Tribulus Terrestris Extract 90131-68-3 PuritySaponins 40%,90%

Tribulus Terrestris Extract

  • CAS: 90131-68-3
  • FOB Price:3 USD/Kilogram Get Latest Price
  • Port:Qingdao
  • Minimum Order Quantity:1/Kilogram
  • Supply Ability:6000 Kilogram/Month
  • Payment Terms:T/T,Western Union,
  • Updatetime:May 14 2018
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Xi'an QingPing Plant Engineering Co., Ltd

  • Member Levels: Free member
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Country: China
  • Tel: 0086-13-609295692
  • Address: A11107, The Oak Horoscope Building, North of Techn
  • Website:
  • Sara Zhao:  Service2
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Tribulus terrestris, ext.Quick Details

  • Classification:Hormones and synthetic substitutes
  • Cas NO.:90131-68-3
  • EINECS:290-381-1
  • Molecular Formula:Unspecified
  • Purity:Saponins 40%,90%
  • Appearance:brown powder
  • usage:men health product
  • Brand Name:txj
  • Certificates:ISO,Kosher,B.V.

Packaging & Delivery

  • Packaging Detail:Packed in paper drum with two plastic bags inside
  • Delivery Detail:ship immediately

Detailed Description

Tribulus terrestris extract
[Product Name]: Tribulus terrestris Extract,Tribulus terrestris Extract Powder,Tribulus terrestris P.E.
[Botanical Source]: Tribulus terrestris L .
[Part Used]: fruit
[Active Ingredient]: Saponins 40%,90%
[Appearance]: Fine brown power
[Molecular Formula]: C25H22O10
[CAS No.]:90131-68-3
[Water]: not more than 5.0%
[Package]: 25/KG per paper drum or packed with little parcel.
[Description]: Tribulus Terrestris extract is used for the treatment of heart disease and arteriosclerosis. It is a botanical that has been used for hundreds of years in Europe for hormone insufficiency in men and women. It is widely believed that Tribulus is the closest and strongest natural herbal alternative to synthetic hormones.
Function: 1.Tribulus Terresteris is ecologically pure. 2.Tribulus is a natural aid to help impotence, low libido, and male infertility. 3.Clinically proven effect vie in enhancing energy and vitality. 4.Helps build muscle and strength. 5.Tribulus Terrestris is safe to use and i's not a hormone.
And it has been used for centuries by the Chinese to calm the liver, treat headaches,dizziness and premature ejaculation.

Tribulus Terrestris extract is one of the main products of our company. All the manufacture process includes extraction, distillation, purification are controlled by the experienced workers. Sales quantity of the item is about 500kg per month, half are exported to other countries and half are sold domesticly.

[Packing Detail]:
Net weight: 25Kg per Drum. Packed in two plastic-bags with paper-drum outside Or as per customers request.
[Storage]:Store in a cool, dry and well-sealed container;Keep away from moisture and strong light/heat.
[Shelf life]:Two years under specified environment.

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Maitake Extract

Maitake Extract

  • Min. Order: 1 Kilogram
  • FOB Price: USD 3 / Kilogram
  • Purity: 93964-77-3
  • Packaging Detail: Packed in paper drum with two plastic bags inside
  • 1.Specifications: 20%polysaccharides(UV) 

    2.CAS No.: 633-65-8  
    3.Test Method: UV

    Product name: Maitake mushroom Extract

    Latin Name: Grifola frondosus

    Product Type: Yellow brown powder

    Part of the Plant Used:Flower 

    Extract Method: Grain Alcohol/Water

    SpecificationsSpecification: 10%-40% polysaccharides(UV) 

    Active Ingredient: polysaccharides 

    Test Method: UV


    Indications and Uses

    The underground tubers from which hen of the woods arises has been used in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine to enhance the immune system. Researchers have also indicated that whole maitake has the ability to regulate blood pressure, glucose, insulin, and both serum and liver lipids, such as cholesterol, triglycerides, and phospholipids, and may also be useful for weight loss.

    Maitake is rich in minerals (such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium), various vitamins (B2, D2 and Niacin), fibers and amino acids. The active constituent in maitake for enhancing the immune activity has been identified in the late 1980s to be the protein-bound polysaccharide compound, beta-glucan, an ingredient found especially in the family of polyporaceae.

    Maitake is a precious fungus as food and medicine. Recently it is popular in South American and Japanese markets as an excellent health tonic food, and its unique nutritional and medical value has attracted ever wider attention. Beta-glucan especially the protein-bound polysaccharides named D-fraction have anticancer and anti-HIV function and can adjust immune and incretion. It is also good in curing hepatitis and hypertension.

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    Hawthorn Extract

    Hawthorn Extract

  • Min. Order: 1 Kilogram
  • FOB Price: USD 3 / Kilogram
  • Purity: 10%, 20%,90% of flavones
  • Packaging Detail: Packed in paper drum with two plastic bags inside
  • [Product Name] Hawthorn Extract

    [Botanical Source]: Crataegus pinnatifida

    [Part Used]: Leaves & Flowers & Fruits

    [Active Ingredient]: 10%, 20%,90% of flavones.

    [Appearance]: Brown fine powder

    [Molecular Formula]C27H30O14     

    [Molecular Weight]578.52

    [Water]: not more than 5.0%

    [Package]: 25/KG per paper drum or packed with little parcel.

    [Function]: Hawthorne Berry is antibacterial, anticholesterolemic, 

    cardiotonic, hypotensive, stomachic, vasodilator. It contains several medically 

    active constituents including flavonoids and organic acids.

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