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Active Alumina 1333-84-2 China

Active Alumina
CAS: 1333-84-2
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Updatetime:Mar 29 2019
Company Profile
Address: 530# Jinhui Road, Zhaoyuan Development Zone, Shandong
Quick Details
Classification: Oxide
Cas NO.: 1333-84-2
Molecular Formula: Al2H2O4
Boiling Point: 100°Cat760mmHg
Flash Point: °C
EINECS: 244-492-7
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Detailed Description

Synonyms:Alumina, activated;Alumina, calcined;Alumina, tabular;Systematic Name;Aluminum oxide (Al2O3), hydrate;Aluminum oxide, hydrate;Vidalier Activated Alumina SPCl;Vidalier Activated Alumina, KG-52;Active Alumina;Activated Alumina;Hydrated alumina;

Company Information
International Silica Gel Co.,Ltd.
Name:International Silica Gel Co.,Ltd.
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Address: 530# Jinhui Road, Zhaoyuan Development Zone, Shandong

International silica Gel Co.,Ltd. is the most famous enterprise for research, development and manufacture of the silica gel products in China and it is also famous in the world. Its former body is Shandong Zhaoyuan Huiyuan Industry Parent Company which is established in 1994 and Zhaoyuan Huiyuan Silica Gel Co., Ltd which is established in 2001. Locating in Zhaoyuan Economical and Technological Development Zone, the company abuts on Qingdao Harbor in the south, the Longkou Harbor which has abundant water area in the north, Yantai Harbor which is the special line for Japan and Korea in the east, Tongsan expressway in the west. The convenient transportation and the excellent geographical location provides good cooperative and working environment for friends from home and abroad. Since its est.....more>>

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