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Home >1305-62-0>Q&A>What reaction happens when carboxylic acids are treated with calcium hydroxide and distilled? [closed]

What reaction happens when carboxylic acids are treated with calcium hydroxide and distilled? [closed]

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Ochoa Answered Aug 04 2021

Acetic acid (as an example of a typical carboxylic acid) reacts with calcium hydroxide to form calcium acetate. This is a simple acid-base reaction which forms a salt and water:


Upon heating, calcium acetate undergoes decomposition to acetone and calcium carbonate. The acetone can be distilled off from the mixture, leaving behind solid calcium carbonate:


At even higher temperatures calcium carbonate itself can be decomposed to calcium oxide and carbon dioxide:




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Calcium hydroxide CAS No: 1305-62-0 MF: CaH2O2
Appearance white powder or colourless, slightly cloudy, aqueous solution
Density 2.24 g/mL at 25 ℃(lit.)
Melting Point 580℃
Boiling Point 2850℃
Vapour 0 mm Hg (approx) (NIOSH, 2016)
Refractive Index Index of refraction: 1.574 (alpha), 1.545 (beta)
Flash Point /Calcium Hydroxide is/ non flammable
Solubility 1.65 g/L (20 °C ) in water
Color/Form Crystals or soft granules or powder
Colorless, hexagonal
Rhombic, trigonal, colorless crystals
White powder
White powder [Note: Readily absorbs CO2 from the air to form calcium carbonate].
Stability Stable. Incompatible with strong acids.
HS Code 2825 90 19
Storage temp Store at RT.
Calcium CAS No: 7440-70-2 MF: Ca
Appearance softish silver-white metal
Density 1.54
Melting Point 845℃
Boiling Point 1484℃
Vapour 10 mm Hg @ 983 deg C
Solubility Decomposes in water, alcohol and acids to H2
Color/Form Lustrous, silver-white surface (when freshly cut); face-centered cubic structure below 300 deg C; acquires bluish-gray tarnish on exposure to moist air
Silvery-white metal
Stability Stable, but reacts with water to release hydrogen and produce calcium hydroxide. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, alcohols, moisture.
HS Code 2805120090
Storage temp water-free area
Hydroxide CAS No: 14280-30-9 MF: HO
Density g/cm3
Boiling Point 100°Cat760mmHg
Vapour 24.5mmHg at 25°C
Flash Point °C
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