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calcium supplement salts of lactic acid

CAS: 5743-47-5
FOB Price:2.2 USD/Kilogram
Port:Qingdao, Shanghai
Minimum Order Quantity:1/Metric Ton
Supply Ability:10000 
Payment Terms:L/C,T/T,
Updatetime:Apr 12 2016
Company Profile
Contact:Anna Zhang
Address: 9#,Second area,Industrial Park, Huaiyang County
Quick Details
Classification: Pharmaceutical Intermediates
Cas NO.: 5743-47-5
Molecular Formula: C3H6O3 . 1/2 Ca . 5/2 H2O
Melting Point: 240 C
Boiling Point: 227.6 ºC at 760 mmHg
Water Solubility: soluble
Refractive index:
Flash Point: 109.9 ºC
Purity: >=98
Appearance: white powder
usage: reduce microbial in fresh cut fruits
Brand Name: Honghui
EINECS: 248-953-3 C6H10O6Ca.5H2O
Aliase: Calcium lactate
Purity: >=98
Appearance:white powder
Brand: Honghui
Form: Crystalline powder
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: 25 kg per unit
Delivery Detail: 10-15 days lead time
Detailed Description

Microorganisms causing food spoilage and human diseases have been causing huge economic losses due to production losses, health care costs and foregone markets. Antimicrobial treatment is extensively used in the food industry.

Calcium lactate remarkably reduced aerobic bacteria, coliform, and yeast and mold counts both after 3 hours from treatment and after 5 days storage by about 85-99.6% relative to that of no treatment.

The concentration of 1.5% calcium lactate treatment of fresh-cut fruit in the storage period slow down the degradation of the Vc. The appropriate concentration of calcium lactate treatment to slow down the fresh-cut kiwi fruit quality changes to extent the shelf life of fresh-cut fruit.

Company Information
Name:Henan Honghui Biotechnology Co., Ltd √ Verified
Category:Corporation/Limited Liability Company
Trade Category: Manufacturer√ Verified
Registered Time: 2013 √ Verified
Registered Capital: US$501 Thousand - US$1 Million
Legal Representative: Mr. Xie Haibin√ Verified
Employees: 51 - 100 People
Address: 9#,Second area,Industrial Park, Huaiyang County
Product/Service: L-Calcium Lactate, Lactic acid powder, Sodium Lactate Powder, Potassium lactate powder, Calcium Lactate gluconate, Magnesium/Zinc/Ferrous Lactate, Sodium/potassium lactate acetate/diacetate

Henan Honghui Biotechnology Co., Ltd is an experienced professional manufacturer of lactic acid and its derivatives in China. We are the first one in China which adopted advanced process and set up our plant in according to GMP, to produce all kinds of lactic acid and its derivatives. kindly visit our website for more detailes: The main products : 1 、 L- Calcium Lactate 2 、 Lactic acid powder (55% and 60%) 3 、 Sodium Lactate Powder ( 90%-98% ) 4 、 Pota ssium lactate powder(90%-98%) 5 、 Calcium Lactate gluconate 6 、 Magnesium Lactate 7 、 Zinc Lactate Powder 8 、 Ferrous Lactate 9 、 Potassium Lactate Liquid 10 、 S odium Lactate Liquid With continuous efforts in upgrading our products, we produce not only lactic acid and lactates, but also provide innovative va.....more>>

Picture Certification Name Certified By Business Scope Available Date --- Expired
ISO IQNet 2014-11-04~2017-11-03 √ Verified
KOSHER - Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America 2016-03-10~2016-12-31 √ Verified
HALAL ~ √ Verified