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Alkylation of acetophenone

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Nadine Answered Oct 29 2021

enter image description here

When the NaOH deprotonates the hydrogen off the carbon, I thought there would be a resonance structure, with the negative charge being on both the oxygen and carbon. Since the oxygen is more stable with the negative charge, wouldn't the alkalation happen at the oxygen forming an ether? This is how i had the reaction occurring:

enter image description here

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Acetophenone CAS No: 98-86-2 MF: C8H8O
Density 1.0266
Melting Point 19.6℃
Boiling Point 202℃
Vapour 0.40 mmHg
Refractive Index 1.5315-1.534
Flash Point 77℃
HS Code 29143900
Acetophenone CAS No: 90536-47-3 MF: C9H10O4
Melting Point 172 - 174 °C
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