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Manganese Dioxide 1313-13-9 Canada

Manganese Dioxide
CAS: 1313-13-9
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Updatetime:Aug 13 2010
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Quick Details
Classification: Oxide
Cas NO.: 1313-13-9
Name: Manganese dioxide
Molecular Formula: MnO2
Melting Point: 535℃ (dec.)
Stability: Stable. Incompatible with strong acids, strong reducing agents, organic materials.
Flash Point: 535 °C
Appearance: black powder
EINECS: 215-202-6
Usage: The chemistry of manganese(III) is not extensive, and in the higher oxidation states manganese dioxide and potassium permanganate are the most important compounds.Manganese dioxide is also used in the manufacture of glass to bleach the colour of any iron present. If excess manganese dioxide is added, a pink coloration can be produced in the glass and if a large excess is present it will appear black.Other uses of manganese dioxide include its use as an oxidizing agent in organic chemistry and as an oxidizing agent in safety matches, fireworks and flares. It is also an effective adsorbent for hydrogen sulphide and is also used to colour ceramics.
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Detailed Description

EC NO:215-202-6
Synonyms: C.I. 77728;C.I. Pigment Black 14;C.I. Pigment Brown 8;Manganese dioxide;manganese dioxide activated;Manganese(IV) oxide activated;Manganese(IV)oxide pn activated carbon;manganese dioxide, ore of Chapter 26;manganese dioxide, other than natural;Manganese (IV) oxide;Manganeseoxideonactivatedcarbon;Manganeseoxideactivatedtechngr;Manganeseoxideblackpowder;Manganese Oxide;Manganese dioxide, active

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Name:A&K Petro-Chem Ind. Ltd.
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