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N-Carbobenzyloxy-L-aspartic acid 1152-61-0 China

N-Carbobenzyloxy-L-aspartic acid
CAS: 1152-61-0
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Updatetime:Feb 25 2019
Company Profile
Tel:+86 28 87 70 48 16
Fax:+86 28 87 70 48 15
Address: Jinniu District, Chengdu 610031, Sichuan Province,China
Quick Details
Classification: Enzymes
Cas NO.: 1152-61-0
Name: N-Carbobenzyloxy-L-aspartic acid
Molecular Formula: C12H13NO6
Melting Point: 117-119℃
Boiling Point: 472.8 °C at 760 mmHg
Refractive index:9.5 ° (C=7, AcOH)
Flash Point: 239.7 °C
EINECS: 214-568-4
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if you need more information, please visit our website.


If you need more information, please visit our website.
Molecular Formula:C12H13NO6
Company Information
Name:AF Biochem √ Verified
Trade Category: √ Verified
Registered Time: √ Verified
Registered Capital:
Legal Representative: √ Verified
Address: Jinniu District, Chengdu 610031, Sichuan Province,China

AF Biochem is based in Chengdu,Sichuan Province in China,and we are dedicated to providing an intergrative service for the R&D,Manufacture and Marketing of APIs,Amino Acid Derivatives,Petpide Reagents,at the same time, we are good at ring-closing of N-heterocycle, carbon chain elongation, various oxidation-reduction reactions and various functional group modification and protection andso on.AF Biochem with its technical team,has an rich experience of development and manufacture over 10 years in the professional field.At the same time,AF Biochem has established a close cooperative relationship with other research and educational institutions.Such as Sichuan University,Chengdu Institute of Organic Chemicals of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. AF Biochem has owned a plant that occupies a.....more>>

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