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Aspartame granular powder sweetner mesh China Food Additive beverage juice sugar free sucrose subsitute low calorie soft drink 22839-47-0

CAS: 22839-47-0
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Updatetime:Dec 17 2017
Company Profile
Quick Details
Classification: Sweeteners
Cas NO.: 22839-47-0
Molecular Formula: C14H18N2O5
Melting Point: 248-250℃
Boiling Point: 535.8 °C at 760 mmHg
Stability: Stable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.
Refractive index:14.5 ° (C=4, 15mol/L Formic Acid)
Flash Point: 277.8 °C
Appearance: White powder or tablets
Brand Name: FP
EINECS: 245-261-3
Brand: FP

A dipeptide ester about 160 times sweeter than sucrose in aqueous solution. A non-nutritive sweetener.

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Detailed Description

Name: Aspartame

CAS No.: 22839-47-0

Grade: Food Grade


1. Aspartame is available in different grades, such as powder, granules, troche and liquid.

2.Sweet pure: the sweet approximate sucrose.

3.High sweetness: 200 times of that of sucrose.

4.No heat: don't be in the body metabolism, don't have heat, is fat people and old people diabetes ideal sweeteners.

5.Collaborative principle: when using with other sweetener mixed can produce strong coordination effect, general concentration can increase the sweetness of 20% to 40%.


Usage and Application:

Used as a new kind of food additive, which is a low calorie, nutritive, intense sweetener.

It is a combination of L-aspartic acid and L-phenylalanine. It can be absorbed by human body completely and it is harmless, It tastes pure, cool and refreshing, quite like sucrose. It's 200 times as sweet as sucrose and it has only 1/200 of its energy, so eating it constantly won't cause any change in blood sugar, and neither cause tooth decay nor high blood pressure nor coronary disease, it is defined as sweetener of A(1) level by World Health Organization (WHO) and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). It is widely added to and mixed in all kinds of food and non-staple food and all sorts of soft drink, the number of which has reached as many as 4,000.



25 kg net weight carton boxes or fiber drums with inner liner


Store in a well-closed container away from moisture

Company Information
Name:FP Global LTD
Trade Category: Trading Company
Registered Time: 2009
Registered Capital:
Legal Representative:
Product/Service: China food additives and China water treatment chemicals

FP Global LTD is a combined company invested by UK headquarters and Chinese partner whose purchasing department is set up in Qingdao,China. We are a chemical services provider especially in food additives and water treatment chemicals field. China food additives include sweetener like Sorbitol / Erythriol / Mannitol / Sucralose etc,stabilizer and thickener like Sodium Alginate / Xanthan gum / CMC etc. China water treatment chemicals include disinfectant like Sodium chlorite / TCCA / SDIC etc,water absorbent like PAM(PHPA) / KPAM etc and intermediate like Glyoxal / Glyoxylic acid / EDTA series products.We can supply stable and qualified products through our share-hold manufacturing lines and OEM factories mainly from China thus “FP” brand earn good reputation from customers all.....more>>

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