Natural gas tunnel furnace 80m Powder material production line

Natural gas tunnel furnace 80m Powder material production line

  • FOB Price:500000 USD/set Get Latest Price
  • Port:shanghai
  • Minimum Order Quantity:1/set
  • Supply Ability:5 set/Year
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  • Updatetime:Feb 23 2018
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Yixin city xing qiang furnace industry Co.Ltd [Audited]

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 Xing strong company is preferential supply of 80m ceramics tunnel furnace energy saving automatic, the kiln in the mechanism using piecewise rational production, convenient field installation and connection, ensure the quality of precision, shorten the installation time, the firing adopted the way of reasonable design, can use the sagger firing. Can also bare firing way design, the size is 80000X1200X1200mm, the kiln using high speed jet cross arrangement, automatic ignition, fast rise of temperature, uniform temperature in the kiln, improve product quality and yield, the reasonable design shortens the firing cycle, full automatic control, temperature control by PID intelligent instrument, PIC automatic control, the rated temperature is 1500 degrees centigrade, the production cycle is adjustable, the W1100mm, the high effective H 1500mm, the kiln top is a flat ceiling made of top plus plus fiber Cotton insulation, thermal insulation, scope of application is extremely wide, mainly for daily-use ceramics, sanitary ware, such as, the equipment the advanced and reasonable design, the device's biggest advantage than the same industry equipment more advanced ` energy saving, and obvious effect of saving energy and gas consumption reduced by 30%, design mainly based on the energy-saving environmental protection ` ` high yield, simple and convenient to operate, excellent insulation, quality assurance, it has the following characteristics:

1: to meet the requirements of a variety of products

2: in line with the national energy saving and environmental protection and safety of production and industrial hygiene requirements

3: to achieve or exceed the advanced level of domestic similar furnace, including product quality and electrical control accuracy and energy consumption of all aspects of the problem

4: the quality of the equipment is reliable, easy to operate, reasonable design makes maintenance convenient and quick, reduce the time and frequency of the stop kiln, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs

5: automatic control performance is high, safe and reliable

6: environmental protection and energy saving, high yield, low energy consumption

7: quality assurance: warranty for 18 months

Quality system certification 9001


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Natural gas furnace High temperature ceramic furnace22m3

Natural gas furnace High temperature ceramic furnace22m3

  • Min. Order: 1 set
  • FOB Price: USD 380000 / set
  •  The company is preferential supply of 22 cubic meters of high temperature shuttle kiln, the kiln size is 8000X2000X1400mm, electric automatic control, heating method for natural gas, combustion lance used imported high speed burner, fast warming in the upper part and the lower part are respectively arranged on both sides of the kiln, the kiln temperature uniform, complete set of equipment operation full automatic, the highest temperature is 1800 degrees centigrade, the production cycle is adjustable, the width of 2000mm kiln, shape the overall appearance, surface color using high-temperature anticorrosive paint, the equipment is mainly used for special ceramic products sintering, the equipment adopts the reasonable design of advanced design, mainly in the energy saving environmental protection, high yield, simple and convenient operation,. Excellent thermal insulation, quality assurance, the equipment warranty for one year, in the warranty period of any quality problems by the company maintenance, welcome to inquire negotiate

    China quality enterprises, professional kiln manufacturing suppliers


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    Experimental furnace 8KW 1200℃

    Experimental furnace 8KW 1200℃

  • Min. Order: 1 set
  • FOB Price: USD 3000 / set
  • Packaging Detail: A3
  •  Hing strong furnace company is now offers 8KW 1200ºC box type resistance furnace, the equipment for the whole fiber structure, the use of advanced technology carefully designed, beautiful appearance, energy saving 30%-50%

    1: hearth dimension: 500 * 250 * 250mm
    2 :design temperature: 1200ºC
    3 :working temperature: 1100ºC
    4: the temperature control accuracy of less than 1 DEG c;
    5: the temperature less than 2 DEG C:
    6: temperature control group: 1 groups
    7 :Dimension: 1100 * 800 * 1200 (L * W * H *) mm
    8 :heating time: 1.5 hours
    9: heating time and heat preservation time can be arbitrarily set, design can be adjusted to 50 stages of     programming, according to the specific product process settings
    10: heating mode: electric heating 3 surface heating
    11: high temperature electric heating wire heating element
    12: rated power: 8 KW
    13: heat insulation power: 4 KW
    14: hearth structure: whole fiber furnace, lining below made of bricks, furnace placed beneath a silicon carbide board, convenient stacking of sintered products,
    When used, it is not easy to damage the furnace.
    15: insulation material: all fiber cotton
    16: control methods: the use of sophisticated modules, PID regulation
    17: equipment structure: steel welding in cotton fiber insulation, door door for manual side
    18: of the total weight: 200 kg
    19: warranty period; 18 months
         Enterprises through the 9001: ISO quality system certification
    Welcome to inquire the national unified free hotline straight line+86 18961550888

    Q Q:   564483410

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