER CHANGES


Cancer Chemotherapy Reports. Vol. 31, Pg. 7, 1963.
dog LD50 oral > 10gm/kg (10000mg/kg) ? Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. Vol. 141, Pg. 96, 1967.
guinea pig LDLo intraperitoneal > 5500mg/kg (5500mg/kg) ? Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology. Vol. 15, Pg. 688, 1963.
guinea pig LDLo oral > 11gm/kg (11000mg/kg) ? Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology. Vol. 15, Pg. 688, 1963.
mammal (species unspecified) LD50 oral 21400mg/kg (21400mg/kg) ? Gigiena i Sanitariya. For English translation, see HYSAAV. Vol. 39(4), Pg. 86, 1974.
man TDLo intravenous 606mg/kg (606mg/kg) GASTROINTESTINAL: NAUSEA OR VOMITING

Lancet. Vol. 2, Pg. 1004, 1980.
mouse LD50 intraperitoneal 2500mg/kg (2500mg/kg) ? Russian Pharmacology and Toxicology Vol. 35, Pg. 300, 1972.
mouse LD50 intravenous 3100mg/kg (3100mg/kg) SENSE ORGANS AND SPECIAL SENSES: HEMORRHAGE: EYE

Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology. Vol. 15, Pg. 74, 1969.
mouse LD50 oral 7920mg/kg (7920mg/kg) ? Chimica Therapeutica. Vol. 3, Pg. 10, 1968.
mouse LD50 skin 50gm/kg (50000mg/kg) ? Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. Vol. 141, Pg. 96, 1967.
mouse LD50 subcutaneous 14gm/kg (14000mg/kg) BEHAVIORAL: CHANGES IN MOTOR ACTIVITY (SPECIFIC ASSAY)


Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. Vol. 141, Pg. 96, 1967.
mouse LD50 unreported 12gm/kg (12000mg/kg) ? United States Patent Document. Vol. #4767763,
rat LD50 intraperitoneal 8200mg/kg (8200mg/kg) ? Food and Chemical Toxicology. Vol. 22, Pg. 665, 1984.
rat LD50 intravenous 5360mg/kg (5360mg/kg) BEHAVIORAL: TREMOR


Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology. Vol. 7, Pg. 104, 1965.
rat LD50 oral 14500mg/kg (14500mg/kg) SENSE ORGANS AND SPECIAL SENSES: HEMORRHAGE: EYE

Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology. Vol. 15, Pg. 74, 1969.
rat LD50 skin 40gm/kg (40000mg/kg) ? Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. Vol. 141, Pg. 96, 1967.
rat LD50 subcutaneous 12gm/kg (12000mg/kg) BEHAVIORAL: CHANGES IN MOTOR ACTIVITY (SPECIFIC ASSAY)

Arzneimittel-Forschung. Drug Research. Vol. 14, Pg. 1050, 1964.
rat LD50 unreported 1300mg/kg (1300mg/kg) ? National Technical Information Service. Vol. AD-A159-418,
women TDLo skin 1800mg/kg (1800mg/kg) LUNGS, THORAX, OR RESPIRATION: DYSPNEA


Veterinary and Human Toxicology. Vol. 40, Pg. 87, 1998.

4.6 PackingGroup
4.7 Sensitive
4.8 Skin, Eye, and Respiratory Irritations
... Based on chemical and physical properties alone, /dimethyl sulfoxide/ is ranked 10th/ of the ten most potentially irritating solvents /From table/.
4.10 Transport
4.11 Fire Fighting Procedures
To fight fire use water, foam, carbon dioxide, or dry chemical.
4.12 Fire Potential
Combustible when exposed to heat flame or oxidizing materials.
4.13 Formulations/Preparations
Dimethyl sulfoxide is presently available as Rimso-5, in a 50% aqueous solution.
U.S. - 50% [Rimso-50; GENERIC]; Canada - 50% [Rimso-50].
4.14 Exposure Standards and Regulations
The Approved Drug Products with Therapeutic Equivalence Evaluations List identifies currently marketed prescription drug products, incl dimethyl sulfoxide, approved on the basis of safety and effectiveness by FDA under sections 505 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.
Dimethyl sulfoxide solution. (a) Specifications. Dimethyl sulfoxide contains 90 percent of dimethyl sulfoxide and 10% of water ... (c) Conditions of use. (1) It is used or intended for use as a topical application to reduce acute swelling due to trauma ... (2) Not for use in horses and dogs intended for breeding purposes nor in horses slaughtered for food. Other topical medications should only be used when the dimethyl sulfoxide treated area is thoroughly dry. Do not administer by any other route (3) For use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian.
Dimethyl sulfoxide get. (a) Specifications. Dimethyl sulfoxide gel, veterinary contains 90 percent dimethyl sulfoxide in an aqueous gel ... (c) Conditions of use-(1) Indications for use. For use on horses and dogs as a topical application to reduce acute swelling due to trauma. ... (3) Limitations. Do not use in horses and dogs intended for breeding purposes or in horses slaughtered for food. Restricted to topical use on horses and dogs only. Due to rapid penetrating ability of dimethyl sulfoxide, rubber gloves should be worn when applying the drug. No other medications should be present on the skin prior to application of the drug. Federal law restricts this drug to use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian.
Fluocinolone acetonide, dimethyl sulfoxide solution. Fluocinolone acetonide, dimethyl sulfoxide solution. (a) Specifications. Each milliliter of solution contains 0.01 percent fluocinolone acetonide and 20 percent dimethyl sulfoxide with propylene glycol and citric acid. ... (c) Conditions of use. (1) The drug is used in dogs for the relief of impaction commonly present in apparently normal anal sacs, for the reversal of inflammatory changes associated with abnormal anal sacs, and to counteract the offensive odor of anal sac secretions. ... (3) For use only by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian.
Fluocinolone acetonide, dimethyl sulfoxide otic solution. (a) Specifications. Each milliliter of solution contains 0.01 percent of fluocinolone acetonide in 60 percent dimethyl sulfoxide with propylene glycol and citric acid. ... (c) Conditions of use. (1) The drug is used in dogs for the relief of pruritis and inflammation associated with acute and chronic otitis. ... (3) There should be careful initial evaluation and followup of infected ears. Incomplete response or exacerbation of corticosteroid-responsive lesions may be due to the presence of an infection which requires identification or antibiotic sensitivity testing, and the use of the appropriate antimicrobial agent. As with any corticosteroid, animals with a generalized infection should not be treated with this product without proper supportive antimicrobial therapy. Preparations with dimethyl sulfoxide should not be used in pregnant animals. For use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian.
4.15 Reactivities and Incompatibilities
Can react with oxidizing materials.
Violent or explosive reaction with many acyl, aryl, and nonmetal halides (eg acetyl chloride, benzenesulfonyl chloride, bromobenzoyl actanilide, cyanuric chloride, iodine pentafluoride, Mg(ClO4)2, CH3Br, NiO4, oxalyl chloride, P2O3, phosphorus trichloride, phosphoryl chloride, silver fluoride, silver difluoride, sodium hydride, sulfur dichloride, disulfur dichloride, sulfurylchloride, tetrachlorosilane, and thionyl chloride).
Violent or explosive reaction with boron compounds (eg borane, nonahydrononaborate (2-) ion), 4(4'-bromobenzoyl)acetanilide, carbonyl diisothiocyanate, dinitrogen tetraoxide, hexachlorocyclotriphosphazine, copper + trichloroacetic acid, metal alkoxides (eg potassium tert-butoxide, sodium isopropoxide), trifluoroacetic acid anhydride.
Incompatible with magnesium perchlorate, metal oxosalts, perchloric acid, periodic acid, sulfur trioxide.
Forms powerfully explosive mixtures with metal salts of oxoacids (eg aluminum perchlorate, sodium perchlorate, and iron (III) nitrate).
4.16 Other Preventative Measures
... DMSO can be harmful. ... Use effective fume removal device.
SRP: The scientific literature for the use of contact lenses in industry is conflicting. The benefit or detrimental effects of wearing contact lenses depend not only upon the substance, but also on factors including the form of the substance, characteristics and duration of the exposure, the uses of other eye protection equipment, and the hygiene of the lenses. However, there may be individual substances whose irritating or corrosive properties are such that the wearing of contact lenses would be harmful to the eye. In those specific cases, contact lenses should not be worn. In any event, the usual eye protection equipment should be worn even when contact lenses are in place.
4.17 Protective Equipment and Clothing
... Based on chemical and physical properties alone, /dimethyl sulfoxide/ is ranked 10th/ of the ten most potentially irritating solvents /From table/.
4.18 Specification

? Dimethyl sulfoxide with a CAS number of 67-68-5. This colorless liquid is an important polar aprotic solvent that dissolves both polar and nonpolar compounds and is miscible in a wide range of organic solvents as well as water. It has a distinctive property of penetrating the skin very readily, so that one may taste it soon after it comes into contact with the skin. Its taste has been described as oyster- or garlic-like.
Chemical Stability of Dimethyl sulfoxide (CAS NO. 67-68-5): Stable under normal temperatures and pressures. Hygroscopic: absorbs moisture or water from the air.
Conditions to Avoid: Incompatible materials, exposure to moist air or water.
? Dimethyl sulfoxide is incompatibilities with Other Materials Strong oxidizing agents, perchloric acid.
Hazardous decomposition products of?Dimethyl sulfoxide are carbon monoxide, oxides of sulfur, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde.
Hazardous polymerization of Dimethyl sulfoxide will not occur.

4.19 Octanol/Water Partition Coefficient
log Kow = -1.35
4.20 Disposal Methods
SRP: The most favorable course of action is to use an alternative chemical product with less inherent propensity for occupational exposure or environmental contamination. Recycle any unused portion of the material for its approved use or return it to the manufacturer or supplier. Ultimate disposal of the chemical must consider: the material's impact on air quality; potential migration in soil or water; effects on animal, aquatic, and plant life; and conformance with environmental and public health regulations.

2.Hazard identification

2.1 Classification of the substance or mixture

Not classified.

2.2 GHS label elements, including precautionary statements

Pictogram(s) No symbol.
Signal word

No signal word.

Hazard statement(s)


Precautionary statement(s)








2.3 Other hazards which do not result in classification


9. Computational chemical data
  • Molecular Weight:78.13344g/mol
  • Molecular Formula:C2H6OS
  • Exact Mass:78.013936
  • Monoisotopic Mass:78.013936
  • Complexity:29
  • Rotatable Bond Count:0
  • Hydrogen Bond Donor Count:0
  • Hydrogen Bond Acceptor Count:2
  • Topological Polar Surface Area:36.3
  • Heavy Atom Count:4
  • Defined Atom Stereocenter Count:0
  • Undefined Atom Stereocenter Count:0
  • Defined Bond Stereocenter Count:0
  • Undefined Bond Stereocenter Count:0
  • Isotope Atom Count:0
  • Covalently-Bonded Unit Count:1
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