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9,9-Dimethylxanthene 19814-75-6 Purity 98% min UCHEM according to the clients requirement China

CAS: 19814-75-6
FOB Price:0 USD/Kilogram
Minimum Order Quantity:
Supply Ability:1-1000 Kilogram/Month
Updatetime:Nov 13 2017
Company Profile
Contact:Sunny Li
Address: 8 Liuying Rd, Hongkou, Shanghai
Quick Details
Classification: Other Chemicals
Cas NO.: 19814-75-6
Name: 9,9-Dimethylxanthene
Molecular Formula: C15H14O
Melting Point: 35-38℃
Boiling Point: 114℃ (0.6 torr)
Refractive index:1.576
Flash Point: 130.2 °C
Purity: 98% min
Appearance: Light yellow liquid
usage: It is an important raw material and intermediates
Brand Name: UCHEM
EINECS: 1592732-453-0
Aliase: 9,9-Dimethylxanthene
Purity: 98% min
Brand: UCHEM
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: according to the clients requirement
Delivery Detail:
Detailed Description


Application: Multipurpose intermediate

PackAge: according to the clients requirement

Purity:  98%

Storage: Store in dry, dark and ventilated place

Company Information
Name:Shanghai UCHEM Inc. √ Verified
Category:Corporation/Limited Liability Company
Trade Category: Manufacturer√ Verified
Registered Time: 2009 √ Verified
Registered Capital: US$101 Thousand - US$500 Thousand
Legal Representative: √ Verified
Employees: 11 - 50 People
Address: 8 Liuying Rd, Hongkou, Shanghai
Product/Service: Bipyridines, terpyridines, phenanthrolines, thiophenes, fluorenes derivatives, and related chemicals. And also we provide service for customer synthesis, process development.

Shanghai UCHEM Inc. has been focusing on development and manufacturing of advanced intermediates for optoelectronic materials, pharmaceuticals, and agrochemicals, and earned a reputation as leading provider of innovative, high quality chemicals. We are committed to exceeding the customer’s expectations. UCHEM also provides the following service: Process development and Scale-up : UCHEM has a well-established kilo laboratory for the synthesis of compounds in multi grams to kilograms level. And our scientists always look for the cost effectiveness. Custom Synthesis: UCHEM provides custom synthesis of organic compounds for clients. Our scientists are continuously engaged in developing novel and economically viable synthetic routes for target molecules provided by customers.

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