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9001-51-8 structure


CAS No.:9001-51-8
Molecular Formula:C14H19N3O4S (isomer)
Names and Identifiers

7-(3-bromobenzyl)-8-(sec-butylamino)-3-methyl-1h-purine-2,6(3h,7h)-dione 7-(3-bromobenzyl)-8-(sec-butylamino)-3-methyl-3,7-dihydro-1h-purine-2,6-dione 7-[(3-bromophenyl)methyl]-3-methyl-8-(sec-butylamino)-1h-purine-2,6-dione 7-[(3-bromophenyl)methyl]-8-(butan-2-ylamino)-3-methylpurine-2,6-dione AC1N5P33 AK249949 AKOS024407794 MCULE-7087296748

Safety and Handling
Risk Statements
Safety Statements
Hazard Codes XiRisk Statements 36/37/38Safety Statements 26-36WGK Germany 3 F 10-23
Reach Info
Globally, no enterprise has officially registered the substance REACH.
Other official information: ·ECHA Information Page for CAS: 9001-51-8 EC: MOLPORT-003-946-342 ·ECHA C&L Inventory for CAS: CAS: 9001-51-8 EC: MOLPORT-003-946-342
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