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Jin Wei colloidal silica catalysts 60676-86-0 Purity 42 Jin Wei 1200*1000* 1160mm China

Jin Wei colloidal silica catalysts
CAS: 60676-86-0
FOB Price:500 USD/Metric Ton
Port:Guang zhou
Minimum Order Quantity:2 Metric Ton
Supply Ability:2000 Metric Ton/Month
Updatetime:Jul 17 2017
Company Profile
Contact:tang shengfeng
Address: Room 501,the 7th Building ,Gezhouba International
Quick Details
Classification: Catalysts
Cas NO.: 60676-86-0
Name: Silica glass
Molecular Formula: O2Si
Melting Point: 1610 oC
Boiling Point: 2230
Stability: Stable under normal temperatures and pressures.
Refractive index:n20/D 1.544(lit.)
Purity: 42
Appearance: Colorless, odorless solid.
usage: Precision casting, coating, paper making, catalyst, pottery making craft
Brand Name: Jin Wei
EINECS: 262-373-8
Aliase: O2SI
Purity: 42
Appearance:Polyethylene barrels
Brand: Jin Wei
Usage: Chemical Applications. Because of its excellent chemical durability, high purity, thermal shock resistance, and usefulness at high temperature, vitreous silica has a wide range of applications in chemical analysis and preparations. Tubing, rods, crucibles, dishes, boats, and other containers and special apparatus are available in both transparent and nontransparent varieties. Because of its inertness, vitreous silica is used as a chromatographic substrate in the form of microparticles, capillary tubing, and open columns for high resolution gas chromatography.Thermal Applications. The protection of precious-metal thermocouples in high temperature pyrometry is an important application of vitreous silica. Although satin tubing is usually employed, transparent tubes are superior for protecting couples when used in a reducing atmosphere.Optical Applications. Vitreous silica is ideal for many optical applications because of its excellent uv transmission, resistance to radiation darkening, optical polishing properties, and physical and chemical stability. It is used for prisms, lenses, cells, windows, and other optical components where uv transmission is critical. Cuvettes used in scatter and spectrophotometer cells are manufactured from fused silica and fused quartz because of the transmissive properties and high purity.Mechanical Applications. The volume of vitreous silica used for fibers is a very small part of the total consumption. However, some interesting and significant applications have been developed in the laboratory, particularly in the area of measurements.Electronic Applications. In electronic systems, such as radar and computers, signal delay is sometimes necessary. A transducer converts electrical signals to ultrasonic elastic waves, which pass through a connecting medium to another transducer, where the waves are reconverted to electrical signals.Space and Astronomy. Vitreous silica is used in several space-based applications because of static fatigue (slow crack growth), thermal stability, and radiation resistance. Every U.S. space vehicle having service personnel, including Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and space shuttle vehicles, has been equipped with windows made of high optical-quality vitreous silica (Corning Code 7940 or 7980) in order to have the clarity needed for visual, photographic, and television-based observations. The space shuttle utilizes triple-layer windows that have outer and central panes of vitreous silica with a tempered aluminosilicate inner pane. The outer pane is thinner for thermal endurance, whereas the two inner panes are thicker to supply strength.
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: 1200*1000* 1160mm
Delivery Detail:
Detailed Description

 1. Used for all kinds of refractory binder, with strong cohesive force, resistance to high temperature (1500-1600 ° C), and other characteristics.

2. Used in the coatings industry, can make the paint, and dirty dust resistance, ageing resistance, fire prevention, and other functions.
3. Used for thin shell fine forging, can make the shell mould strength, forging high finish.Use its appearance is better than sodium silicate appearance quality, instead of ethyl silicate can reduce costs and improve operating conditions.
4. Silica sol have higher than the product appearance, can be used in the catalyst manufacture and catalyst carrier.
5. Used in the papermaking industry, can be used as cellophane adhesive, photographic paper before treating agent, cement bags of anti-skid agent, etc.
6. Used for textile sizing agent, it has to do with oil and spinnability of wool, rabbit hair, cut beheaded, avoid fly, progress yield and increase economic benefits.
7. Tube used for silicon steel sheet treatment agent, dispersant, floor wax, sliding resistance, etc.

Company Information
Hubei Jin Wei new materials co., LTD
Name:Hubei Jin Wei new materials co., LTD
Trade Category: Manufacturer
Registered Time: 1994
Registered Capital: US$101 Thousand - US$500 Thousand
Legal Representative: xiao
Employees: 501 - 1000 People
Address: Room 501,the 7th Building ,Gezhouba International
Product/Service: collidal sol silica sol

Jinwei group located in the township of Gymnastics in Asia, the world textile city - Hubei Xiantao, this is a distance is only 80 kilometers from the provincial capital wuhan beautiful city, with its unique geographical advantages, has been leading the economic development of jianghan plain, Jin Wei Group owns Hubei Jin Weixin Materials Co., Ltd., Hubei Jin Wei Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Hubei Jin Wei Trading Co., ltd.. At present, the company in Xiantao Chemical Industrial Park and a ditch Industrial Park have two production bases, occupies a total area of more than 300 mu, building area of more than 50000 square, the total assets of 2.5 billion yuan, a nnual production capacity of more than 400 million yuan . Hubei Jin Wei group adhere to the "quality first, customer first&.....more>>

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