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Muslc stimulator/ECDYSTERONE/Cyanotis arachnoidea

CAS: 5289-74-7
FOB Price:1 USD/Kilogram
Port:main port of China
Minimum Order Quantity:10/g
Supply Ability:10000 Kilogram/Quarter
Payment Terms:L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGran,
Updatetime:Dec 06 2016
Company Profile
Contact:katrina Yao
Address: No1088 New Jin Qiao Road, Shanghai, China
Quick Details
Classification: Others
Cas NO.: 5289-74-7
Molecular Formula: C27H44O7
Melting Point: 242-244 °C
Boiling Point: 702.1 °C at 760 mmHg
Stability: No data.
Water Solubility: alcohol: soluble
Refractive index:1.596
Flash Point: 392.4 °C
Purity: 98%
usage: 50-90mg
Brand Name: synmr
Purity: 98%
Appearance:white power
Brand: synmr
certificate: FDA
function: muscle booster
MF: C27H44O7


Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: 1kg/bag,10kg/bag,50kg/bag or as demand
Delivery Detail: immediately
Detailed Description

 What is ecdysone/Ecdysterone extract

Beta-Ecdysterone is a naturally occurring phytochemical found in herbs such as Cyanotis vaga

It's used widely by bodybuilders with long for to build muscle or lean body prefect ." It's also often marketed as a natural alternative to steroids with claims that it's a powerful growth promoter with no negative hormonal consequences.


How it works and benefit ?

Beta-ecdysterone has almost as many fans as it does skeptics. Many boast that the compound will increase lean muscle mass in a matter of days.

Can build lean body mass
"The thought is that beta-ecdysterone promotes protein synthesis, which enhances lean body mass when accompanied by resistance training, but the evidence is lacking and inconsistent," says Broschart. Its purpose is to stimulate cellular and muscle recovery so if this actually is true, combining this supplement with high biological value proteins, like animal protein—milk, chicken, eggs, fish—will improve results. With that in mind, a group of Russian researchers looked at athletes who were put on beta-ecdysterone and a high protein diet and found that lean muscle mass increased by six to seven percent and body-fat decreased by 10 percent. However: "A study from the International Society of Sport Medicine found that ecdysterone supplementation did not affect body composition or training adaptations, nor did it influence the hormone status or general markers of catabolism in resistance-trained males," Broschart points out.

help treat osteoporosis
In a 2008 study, Chinese researchers found that beta-ecdysterone treatment alleviated osteoporosis symptoms in mice without any obvious side effects. This April, German researchers published a paper agreeing with the Chinese findings. The German study observed rats fed beta-ecdysterone for one month and measured the thickness of joint cartilage and the thickness of growth plates. The experts concluded that beta-ecdysterone may be a promising candidate drug for the treatment of osteoporosis but more testing is necessary before it can be approved for human treatment.

Can help lower blood glucose levels
In a recent study beta-ecdysterone was found to help lower blood glucose levels—in patients in the normal to moderate blood glucose range—without altering insulin levels. Therefore, it could be of benefit in the treatment of type-II diabetes, and may aid weight loss.


Dosages and Suggestion

Beta-ecdysterone is safe at dosages of 5 milligrams per kilogram of bodyweight. However, most nutritional companies use significantly lower dosages—about 50-90 mg total. And so many say that athletes would need a much larger dosage than what's included in most nutritional formulas in order to see and muscle growth-related benefits.

Company Information
Name:Pure Synmr Ingredients Limited √ Verified
Category:Corporation/Limited Liability Company
Trade Category: Manufacturer√ Verified
Registered Time: 2014 √ Verified
Registered Capital: US$501 Thousand - US$1 Million
Legal Representative: Robin Xu√ Verified
Employees: 11 - 50 People
Address: No1088 New Jin Qiao Road, Shanghai, China

PURE SYNMR INGREDIENTS was registered in 2010 in HK. The predecessor of PURE SYNMR is Shanghai FengYi Biotechnology Co., Ltd, which mainly function as the business and customer service center. PURE SYNMR doesn't only provide customers with the best quality dietary supplement ingredients, but also research and formulate the novel raw materials that haven't been discovered yet. Besides these, PURE SYNMR offers effective technical supports and professional documentation services to the sports nutrition and fitness industries. With these tools, these manufacturers can bypass the early stage of formula investigation and data collection, thereby just focus on solving the key strategic partnering and operational requirements. During the past five years, PURE SYNMR has always been trying to build.....more>>

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