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Phenol vs 4-hydroxypyridine - Enol Content [duplicate]

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Fernando Answered Oct 25 2021

Your solution manual correctly predict that phenol has a higher enol content due to aromaticity. For example, you won't see strong carbonyl peak around 1700 cm?1 in FT-IR, which proves keto-form does not exists. It is 100% enol-form as phenol.

On the other hand, 4-pyridone is a different story. The dominance form, whether it is 4-pyridone or 4-hydroxypyridine, would be depend on which phase the compound is in. For example, the Ref.1 states that:

In the gas phase, there is a preference of the hydroxy form in both 2- and 4-hydroxypyridine, while in a nonpolar solvents such as cyclohexane and chloroform, the two tautomers exist in comparable amounts. However, the two equilibria are shifted entirely to the right in favor of the oxo-form, 2- and 4-pyridone, respectively in polar solvents as well as in the crystalline state.

Thus, it is safe to say, it is only in the gas phase, 4-hydroxypyridine dominate. However, in liquid phases, both form exist where predominance is depending on the solvent. In solid phase, 4-pyridone dominate. Since, both phenol and 4-pyridone are solid at ambient conditions, phenol has more enol form than 4-pyridone, which exist in keto-form as a solid.

Note that a public database set like Tautobase, implemented in DataWarrior, may be used to train yourself, too.


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