Ceramic Ball Valves

Ceramic Ball Valves

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  • Port:Shanghai
  • Minimum Order Quantity:1/set
  • Supply Ability:100 set/Month
  • Payment Terms:L/C,T/T,
  • Updatetime:May 15 2018
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Zhengzhou Free Fluid Control Technology Co.,Ltd [Audited]

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Detailed Description

Ceramic Ball Valves

FREE- Valves Ceramic Ball Valves are designed with engineering ceramics   the engineering ceramics internal parts provide excellent wear resistance, the ceramic ball valves are widely used as an open & close function as well as a throttling control tasks in corrosive medium with abrasive solids content. 


1.The hardness of the ceramic material can be higher than HRC80.

2.Engineering internal parts of ceramic ball valve provide superior protection from corrosive and abrasive medium.

3.Customized actuation types are installed on the ceramic ball valve, the manual lever or gear box, as well as with pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuators

4.Customized V type ceramic control valve is also available for us.

5.The valve has a floating ball design, the ball is floating, the ball has a defined clearance and is pressed against the downstream seat under the differential pressure to achieve sealing.

Technical Specification


The standards of flange ends

ASME B16.5,GB/T9113

Nominal Pressure


Size Range

DN50~DN 200, NPS2 ~NPS8

Connection type


Working Temperature


Operating Type

Manual, Pneumatic and Electric

Sealing surface material

Engineering ceramic

Pressure test

GB/T13927, API598

Face to Face

GB/T12221, API609


FREE- Valves Ceramic Ball Valves are suitable for Silicon Powder, Alumina Powder, Dry Coal Powder, Limestone Slurry, Gypsum Slurry, Plaster, Fly Ash, Mining Ore, Coal Powder Injection, Metallurgical dust, Thermal Power plant FGD , LiCoO2  powder equipment 

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Ceramic Knife Gate Valve

Ceramic Knife Gate Valve

  • Min. Order: 1 set
  • FOB Price: USD 800 / set
  • Packaging Detail: wooden box
  •  Ceramic Knife Gate Valve

    FREE-Valves Ceramic Knife Gate Valves are known as slurry gate valves. Its have simple structure and can cut off medium which contains solid particles and fibers, but for some very hard particles or serious erosive mediums, general metal seated knife gate valves will be washed out easily, so ceramic knife gate valves are very suitable for those mediums containing  fibers and hard solid particles.


    1) Short  length of structure,saving material ,lightweight ,easy to installsmall space occupation.

    2) Seat is designed with single seat type to prevent sticking and accumulation of ash residue.

    3) The sealing surface is made of structure ceramic with abrasion resistance and long service life.

    Technical Specification:

    1) Size Range: NPS2~NPS24,DN50~DN600

    2) Pressure Range: Class 150 /PN6 /PN10

    3) Applicable Temperature.: 0~200

    4) Connection Type: Flange , wafer

    5) Sealing material: engineering ceramics

    6) Body Material: WCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3M

    7) Pressure test:GB/T13927, API598

    8) Face to Face: GB/T12221, API609

    9) Valve body : GB/T12224,ASME B16.34

    Operating Mode: Manual/Electric/Pneumatic


    FREE-Valves Ceramic Knife Gate Valves are suitable for the conveying system with liquid-solid or gas -solid two-phrase medium , such as ash, mine residue and coal residue in iron and steel plant or ash conveying system of power plant , paper pulp in paper industry, sewage and slurry  in decontamination plant ,especially useful for the heavy medium system of coal mill.

    Detail more >>
    Triple Offset Butterfly Valve, triple eccentric Buterfly Valves

    Triple Offset Butterfly Valve, triple eccentric Buterfly Valves

  • Min. Order: 1 set
  • FOB Price: USD 500 / set
  • Packaging Detail: wooden box
  •  FREE-Valve’s Triple Offset Butterfly Valve adopt triple offset principle to design, makes the movement track on facing space reach to idealization, and there are no attrition and no intervene between sealing pair , furthermore, the sealing material has been selected reasonably, thereby it ensure sealing performance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance capability of valve.


    1. Reliable sealing, convenient operation, opening and closing fast.

    2. It adopt triple offset elasticity or multiple layers hard sealing configuration, the hermetical capability can reach to reliable sealing performance.

    3. The seal of disc can be replaced by loosening the disc ring bolts, saving the cost of the valve.

    4. According to the requirements of medium conditions, overlaying or spray welding different sealing materials on the sealing surface of the valve seat.

    5. It has characteristic of super long usage life, frictionless closure,high temperature etc.


    Technical specifications

    1) Size RangeNPS2~NPS60;DN50DN1500

    2) Pressure RangeClass 150~Class 300 ;PN10 PN40

    3)Body materialCarbon steel, stainless steel & other materials

    4) Sealing materialStainless steel,hard alloy& other materials 

    5) Connection methodFlange,wafer, weld .

    6) Operating methodWorm gear,electric,pneumatic .

    7) Pressure test:GB/T13927; API598

    8) Face to Face: GB/T12221; API609.



    FREE-Valve’s Triple Offset Butterfly Valve is applied to use in heating system, chemical, petroleum, natural gas, refining, energy ,power plant condensates waterworks, water treatment and the role of regulating valve.

    Detail more >>

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