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CAS: 7440-74-6
FOB Price: 
Minimum Order Quantity:
Supply Ability: 
Payment Terms:T/T,
Updatetime:Jun 06 2018
Company Profile
Contact:MR. XU
Phone:+86 18683561105
Address: No.88,The Third Section,,Jinhua Road,,Jinjiang Eco
Quick Details
Classification: Elementary Substances
Cas NO.: 7440-74-6
Molecular Formula: In
Melting Point: 156℃
Boiling Point: 2000℃
Stability: Stable. Incompatible with strong acids, strong oxidizing agents, sulfur.
Water Solubility: insoluble
Refractive index:
Flash Point: 2072°C
Purity: 99.99%-99.9999%
Appearance: solid
usage: Semiconductor Material
Brand Name: Alfa
EINECS: 231-180-0
Aliase: Indium
Purity: 99.99%-99.9999%
Brand: Alfa
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: Vacuum package by bottle or bag
Delivery Detail:
Detailed Description

 Indium (In) 

1,Pure :99.999% - 99.9999%;

2,Technic:Electrolysis-Vacuum smeltingremoval of low melting point impurities.(Sn,S,Se,Pb,Cd,As,Hg,P );

3,Analysis :ICP-MS or GDMS 5N:All impurity elements is below 10ppm

4,Size : ; Ingot ;Granule ,Powder 

5,Service :Supply MSDS ,Free sample; Provide Solutions for Material Application.

6, Physical character: 

Atomic Weight: 114.818

Electronegative: 1.78

Density: ρ=7.31 g/cm3 (0-100)

Melting Point: 156.5985  

Boiling Point: 2072  

7, Specification: 

High Purity Indium: 

In-05 Grade 99.999. The content of Indium is above 99.999%. The total content of Ag, Al, As, Cd, Cu, Fe, Mg, Ni, Pb, S, Si, Sn, Tl, & Zn is bellow 10 ppm; 

Ultra Purity Indium:

In-06 Grade 99.9999. The content of Indium is above 99.9999%. The total content of Cd, Cu, Fe, Mg, Pb, S, Si & Sn is bellow 1 ppm; 

Ultra High Purity Indium:

In-07 Grade 99.99999. The content of Indium is above 99.99999%. The total content of Ag, Cd, Cu, Fe, Mg, Ni, Pb & Zn is bellow 0.1 ppm; 

8, Physical Size: 

bar, Ingot, Granule.

9, Usage: 

It is mainly used in the manufacture of III-V compound semiconductor, high purity alloy, transistor base and as a dopant of Germanium & Silicon single crystal.

10, packing: 

It is packed with Dacron film, then covered with a sealed plastic film bag or vacuum sealed in a glass ampule

Company Information
Name:Chengdu Alfa Metal Materials Co.,Ltd √ Verified
Category:Corporation/Limited Liability Company
Trade Category: Manufacturer√ Verified
Registered Time: 2014 √ Verified
Registered Capital: US$101 Thousand - US$500 Thousand
Legal Representative: √ Verified
Employees: 11 - 50 People
Address: No.88,The Third Section,,Jinhua Road,,Jinjiang Eco
Product/Service: Indium antimonide (InSb), anhydrous indium trichloride (InCl3), anhydrous indium chloride and (InCl), three gallium chloride anhydrous (GaCl3), thin film solar cells

Chengdu Alfa Metal Materials Co.,Ltd founded in 2014.We are a professional enterprise and specialize in research, production, sales and service on high purity metal, semi-conductor compound materials, vacuum coating material, high purity and high density sputtering target and Alloy product. The company has always take the” honesty, quality first” business philosophy as a business. We take the market as our guide, take progress of science and technology as center and take brand as vinculum to meet the customer requirement. Our company located in Jinjiang industrial zone, 25 kilometers away from the Shuangliu International Airport.