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Adsorbent is a solid substance that can effectively adsorb some of these components from gases or liquids. It can make the active components adhere to the surface of its particles and turn liquid trace compound additives into solid compounds, which is conducive to uniform mixing. it has large specific surface area, suitable pore structure and surface structure, easy to manufacture and easy to regenerate. it has strong adsorption ability to adsorbate, and generally does not have chemical reaction with adsorbate and medium.

Adsorbent is generally used in industrial production, which can be divided into silica gel, alumina, activated carbon, polyacrylamide, zeolite molecular sieve and carbon molecular sieve according to the common use of industry. Silica gel is used for drying, separation of gas mixture and petroleum composition, etc.; alumina is also a dehydrated adsorbent; activated carbon is mainly used for water treatment, decolorization and gas treatment; polyacrylamide is mainly used for domestic sewage and organic wastewater; zeolite molecular sieves are used for gas adsorption and separation, gas and liquid drying; carbon molecular sieves mainly act as transport channels, and micropores play the role of molecular sieves. The most representative adsorbent is activated carbon, which has good adsorption performance, but the cost is high.

Adsorbent can also be divided into organic and inorganic substances, such as corncob fragments, soybean powder and grains with strong water absorption, and inorganic substances such as silica, calcium silicate and so on.

Nickel(II) chloride hexahydrate; 7791-20-0 structural formula
Nickel(II) chloride hexahydrate
  • Green solid
  • CAS No: 7791-20-0
  • Molecular Weight: 237.69
  • Molecular Formula:Cl2H12NiO6
  • Density:1,92 g/cm3
  • Boiling Point:100 °C at 760 mmHg
  • Flash Point:°C
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Oleyl alcohol; 143-28-2 structural formula
Oleyl alcohol
  • Liquid
  • CAS No: 143-28-2
  • Molecular Weight: 268.485
  • Molecular Formula:C18H36O
  • Density:0.849
  • Boiling Point:207℃ (13 mmHg)
  • Flash Point:170℃
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POLYETHYLENE, OXIDIZED; 68441-17-8 structural formula
  • CAS No: 68441-17-8
  • Molecular Weight: 244.28
  • Molecular Formula:C12H20O5
  • Density:0.93?g/mL?at 25?°C
  • Boiling Point:462.6±40.0 °C at 760 mmHg (Predicted)
  • Flash Point:>254℃
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Bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate; 117-81-7 structural formula
Bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate
  • Colorless, oily liquid with a slight odor.
  • CAS No: 117-81-7
  • Molecular Weight: 390.55612
  • Molecular Formula:C24H38O4
  • Density:0.981
  • Boiling Point:384℃
  • Flash Point:199℃
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Octyl 3-(3-(2H-benzo[d][1,2,3]triazol-2-yl)-5-(tert-butyl)-4-hydroxyphenyl)propanoate; 127519-17-9 structural formula
Octyl 3-(3-(2H-benzo[d][1,2,3]triazol-2-yl)-5-(tert-butyl)-4-hydroxyphenyl)propanoate
  • CAS No: 127519-17-9
  • Molecular Weight: 451.61
  • Molecular Formula:C27H39N3O3
  • Density:1.07-1.078[at 20℃]
  • Boiling Point:451℃[at 101 325 Pa]
  • Flash Point:292.7±32.9 °C (Predicted)
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NAPHTHENIC ACID SODIUM SALT; 61790-13-4 structural formula
  • YELLOW-BROWNISH MASS Sodium naphthenate appears as white paste to clear, dark brown liquid (NTP, 1999). The sodium salts of any one or of a mixture of a group of saturated fatty acids derived from petroleum. Sodium naphthenate appears as white paste to clear, dark brown liquid (NTP, 1999). The sodiu..
  • CAS No: 61790-13-4
  • Molecular Weight: 192.23100
  • Molecular Formula:C10H17NaO2
  • Density:1.059 at 68 °F (NTP, 1992)
  • Flash Point:greater than 200 °F (NTP, 1992)
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Drometrizole; 2440-22-4 structural formula
  • Light yellow powder
  • CAS No: 2440-22-4
  • Molecular Weight: 225.24594
  • Molecular Formula:C13H11N3O
  • Density:1.38
  • Boiling Point:402.2°C at 760 mmHg
  • Flash Point:197°C
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Thioperoxydicarbonic diamide ([(H2N)C(S)]2S2), tetrakis(2-methylpropyl)-; 3064-73-1 structural formula
Thioperoxydicarbonic diamide ([(H2N)C(S)]2S2), tetrakis(2-methylpropyl)-
  • CAS No: 3064-73-1
  • Molecular Weight: 408.75
  • Molecular Formula:C18H36N2S4
  • Density:1.076±0.06 g/cm3(Predicted)
  • Boiling Point:462.9±28.0 °C(Predicted)
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2-(2'-Hydroxy-3'-sec-butyl-5'-tert-butylphenyl)benzotriazole; 36437-37-3 structural formula
  • CAS No: 36437-37-3
  • Molecular Weight: 323.432
  • Molecular Formula:C20H25N3O
  • Density:1.12
  • Boiling Point:458°Cat760mmHg
  • Flash Point:230.8°C
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Cyanuric acid; 108-80-5 structural formula
Cyanuric acid
  • white powdercyanuric acid: A white crystallinewater-soluble trimer of cyanic acid,(HNCO)3. It is a cyclic compound havinga six-membered ring made of alternatingimide (NH) and carbonyl(CO) groups (i.e. three -NH-C(O)-units). It can also exist in a phenolicform (three -N=C(OH)- units). ChEBI: The keto..
  • CAS No: 108-80-5
  • Molecular Weight: 129.07400
  • Molecular Formula:C3H3N3O3
  • Density:1.56
  • Boiling Point:74 °C
  • Flash Point:433.6ºC
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UV Absorber 326; 3896-11-5 structural formula
UV Absorber 326
  • Pale Yellow Solid
  • CAS No: 3896-11-5
  • Molecular Weight: 315.8
  • Molecular Formula:C17H18ClN3O
  • Density:1.26
  • Boiling Point:460.4 oC at 760 mmHg
  • Flash Point:232.3 oC
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2-(2H-Benzotriazol-2-yl)-4,6-ditertpentylphenol; 25973-55-1 structural formula
  • As an ultraviolet absorber, it is soluble in organic solvents such as benzene, toluene, styrene, cyclohexane, methyl methacrylate, ethyl acetate, ketones, etc. This product is mainly suitable for polyolefin, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, Polyurethane, polyester and other products. It is an excell..
  • CAS No: 25973-55-1
  • Molecular Weight: 351.48516
  • Molecular Formula:C22H29N3O
  • Density:1.08
  • Boiling Point:469.1°C at 760 mmHg
  • Flash Point:229 C
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Aluminum oxide; 1344-28-1 structural formula
Aluminum oxide
  • Vary according to the method of prepa-ration. White powder, balls, or lumps of variousmesh.Insoluble in water, dif-ficultly soluble in mineral acids and strong alkali.Noncombustible.
  • CAS No: 1344-28-1
  • Molecular Weight: 101.961276
  • Molecular Formula:Al2O3
  • Density:3.97
  • Boiling Point:2980℃
  • Flash Point:2980°C
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EC; 9031-72-5 structural formula
  • CAS No: 9031-72-5
  • Molecular Weight: 298.336
  • Molecular Formula:n.a.
  • Density:1.2±0.1 g/cm3
  • Boiling Point:448.1±30.0 °C at 760 mmHg
  • Flash Point:224.8±24.6 °C
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ALUMINA; 1333-84-2 structural formula
  • Aluminum is a combustible, light, silverywhite, soft, ductile, malleable, amphoteric metal
  • CAS No: 1333-84-2
  • Molecular Weight: 119.976556
  • Molecular Formula:Al2H2O4
  • Density:g/cm3
  • Boiling Point:100°Cat760mmHg
  • Flash Point:°C
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2-(4,6-Diphenyl-1,3,5-triazin-2-yl)-5-[(hexyl)oxy]-phenol; 147315-50-2 structural formula
  • Ultra-low volatility UV absorber and stabilizer. It can make polycarbonate and polyester achieve better weather resistance than traditional benzotriazole ultraviolet absorbers. The low chelating tendency allows it to be used in polymer formulations containing residual catalyst.
  • CAS No: 147315-50-2
  • Molecular Weight: 425.532
  • Molecular Formula:C27H27N3O2
  • Density:1.15
  • Boiling Point:645.603oC at 760 mmHg
  • Flash Point:344.248oC
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Oxybenzone; 131-57-7 structural formula
  • white to light yellow crystalline powderChEBI: A hydroxybenzophenone that is benzophenone which is substituted at the 2- and 4-positions of one of the benzene rings by hydroxy and methoxy groups respectively.White to off-white or light yellow powder.light yellow crystalline powder, soluble in ethano..
  • CAS No: 131-57-7
  • Molecular Weight: 228.247
  • Molecular Formula:C14H12O3
  • Density:1.324
  • Boiling Point:151° F (NTP, 1992)
  • Flash Point:140.5 oC
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UV-329; 3147-75-9 structural formula
  • An UV light absorber. DryPowder; OtherSolid; PelletsLargeCrystals
  • CAS No: 3147-75-9
  • Molecular Weight: 323.432
  • Molecular Formula:C20H25N3O
  • Density:1.1
  • Boiling Point:471.8°C at 760 mmHg
  • Flash Point:239.2°C
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2-(2'-Hydroxy-4'-benzoyloxyphenyl)-5-chlorobenzotriazole; 169198-72-5 structural formula
  • CAS No: 169198-72-5
  • Molecular Weight: 365.77
  • Molecular Formula:C19H12ClN3O3
  • Density:1.43
  • Boiling Point:573.5±60.0 °C(Predicted)
  • Flash Point:300.6±32.9 °C (Predicted)
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ALUMINUM OXIDE; 1302-74-5 structural formula
  • Odorless, white, crystalline powder.
  • CAS No: 1302-74-5
  • Molecular Weight: 101.96
  • Molecular Formula:Al2O3
  • Density:1.06?g/mL?at 25?°C
  • Boiling Point:2980℃ [CRC10]
  • Flash Point:2980°C
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