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127-09-3 structure

sodium acetate

Iupac Name:sodium;acetate
CAS No.:127-09-3
EINECS(EC#): 204-814-9; 204-823-8
Molecular Weight:82.03380
Molecular Formula:C2H3NaO2 (isomer)
Names and Identifiers

126-96-5 127-09-3 13905-EP2269977A2 13905-EP2269978A2 13905-EP2269985A2 13905-EP2269991A2 13905-EP2272510A1 13905-EP2272839A1 13905-EP2272840A1 13905-EP2284150A2 13905-EP2284151A2 13905-EP2284152A2 13905-EP2284153A2 13905-EP2284155A2 13905-EP2284156A2 13905-EP2284164A2 13905-EP2287140A2 13905-EP2287148A2 13905-EP2287150A2 13905-EP2292628A2 13905-EP2295419A2 13905-EP2295429A1 13905-EP2295503A1 13905-EP2298770A1 13905-EP2305637A2 13905-EP2305659A1 13905-EP2305684A1 13905-EP2305687A1 13905-EP2305808A1 13905-EP2308861A1 13905-EP2311808A1 13905-EP2311829A1 13905-EP2311830A1 13905-EP2311842A2 13905-EP2314295A1 13905-EP2316836A1 1978-EP0930075A1 1978-EP2269977A2 1978-EP2269978A2 1978-EP2269985A2 1978-EP2269990A1 1978-EP2269991A2 1978-EP2269992A1 1978-EP2270006A1 1978-EP2270007A1 1978-EP2270015A1 1978-EP2270016A1 1978-EP2272510A1 1978-EP2272817A1 1978-EP2272822A1 1978-EP2272825A2 1978-EP2272832A1 1978-EP2272841A1 1978-EP2272843A1 1978-EP2274983A1 1978-EP2275105A1 1978-EP2275404A1 1978-EP2275414A1 1978-EP2277858A1 1978-EP2277861A1 1978-EP2277874A1 1978-EP2277881A1 1978-EP2280007A1 1978-EP2280013A1 1978-EP2281559A1 1978-EP2281813A1 1978-EP2281817A1 1978-EP2281819A1 1978-EP2281821A1 1978-EP2281824A1 1978-EP2284150A2 1978-EP2284151A2 1978-EP2284152A2 1978-EP2284153A2 1978-EP2284155A2 1978-EP2284156A2 1978-EP2284164A2 1978-EP2284172A1 1978-EP2284178A2 1978-EP2284179A2 1978-EP2286812A1 1978-EP2287140A2 1978-EP2287141A1 1978-EP2287148A2 1978-EP2287150A2 1978-EP2287155A1 1978-EP2287160A1 1978-EP2289510A1 1978-EP2289868A1 1978-EP2292593A2 1978-EP2292596A2 1978-EP2292611A1 1978-EP2292615A1 1978-EP2292621A1 1978-EP2292628A2 1978-EP2295402A2 1978-EP2295406A1 1978-EP2295411A1 1978-EP2295414A1 1978-EP2295418A1 1978-EP2295419A2 1978-EP2295425A1 1978-EP2295426A1 1978-EP2295427A1 1978-EP2295429A1 1978-EP2298312A1 1978-EP2298731A1 1978-EP2298735A1 1978-EP2298743A1 1978-EP2298744A2 1978-EP2298758A1 1978-EP2298759A1 1978-EP2298761A1 1978-EP2298772A1 1978-EP2301918A1 1978-EP2301922A1 1978-EP2301923A1 1978-EP2301928A1 1978-EP2301933A1 1978-EP2301934A1 1978-EP2301939A1 1978-EP2302003A1 1978-EP2305257A1 1978-EP2305629A1 1978-EP2305633A1 1978-EP2305637A2 1978-EP2305654A1 1978-EP2305655A2 1978-EP2305658A1 1978-EP2305663A1 1978-EP2305664A1 1978-EP2305672A1 1978-EP2305680A2 1978-EP2308510A1 1978-EP2308562A2 1978-EP2308839A1 1978-EP2308841A2 1978-EP2308857A1 1978-EP2308858A1 1978-EP2308867A2 1978-EP2308870A2 1978-EP2308877A1 1978-EP2311804A2 1978-EP2311809A1 1978-EP2311816A1 1978-EP2311817A1 1978-EP2311821A1 1978-EP2311825A1 1978-EP2311827A1 1978-EP2311830A1 1978-EP2311835A1 1978-EP2311837A1 1978-EP2311842A2 1978-EP2314575A1 1978-EP2314576A1 1978-EP2314583A1 1978-EP2314584A1 1978-EP2314587A1 1978-EP2314593A1 1978-EP2316452A1 1978-EP2316827A1 1978-EP2316831A1 1978-EP2316836A1 1978-EP2316937A1 1978-EP2371811A2 1978-EP2372017A1 1978-EP2374454A1 1978-EP2374895A1 1978-EP2380661A2 AB1009498 AC1LANUK AC1Q1V3V Acetate, 1M buffer solution, pH, 3.0 Acetate, 1M buffer solution, pH, 3.5 Acetate, 1M buffer solution, pH, 4.0 Acetate, 1M buffer solution, pH, 5.0 Acetate, 1M buffer solution, pH, 5.5 acetic acid sodium salt Acetic acid, sodium salt Acetic acid, sodium salt (1:1) Acetic acid, sodium salt trihydrate, 99.5%, for analysis Acetic acid, sodium salt trihydrate, 99+%, ACS reagent Acetic acid, sodium salt trihydrate, 99+%, extra pure Acetic acid, sodium salt, 99%, for biochemistry, anhydrous Acetic acid, sodium salt, 99%, for HPLC, anhydrous Acetic acid, sodium salt, 99+%, ACS reagent, anhydrous Acetic acid, sodium salt, 99+%, extra pure, anhydrous Acetic acid, sodium salt, 99+%, for analysis, anhydrous Acetic acid, sodium salt, 99+%, for molecular biology, anhydrous, DNAse, RNAse and Protease free Acetic acid,sodium salt AcONa AKOS003052995 AKOS015837569 AN-43578 Anhydrous Anhydrous sodium acetate ANW-18960 B7296 C2H3NaO2 CAS-127-09-3 Caswell No. 741A CH3CO2Na CH3COONa CHEBI:32954 CHEMBL1354 CTK0H7777 DB09395 DSSTox_CID_7044 DSSTox_GSID_27044 DSSTox_RID_78290 DTXSID2027044 E262 EC 204-823-8 EINECS 204-823-8 EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 044006 FEMA No. 3024 FEMA Number 3024 FT-0635282 FT-0659959 FT-0689166 Hot ice (Sodium acetate trihydrate) HSDB 688 I14-6214 J-005463 KS-00000VZW KSC177O7P LS-12827 MAGGRAN(R) NA Mettler-Toledo Calibration substance Mettler-Toledo Calibration substance ME 30130599, Sodium acetate anhydrous, tracable to primary standards (LGC) MFCD00012459 NA ACETATE NaOAc Natrium aceticum Natriumacetat Natriumacetat [German] Natriumazetat NCGC00260289-01 NSC 77459 NVG71ZZ7P0 Octan sodny Octan sodny [Czech] OOEa AAENI potassium acetate ion PubChem18178 RP18390 RTR-003907 S0559 SC-46276 SCFA short chain fatty acids Sodii acetas sodium aceate Sodium Acetate ,(S) Sodium acetate anhydrous SODIUM ACETATE ANHYDROUS ACS GRADE 12KG Sodium Acetate Anhydrous ACS USP Sodium Acetate Anhydrous, >99%, FCC, FG Sodium Acetate In Plastic Container Sodium acetate solution, 0.3 M Sodium acetate solution, BioUltra, for molecular biology, ~3 M in H2O Sodium acetate solution, NMR reference standard, 50 mM in D2O (99.9 atom % D), water 1 %, NMR tube size 3 mm x 8 in. Sodium Acetate, Sodium acetate, 1M aqueous solution, pH 4.5, RNAse free Sodium acetate, 3M aqueous solution, pH 4.5, autoclaved Sodium acetate, 3M aqueous solution, pH 5.2, autoclaved Sodium acetate, 3M aqueous solution, pH 5.2, RNAse free Sodium acetate, 3M aqueous solution, pH 7.0, autoclaved Sodium acetate, 3M aqueous solution, pH 7.0, RNAse free Sodium acetate, 99.995% trace metals basis Sodium acetate, ACS reagent Sodium acetate, ACS reagent, >=99.0% Sodium acetate, anhydrous Sodium acetate, anhydrous, BioUltra, for luminescence, for molecular biology, >=99.0% (NT) Sodium acetate, anhydrous, for molecular biology, >=99% Sodium acetate, anhydrous, free-flowing, Redi-Dri(TM), ACS reagent, >=99.0% Sodium acetate, anhydrous, ReagentPlus(R), >=99.0% Sodium acetate, AR, anhydrous, >=99% Sodium acetate, BioUltra, for luminescence, anhydrous, >=99.0% (NT) Sodium acetate, BioXtra, >=99.0% Sodium acetate, for electrophoresis, >=99%, crystalline Sodium acetate, for HPLC, >=99.5% Sodium acetate, for HPLC, 99.0-101.0% (NT) Sodium acetate, JIS special grade, >=98.5% Sodium acetate, LR, anhydrous, >=98% Sodium acetate, meets USP testing specifications, anhydrous Sodium acetate, powder, BioReagent, for electrophoresis, suitable for cell culture, suitable for insect cell culture, >=99% Sodium acetate, puriss. p.a., ACS reagent, reag. Ph. Eur., anhydrous Sodium acetate, puriss., anhydrous, >=98%, powder Sodium acetate, ReagentPlus(R), 99% Sodium acetate, SAJ first grade, >=98.0% Sodium acetate, Trace metals grade, 99.99% Sodium acetate, United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Reference Standard SODIUM ACETATE, USP Sodium acetate, Vetec(TM) reagent grade, 98% Sodium acetate,anhydrous SODIUM DIACETATE sodium ethanoate sodiumacetate sodium-acetate Sodiumacetatetrihydrate Tox21_202741 TR-003907 UNII-NVG71ZZ7P0 VMHLLURERBWHNL-UHFFFAOYSA-M X4392

Canonical Smiles
Isomers Smiles
1.01g/mLat 20°C
Melting Point
>300°C (dec.)(lit.)
Boiling Point
117.1ºC at 760 mmHg
13.9mmHg at 25°C
Refractive Index
1.464 (20ºC)
Flash Point
117.1 oC at 760 mmHg
White powder
HS Code
Storage temp
Safety and Handling
Risk Statements
Safety Statements

Hazard Codes:?CorrosiveC
Risk Statements: 35
R35:Causes severe burns.
Safety Statements: 24/25-45-26-23
S24/25:Avoid contact with skin and eyes.?
S45:In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately (show the label whenever possible.)?
S26: In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.?
S23:Do not breathe vapour.
RIDADR: UN 2790 8/PG 2
WGK Germany: 1
RTECS: AJ4375000

Skin, Eye, and Respiratory Irritations
Causes eye irritation.
UN 2790 8/PG 2
Grade: "Food Chemical Codex"
/Available as/ anhydrous powder; granular USP, FCC and Technical grades
Exposure Standards and Regulations
Substance added directly to human food affirmed as generally recognized as safe (GRAS).
Sodium diacetate used as a sequestrant in animal drugs, feeds, and related products is generally recognized as safe when used in accordance with good manufacturing or feeding practice.
Drug products containing certain active ingredients offered over-the-counter (OTC) for certain uses. A number of active ingredients have been present in OTC drug products for various uses, as described below. However, based on evidence currently available, there are inadequate data to establish general recognition of the safety and effectiveness of these ingredients for the specified uses: sodium diacetate is included in astringent drug products.
Other Preventative Measures
SRP: The scientific literature for the use of contact lenses in industry is conflicting. The benefit or detrimental effects of wearing contact lenses depend not only upon the substance, but also on factors including the form of the substance, characteristics and duration of the exposure, the uses of other eye protection equipment, and the hygiene of the lenses. However, there may be individual substances whose irritating or corrosive properties are such that the wearing of contact lenses would be harmful to the eye. In those specific cases, contact lenses should not be worn. In any event, the usual eye protection equipment should be worn even when contact lenses are in place.
Protective Equipment and Clothing
Causes eye irritation.

? Sodium diacetate , with CAS number of 126-96-5, can be called Acetic acid dimer, sodium salt ; Acetic acid, sodium salt (2:1) ; Acetic acid, sodium salt, compd. with acetic acid (1:1) ; Acid acetate ; Sodium acetate (1:2) ; Sodium acetate, acid ; Sodium acetate, compd. with acetic acid (1:1) ; Sodium acid acetate ; Sodium hydrogen diacetate .

Disposal Methods
SRP: The most favorable course of action is to use an alternative chemical product with less inherent propensity for occupational exposure or environmental contamination. Recycle any unused portion of the material for its approved use or return it to the manufacturer or supplier. Ultimate disposal of the chemical must consider: the material's impact on air quality; potential migration in soil or water; effects on animal, aquatic, and plant life; and conformance with environmental and public health regulations.

2.Hazard identification

2.1 Classification of the substance or mixture

Not classified.

2.2 GHS label elements, including precautionary statements

Pictogram(s) No symbol.
Signal word

No signal word.

Hazard statement(s)


Precautionary statement(s)








2.3 Other hazards which do not result in classification


Precursor and Product
Computational chemical data
  • Molecular Weight:82.03380g/mol
  • Molecular Formula:C2H3NaO2
  • Compound Is Canonicalized:True
  • Exact Mass:82.003
  • Monoisotopic Mass:82.003
  • Complexity:34.6
  • Rotatable Bond Count:0
  • Hydrogen Bond Donor Count:0
  • Hydrogen Bond Acceptor Count:2
  • Topological Polar Surface Area:40.1A^2
  • Heavy Atom Count:5
  • Defined Atom Stereocenter Count:0
  • Undefined Atom Stereocenter Count:0
  • Defined Bond Stereocenter Count:0
  • Undefined Bond Stereocenter Count:0
  • Isotope Atom Count:0
  • Covalently-Bonded Unit Count:2
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