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Amitraz 33089-61-1 Purity 95% MOSINTER According to the customer request China

CAS: 33089-61-1
FOB Price: 
Port:According to the customer request
Minimum Order Quantity:25 Kilogram
Supply Ability:1000 Metric Ton/Month
Updatetime:Jan 14 2019
Company Profile
Contact:Fedor Chen
Address: Guangbo Center Office 2002, YinXianDaDao 1357
Quick Details
Classification: Insecticide
Cas NO.: 33089-61-1
Name: Amitraz
Molecular Formula: C19H23N3
Melting Point: 86-87℃
Boiling Point: 450.7°Cat760mmHg
Stability: Stable.
Refractive index:1.5892 (estimate)
Flash Point: 450.7°Cat760mmHg
Purity: 95%
Appearance: White monoclinic crystals. Commercial product is a pale, amber brown liquid with an aromatic smell of xylene.
usage: insecticide
Brand Name: MOSINTER
EINECS: 251-375-4
Aliase: 2-methyl-1 3-di 2 4-xylylimino-2-azapropane
Purity: 95%
Usage: Amitraz is used for the control of all stages of mites and insectssuch as aphids and whitefly, and the eggs and first instar larvae ofLepidoptera on fruit, cotton and vegetables. It is also used in honey beehives and for the control of ticks, mites and lice on domestic and farmanimals.
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: According to the customer request
Delivery Detail:
Detailed Description

 Amitraz CAS 33089-61-1 is a antiparasitic.




White to buff crystalline powder


Meets the requirements






9 11





Amitraz CAS 33089-61-1  2-methyl-1 3-di 2 4-xylylimino-2-azapropane

White monoclinic crystals. Melting point 187-189°F (86-87°C). Insoluble in water. Used as an acaricide, insecticide and treatment of demodectic mange in dogs.

It was first synthesized by the Boots Co. in England in 1969. Amitraz has been found to have an insect repellent effect, works as an insecticide and also as a pesticide synergist. Its effectiveness is traced back onalpha-adrenergic agonist activity, interaction with octopamine receptors of the central nervous system and inhibition of monoamine oxidases and prostaglandin synthesis. Therefore, it leads to overexcitation and consequently paralysis and death in insects. Because amitraz is less harmful to mammals, amitraz is among many other purposes best known as insecticide against mite- or tick-infestation of dogs.

Amitraz is particularly effective against acarids, but it is used as a pesticide in many different fields. Therefore amitraz is available in many different forms, such as a wettable powder, an emulsifiable concentrate, a soluble concentrate/liquid, and an impregnated collar (for dogs).It is characterized as an insect repellent, insecticide, and pesticide synergist. These are the properties which make it especially useful as a pesticide.

Amitraz CAS 33089-61-1  2-methyl-1 3-di 2 4-xylylimino-2-azapropane


Amitraz is an antiparasitic used to control red spider mites, leaf miners and scale insects. This compound is active by inhibiting the targets monoaminooxidase enzyme.

Wide spectrum in inspecticide and acaricide.

Control of all stages of tetranychid and eriophyid mites, pear suckers, scale insects, mealybugs, whitefly, aphids, and eggs and first instar larvae of Lepidoptera on pome fruit, citrus fruit, cotton, stone fruit, bush fruit, strawberries, hops, cucurbits, aubergines, capsicums, tomatoes, ornamentals, and some other crops. Also used as an animal ectoparasiticide to control ticks, mites and lice on cattle, dogs, goats, pigs and sheep.

Amitraz CAS 33089-61-1  2-methyl-1 3-di 2 4-xylylimino-2-azapropaneAmitraz CAS 33089-61-1  2-methyl-1 3-di 2 4-xylylimino-2-azapropane

Company Information
Trade Category: Manufacturer√ Verified
Registered Time: 2004 √ Verified
Registered Capital:
Legal Representative: Fedor√ Verified
Employees: 11 - 50 People
Address: Guangbo Center Office 2002, YinXianDaDao 1357
Product/Service: Additives for Gasoline and diesel, Pharmaceutical Products, Fire retardant products

MOSINTER GROUP LIMITED was established in 2004. The main office is located in Ningbo, China. The production base is located in Zhejiang Province, Jiangsu Province and other places in China. Specializing in the production and marketing of chemical products and fiberglass products, MOSINTER GROUP LIMITED has excellent production equipment and a high-performing sales team as well as advanced manufacturing technique, comprehensive quality management system and modernized testing methods. MOSINTER GROUP LIMITED has been serving customers with high-quality products with reasonable price. With continuous efforts, we have won the trust of many domestic and foreign well-branded partners, established a reliable and valuable cooperative relationship. From its establishment, in order to meet the part.....more>>

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