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Boronic acid,B-[4-(diphenylamino)phenyl]-

CAS: 201802-67-7
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Updatetime:Jul 19 2018
Company Profile
Contact:Peng Liu
Address: Hebei Xinji Xincheng
Quick Details
Classification: Syntheses Material Intermediates
Cas NO.: 201802-67-7
Molecular Formula: C18H16BNO2
Melting Point: 110-115℃
Boiling Point: 484.5°Cat760mmHg
Water Solubility:
Refractive index:1.665
Flash Point: 246.8°C
Purity: 98
usage: Organic synthesis
Brand Name:
Aliase: 4-(Diphenylamino)phenylboronic acid
Purity: 98
Appearance:White powder
Packaging & Delivery
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Detailed Description


Product Name: 4-(Diphenylamino)phenylboronic acid
Synonyms: 4-(DIPHENYLAMINO)PHENYLBORONIC ACID, (CONTAINS VARYING AMOUNTS OF ANHYDRIDE),97.0%(T);4-(Diphenylamino)phenylboronic acid;4-(Diphenylamino)phenylboronic Acid (contains varying amounts of Anhydride);Triphenylamine-4-boronic Acid;4-Diphenylamino-phenylboronic acid or Triphenylami;4-(Diphenylamino)phe;4-(DiphenylaMino)benzeneboronic acid, 98%;Boronic acid, B-[4-(diphenylaMino)phenyl]- Boronic acid, [4-(diphenylaMino)phenyl]- (9CI)
CAS: 201802-67-7
MF: C18H16BNO2
MW: 289.14
Product Categories: blocks;BoronicAcids;B (Classes of Boron Compounds);Boronic Acids;Triphenylamine series;white crystal powder;Phenylamine Series;Aryl;Boronic Acids;Boronic Acids and Derivatives
Mol File: 201802-67-7.mol
4-(Diphenylamino)phenylboronic acid Structure
Company Information
Name:Shijiazhuang Yesheng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd √ Verified
Category:Corporation/Limited Liability Company
Trade Category: Trading Company√ Verified
Registered Time: 0 √ Verified
Registered Capital:
Legal Representative: √ Verified
Employees: 11 - 50 People
Address: Hebei Xinji Xincheng
Product/Service: Synthetic spices Pharmaceutical Liquid crystal Agrochemical intermediates

Shijiazhuang Yesheng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to Yesheng), located in Xinji, is a professional Chemical company engaged in chemical products’ researching & developing, manufacturing and marketing. Yesheng is a leading high technology enterprise, which has introduced the latest advanced technology and equipment and professional personnel in the industry to produce aroma compounds including (2-Propenyl) 3-oxobutanoate (CAS:1118-84-9,Quinoxaline(CAS :91-19-0),2-Methylquinoxaline (CAS:7251-61-8)and so on, widely used in foods, daily used chemicals,tobaccos and the preparation of aromas. In addition, Yesheng also has its own dependent R & D center, as well as gas chromatography, liquid chromatography and other advanced facilities.Our team is made.....more>>

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