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G418 Sulfate Geneticin 108321-42-2 108321-42-2 China

G418 Sulfate Geneticin 108321-42-2
CAS: 108321-42-2
FOB Price: 
Minimum Order Quantity:1 Gram
Supply Ability:10 Metric Ton/Month
Updatetime:Dec 10 2015
Company Profile
Contact:Mr. wei
Address: 6th Floor, Block C, 7th Building, Xigang Xinjie, Xihu Industrial Park, Sandun Town, Hangzhou, China
Quick Details
Classification: Vitamins, Amino Acids and Coenzymes
Cas NO.: 108321-42-2
Name: Geneticin
Molecular Formula: C20H44N4O18S2
Melting Point: 138-144°C
Boiling Point: 1012.1°Cat760mmHg
Flash Point: 565.9°C
Appearance: white to off-white powder
EINECS: 600-864-4
Usage: antibacterial
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail:
Delivery Detail:
Detailed Description
G418 Sulfate Geneticin 108321-42-2
Company Information
Category:Corporation/Limited Liability Company
Trade Category: Manufacturer√ Verified
Registered Time: 2005 √ Verified
Registered Capital:
Legal Representative: Mr. Wei Fei √ Verified
Address: 6th Floor, Block C, 7th Building, Xigang Xinjie, Xihu Industrial Park, Sandun Town, Hangzhou, China
Product/Service: Pharmaceutical raw material(API), Pharmaceutical Intermediate, optical brightening Agent (Fluorescent Brightener), dyes, pigments

AFINE CHEMICALS LIMITED is specialized in the fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals and we have enjoyed great popularity in world markets. Since 2005, we have been rapidly growing to a leading manufacturer and trader of APIs in China. Now we own two independent business divisions: Fine chemicals division and Pharmaceutical division: (1). Fine chemical department: manufacturing and trading a variety of high-quality of optical brightener and textile auxiliary as well as Dye stuff, Pigments and other fine chemicals. Now we are one of the leading exporters of Optical Brightener,dyes, pigments in China. (2). Pharmaceutical division: manufacturing, contract R&D, marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical active ingredients, intermediates and feed additives     Innovation and good service are .....more>>

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